“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous 2 our liberties than standing armies. If the American ppl ever allow private banks 2 control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks & corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the ppl of all property till their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should b taken from the banks & restored 2 the ppl, 2 whom it prprly belongs."
- T. Jefferson
This site is dedicated to new survivalist and for anyone who can see where our country is headed!


I am not antigoverment, I am anti Badgoverment! chinasyndrome 2009.


Sic Vis Pacem Para bellum

Friday, December 31, 2010


All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

People Thomas Jefferson said that a long long time ago when his people was threatened by Tyranny.

Well its a couple hundred plus years later,Tyranny has gained a foothold,hell its about to leap over the tower walls!

I know you are people of good conscience,are you silent?

Be Prepared!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Survival in the age of the Police state.

Survival is getting harder. I know a lot of folks are not getting involved in politics or anything thinking they will just lay low and emerge after it happens. Whatever it may be! I just wonder if those who are prepping and laying low are as secure as they think? Now that the food safety act was sneaked through against WE the PEOPLES wishes and it appears our food safety is in the hands of the W.H.O. ...


And I think it is this spring or summer we should know what is up with Hilliary and the U.N.! How safe are you? Oh yeah ok well with the advent of Fusion centers,DHS, Militarization of local police,rat out your neighbor programs,etc How safe are you? Well if famine hits as some are predicting bad weather has destroyed a Lot of crops, or even if W.H.O and DHS/Fema decides all existing food,stores,farms,citizen needs rounded up and distributed by the authorities then How safe are you? Ok so you will fight to the Death if they come to your home/retreat.Well lets see we have a couple bad ass patriots or preppers up against federals. So Rambo you and the family really gonna hold off troops it may not be US Marines (yet) but DHS or FDA whoever they send will be troops.

I have heard so many people say they will fight at that point! WHY let it get to that point??? I really wonder with all the Satellites,phone,computer,monitoring are you really under the radar?

I think it was Ben Franklin who said if we don't hang together we shall surely all hang separately!

Just look at the things they have done in the last couple years. Straight out Blowed our Tax dollars to help out there Bankster buddies against our wishes, Kept us in a fake ass WAR on Terror so their Military factory owning buddies profit, came up with Homeland Security which is already out of control even though most Americans don't want airport security as it is Janet the ruler of all she surveys says Tough its here to stay!

OBAMA and Skeletor both LAUGHED at the Constitution LAUGHED at the same Document they swore to uphold!! They gave us OBAMA CARE which most working AMERICANS don't want! They keep doing things we don't want, and we keep allowing.

I understand people are scared of DHS etc. With just a few of us fighting back we should be scared! But if we all fight back NO Worries, they WILL NOT head on ATTACK the Entire U.S. population. They are taking us down one bill, one tax at a time, WE ALLOW WHY??

If we DON"T STOP them soon HOW SAFE will you be??? Apathy is the true AMERICAN ENEMY!!!!

Be Prepared!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sixbears has the answer.

Sixbears has the one strategy you need to survive!


Be Prepared!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Doing us Argentina style?

Most of ya know I have read Ferfals Surviving in Argentina for a long while. And many of the things they went through we are starting to go through. With one exception the Freedom thing! Cussing,cover your eyes or skip this part! We are not fucking Argentina People this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. THE LAND OF THE FREE. THE HOME OF THE BRAVE. WHAT THE FUCK has HAPPENED TO US???

They steal our money,WE do dick! They BAIL out their BANKER buddys what do we do? DICK! They steal our rights under the guise of protecting us from terrorism. I see Americans on the News saying well IF it keeps US safe..

WHEN do WE DO SOMETHING??? Voting ain't gonna do! SORRY To all my REPUBLICAN buddys THE PUBS have just as big a Hand in this as the DEMS. TWO heads same body!!!

IF you are waiting on someone to do something... WELL GUESS what? ITS up to you and me! So we are going out Argentina style except with heaping dose of KGB,STASI,GESTAPO??

Sorry folks I try to keep this strictly Survival but I think this does pertain to survival!

When I see all the things in the news they are doing and I hear AMERICANS say they are to AFRAID to say or DO anything MY blood boils WE ARE FUCKING AMERICANS. We bow down to none WE have defeated TYRANNY before are we NOW to FAT, tired, Lazy, to full of Apathy to DO SOMETHING?

We don't even have the balls to make the man who is our President show his birth certificate, WHY what is politically correct about that? We question his birth place. Is that wrong or crazy? WHY? I feel as a citizen the man who would be President of MY Country would be proud to show me his Birth Certificate and dispel my fears!!!

WE are in grave danger make no doubt about it. Americans are turning in to pussies. The Constitution is laughed at by Politicians i.e Nancy Pelosi, Barrack Obama.

I will keep asking right up till 1-21-11 Support the siege of Washington. We will not be ARGENTINED. MY new word for screwed. They are taking down our economy,they are taking our rights. I am a CITIZEN not a SERF. JOIN your fellow AMERICANS stop this craziness now while it can be stopped!

Be Prepared!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!

I have many Asian residents here in my Apts I work at. I am not sure of all the nationalities or religions. But as a whole they are very respectful of my Holiday and traditions. They ohh and awh at our big ol beautiful tree. They dropped off cards and gifts. Several middle eastern residents did as well. Mans thats beautiful, Thats how America is supposed to work! I can have my Holiday,you can have yours,we can all respect and appreciate each others customs and traditions! Not this file a lawsuit to take away your holiday tradition stuff! I am offended by your tree so take it down! Man I don't understand that mindset. But for a brief minute I saw the good caring side of people.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL OF YOU! I hope you have a wonderful NEW YEAR!

Be Prepared!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Check this!



Sorry folks out of time must get to the salt mines but if you would check one o these links.

If you can help these Brothers FIGHT!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Its Too late forget the Boycott!

It seems all the Mart type stores and Big MALLS will be working with BIG SIS.Wow it will be like on Demolition man! You will go to a museum to see guns and what it was like when people were free. I would rather live in the sewers and tunnels eating rats!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

China wants a favor.

Those of you who don't frequent my other blog Enemy of the State I would ask that you go there and watch the video I have posted. It was up on Celentes fan blog. If you already seen ok.If not please watch it.It explains how we are being duped by the IRS,FED,income taxes on wages,etc. It also shows Ron Paul is one of the truest members of GOVT. If you would please watch and share it!


Be Prepared!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

This the kind of redistribution I like!

Picked up a really bad story from Rourke at Modern Survival on line.


This young couple is in bad shape due to motorcycle accident. This is the way America should work if you would like to help them out and are financially able to help them out then please do help them out! If not if you're the praying type maybe say a prayer for em! Hell of way to start out their new life together huh?

Their story here..



Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bugging out again.

I seen a bug out list the other day that was just incredible. The lady pretty much had everything in the kitchen,bathroom,and garage on the list plus a mile long list of items to go with it. I guess if you were bugging out in a 45 ft tractor trailer it would be a good list! If some one says bug out I think pack. I know a car or truck are in a lot of plans. Depending on reason for bug out that could be good idea. Also depending on reason a terrible idea! If its an imminent disaster and there's time vehicle could be good,unless every other person in your area has same plan!

Putting even a tad of her list in a bug out bag you wouldn't be able to lift it. I think my pack is at or close to 50 lbs. Don't sound like a lot until you figure a bag of ready mix concrete weighs 50 lbs throw that on your back and try to run and evade,not to mention vest on under it full of rifle mags and misc. A gun in your hand and one on your hip and man o man you are loaded down!

A young soldier would have no problem with it, but we aren't young soldiers!

And not to disparage the lady it was a fine list for shelter or home prep kit. But just not a bug out list.

So that has me going over what I really need to haul butt away from trouble or towards it if I'm feeling froggy.

Always shelter,fire, food,water. With the essentials covered a lot of other things can be improvised! A good first aid kit,weapon, cleaning kit, of course are mandatory!

Oh boy list growing again. I have a small tent on my pack,could probably get by with small tarp or piece of plastic.

Bugging out it seems is a never ending puzzle. Will it be for a short while or is whats on my back gonna be it for a long time? That question changes everything!

Well just food for thought!

Be Prepared!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Walmart poll.

Please answer poll on right.



Boycott Walmart!

Any of you folks who are tired of being pushed around, now is your chance to fight back. Since Walmart has decided to join Homeland security in their rat out your neighbor program several of us have decided to Boycott Walmart and SAMS club both Walton businesses.I know it will be a bit of a pain to hit several stores but it can be done. I mean come on they are invading your personal space now! Whats next cameras in your home to keep you safe. I can go on and on here but hopefully you already understand as they say if I have to spell it out you probably don't get it anyway,Enjoy your space at Camp FEMA!!

Walmart Home Office
702 sw 8th st.
Bentonville, Arkansas

Let em know why you will be taking your dollars elsewhere until this program has ended!
It is time to stand up! Giving up your Freedom is EASY,fighting for it will require a little effort! Injustice only requires that good people do nothing!

Thanks to Mama Bear for Address!

BE prepared!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boycott or overload? What do you want to do about Walmart?

Everyone has heard Walmart is teaming up with DHS in their Rat out your neighbor program.

I think two easy options are .1 We all boycott Walmart and call in to tell them why!

or .2 We all continue to go to Walmart and overload the system every time you go we call in and report the strange people we see.Being as to how it is Walmart you would see many suspicious people including employees report them all!

Cast your vote. This is one we can do!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Cold Painful lesson!

I have today and tomorrow off from work.So I had scheduled my quarterly test with doctor for diabetes and thyroid.My diabetes is under control with diet and exercise.Last quarter my doc lowered my thyroid meds.I was at 209 lbs on day he lowered it two weeks later 246 so yeah I was P.Oed but it is hard to get away from work so I was looking forward to going and lucky to get in on day I was off Heck I thought it was a miracle.Ok now for the lesson learned.

Now with me running a survival blog and preaching be prepared to any who will listen you might think I would be prepared right? Well appointment was at 8:00 on far side of town,so I headed out at 6:30.Stop to grab smokes and let car warm up. 7 degrees this morning and my blazer takes a bit to warm up, well being in a hurry I left my EDC bag on the couch.Mistake #1. I left station jumped on interstate and felt defroster still cool, hum,normally warming up at this point! Uh oh temp gauge rising, this thing runs cool,never over heats and I know my anti freeze is good. So I take next ramp off about three neighborhoods away.Motor getting really hot,shy of danger zone but getting there.Well I don't know this area very well usually take main road up.Well thinking smaller road parallels main road I take it Mistake #2 it runs into a neighborhood I've never been in take another turn oh crap unmarked cull de sac. Motor dangerously hot.Damn shut car off to cool.

Did I say it was 7 freakin degrees? My EDC bag has space blankets,candels,energy food.Being as you must take test on empty stomach I was cooling off quick.I did have my lined jeans and thick heavy socks, my boss had included a pair of gloves and mitten combo in our X-mas gift bag luckily had them with me more on them later.Then I remembered my little buddy baby ninja had gave me hand warmers last year which I put in glove box. Ok thats cool. Mistake #3. I guess after a year in glove box handwarmers go bad.Sucks! Well I had thrown a heavy coat in back seat the day before.Used it as a blanket. Feet got very cold. Tennis shoes suck for cold weather even with good socks.Plus being a heavy smoker does nothing for circulation I am sure!

I was wearing a tea shirt and medium weight hoody.

After an hour and 15 mins it finally cooled down enough to get home.Now I could of knocked on doors to see if someone would of let me in to warm up,but yuppies up here are very suspicious and not very charitable.Plus if I was a lone female or yuppie dude I would be a little fearful of letting a dude like me in.Well I knew I would be ok in a bit so I sucked it up and waited.

Mistake #3 I did not even get the name of street I was on in case I had to call for help!

If I had been in secluded area with no people around this could of been bad.Luckily car started,no hoses burst etc.

I guess main lesson here is be prepared,murphy won't wait for you to get prepared he will pop up when you least expect it.Routine trip to doctors office car that never has trouble, Who woulda thought?

I make sure all my female friends have covers ectc in their vehicles. I call and warn em on really bad days.So I can tell you I will have cold weather kit in my car before the day is over and I will be taking my EDC bag even if I am just going to gas station!

Be Prepared!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trapping vs Hunting?

A lot of people think they are gonna take to the woods and suddenly be great hunters.I don't want to bust anybody's bubble but if you don't hunt now and haven't already spent time scouting your hunting grounds then this is a really crappy plan to feed your family.Most hunters I know spend a lot of time looking for sign,food sources,trails,etc.

If you suddenly take off to woods you don't know it will take a while to get familiarized. So unless you are just lucky,not a great way to feed yourself.Squirrel hunters know what nut trees look like,do you?

Someone who hunts now will have better odds than someone who doesn't!

But even at that hunting is not the best way to feed yourself or family.You can only be in one spot at a time! Trapping,now you can be in many spots all at the same time. Snares, box traps,conibears,etc.

Fishing with a pole same thing,one fish at time. Trot lines,limb lines,set lines.Now you can cover a lot more water.

Hunting for me,will be an opportunistic thing.See a squirrel or rabbit, sure pop it.But you can spend a lot of calories chasing game.

Some folks think they have to go to the country to hunt wild game. Not true. I live in I guess you would say suburbs by a busy interstate with streets all around. But every so often is a small patch of woods,several lakes or ponds,a couple of small creeks. There are deer,squirrels,rabbits,fox,coyotes,all kinds of birds,muskrats- nutria. I rarely see coons or possum don't know why they are usually common.

Keep an eye out for game and I bet you city dwellers will be surprised at at all the animals in your area.Hell we used to see more squirrels in the city than in the national forest we used to hunt!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Knife,saw,axe or machete?

If you were limited to one item to bug out with for cutting wood or other heavy work what would you chose? Saw,axe,hatchet or hawk,large knife or machete? Since no one item is perfect,what would you choose?

I have at least one of each.But my opinion of what to take changes every so often. At this point my bob includes small skinning knife cold steel (Pendelton skinner) large knife Randall RTAK II more like Huge! Cold steel shovel which has been sharpened on edges. Leatherman multi on hip.Still haven't made up my mind on saws? I have one bow one buck saw. Perhaps I will take just a blade and improvise saw frame on site?

Since shovel doubles as small axe, I am not packing that weight! Although I still haven't totally ruled one out. The Estwing solid steel handled one looks good. Don't know about you but I have been know to break a handle every now and then!

I have two machetes I like as well! But you can't take it all with ya. Compromises compromises.

What are your thoughts Saw,Ax,Big knife,machete,trapper belt ax or hawk?

Be Prepared!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Buy food Buy ammo!

Folks I know we are all saying it,but get your food and security supplies squared away! I am wondering now if the U.N. is not the PTB's plan to do what they want done? If you have access to Dec 2010 American Rifleman pg 12 please read it and pass the info,most knew this was the plan,but its looking like this spring we find out if Soros and crew are ready to take on America?

If they don't collapse the dollar first!

ADDENDUM Uncle Vlad has the article posted! This really pisses me off they are trying to sell us out!


BE Prepared!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving day to all! No matter how bad things seem,I think you can find something to be thankful for. As much as I complain at times,when I stop and really think about it,I am a very lucky man! Thank you God!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Priotizing ,or Too many guns?

I like many have way more guns than other preps.And I am not done... I have had an AR on my mind for a while now. Since many know this is not my favorite Why? well I have a good supply of.223 several guns to shoot em.If I purchase a reasonable priced AR in .223 , And an upper in 7.62 x 39 that would be a very effective CQB arm up to med long range. Also on want list is .300 win mag bolt action seen a savage bolt recently for $ 4oo . Also I sold my favorite pistol of all time some years back Ruger single six so ya know I gotta have one of those.

Now for reality,I way more arms than food and equipment. In fact I have enough to arm my family and a friend or two. Not really the best arm for every situation but armed none the less.

Now since I need much more food and supplies common sense would dictate where to spend money!

Decisions Decisions.

Since I have never had good impulse control I think I will compromise. One gun then more supplies.

I hope no collapse until after holidays. No gun until X-mas is squared away for grand kids. I hate holidays always have. But I do like seeing the little ones lite up when Santa comes.

Be Prepared !


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just checkin in.

Hey everybody! Just checkin in work and life is pretty crazy right now. Just watchin and thinkin.I should posting soon. I hope life is treating you ok,keep preppin its still crazy out there!

Be prepared!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Live like the SHTF everyday!

On any given day the Sh** could hit the fan. On any given day someone you love could die! We all worry and stress over things that in the end probably really don't matter much. If you have people that matter and you care about, Tell em while you can! A little kindness can go a long way! If you knew for sure tomorrow was your or someone you care about's last day you would probably act much different. Why wait till its too late?


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today we Thank all our Veterans!

Ladies and gentlemen Thank You!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Main Stream media vs Celente, HPH,NIA.

Listening to main stream media we added a few jobs so they are all getting off talking the recovery is under way,stock market goes up on the (good) news!

Personally I am not seeing it!

On the other hand you have Gerald Celente predicting bad things, Cliff at half past human predicting bad things,NIA national inflation assoc is predicting bad things!

I usually like to look at the angles. What is there angle? MSM rarely reports the truth,it is in there interest to keep us spending and consuming.

Celente reports trends, do they have to be bad trends? No.

NIA citizens who do the math.Their math doesn't match Obama's math. Angle um lets see we don't watch their free videos.

Cliff High from Half past Human if you don't know about Cliff and the bots do a check! Cliff runs a program that determines the future from linguistics. Fairly accurate only the timing is sometimes hard to get right!

All three are predicting bad things! I mean scary bad.No food,no money,No Obammy help bad for the unprepared.

Do I know whats coming? Nope wish I did! But I am preparing best I can with what I can! I hope you are too!

Be Prepared!


Friday, November 5, 2010

NIA food projections

NIA food projections are looking very scary.


I saw on Fox business the AARP is raising rates on insurance due to Obama care! Now this is the same group that told members Obama care was a good thing!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

The End of Liberty

Latest NIA video here please watch!

Be Prepared!


Fire and inflation/defaltion

Two of the most popular post on survival/prepper sites is how to make fire and the coming inflation/deflation argument.

First fire. Some of the most common ones you see are steel wool and a battery,fire bow,flint and steel,pop can and chocolate,fire bow one can cover all the stick and friction methods,mag and ferro rod,and firesteel.I suppose one should learn the friction ways,in case you have nothing.But get bic or similar lighters get a lot of lighters.Put one in your pocket,one in your fire kit,one in each part of your pack and other equipment.If you are near froze trying to make any of the friction methods or scrapping enough mag off and in the right spot will be difficult your fingers will be numb you are shaking not thinking clearly.Flick a bic!

Some of this is pretty ridiculous ok they will work but do you wanna be froze and trying to rub chocolate bar on pop can trying to aim sunlight what if there is no sunlight well that takes out magnifying glass,ice lens,etc.

Now again I am not saying don't learn these ways or not to have magnifying glass in fire kit.The more options the better.But a bic or similar lighter is cheap and works damn near fool proof.
If you learn the other ways ,cool it will help stretch out life of your lighters.But for Gods sake if you are counting on the other methods practice a lot because everthing is harder to do when you are frozen.

Inflation/deflation in a way does it matter? Us working class soon to be poor or poorer will have it tough either way.Since you know either way its gonna be rough,stock up on food.Every dollar spent now my save many more in the days coming.And if Obama or the next Savior of the US really can pull it out,then hell you will be way ahead of the game.

Be Prepared!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guns again!

I see several post up on guns at various sites. Survival gun. What does that mean to you? If you are planning on being Rambo you know a soldier of one,you will need firepower power! Survival gun to me means a gun to help me survive,mainly shooting squirrels rabbits other small game perhaps a deer once in a while and possibly wild dogs,if my luck doesn't hold, defense against two legged feral animals.

If you don't have to bug out don't you probably have many options in the closet or gun case.Taking a pistol on your hip and a slung rifle or shot gun and possibly small light rifle in or on pack is a full load!

All of life is a compromise,gun selection is no different,no one myself or anyone else should choose for you try several,know the game in your area. M1a would not be your best choice for squirrels or rabbits,like wise 10-22 in bear country would not be best choice.

Scott at Bug Out Survival has a couple of good post on pack guns.


Guns sharing same caliber is an intriguing idea.357 is common caliber and an effective one too small and medium game can be taken with this one. Perhaps Ruger GP 100 and KelTec Sub 2000 in 9mm or Glock pistol and Keltec sub in .40 cal?

Guns are kinda like knives you really need a small,medium,and large yet if you had to evac in a hurry you can't take it all.

As in most cases experience can often make all the difference.I've known a couple of guys who have taken deer with .22lr does this mean we should all use our 10-22's as deer guns?Of course not!

One gun I would consider is Ruger single six they come with 2 cylinders one in .22 lr one one in.22 magnum. Giving you 2 guns for the price of one.I don't know if Ruger recommends it but you can shoot shorts and longs out of lr cyl ,shorts at close range will dispatch trapped animals or close range hunting and are extremely quiet for those trying to remain stealthy.

Of course now days shorts aren't cheaper than lr but there is a place for quiet little cb shorts.I also purchase .22lr in sub sonic for same reasons.We Americans like magnums and speed.But in some situations you need quiet too!

So choose well friends our lifes may depend on our choices.

If you have family or friends to bug out with of course that is a whole nother post!

That would be best situation two people carry various hunting arms,two or three carrying assault type or battle rifles,problem solved.

Be Prepared!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Need help gettin people on board?

If you don't read American Preppers Network this would be a great time to check them out.There is an excellent post on the US Govt prepping for a major event of some sort!Perma link here to that post.


Regular link to site.


I personally sometimes come on to strong with the doom and gloom even if it is only because I care.But probably to much for some I guess.Well this post shows that the US Govt is prepping why aren't you in a calm rational way.

You might try one more time on those you care about who don't get it yet!

At least if the SHTF we can say I tried warning ya! No one I care about will be able to say I didn't know it was coming.

Be Prepared!


Monday, October 25, 2010


If you don't have comms as pointed out by many you could be in big trouble.Pete had a post the other day at Patriots against the NWO.


Well I must admit it is my weakest link.With family spread out all over the city,no comms is a bad situation!

Hand radios for those in close range would be good.CB or side band for longer distances.Ham radio for long range.

If you haven't noticed yet Scott over at Prepology has a contest going where you might win a CB radio, now that friends is very cost effective like free!Check him out here.


Not to mention,unless you are the PC type he has a couple of funny's up right now!

Now this is not meant to be a how to on radio's or communication merely a reminder in a crisis phones be they cell or land lines will probably not work!

Comms doesn't have to be radios there were various ways that are mostly lost now morse code, flags, the indians of course had smoke signals.

Chalk or paint in your bob would allow you to leave directions or perhaps symbols that only your family or group would understand.

Sorry RW but I gotta do it. Got Comms?

Be Prepared!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

What if?

A lot of times when I or others post something on surviving an apocalypse type of event or for some who want to be taken seriously they say of course this will never happen or its not probable etc.

What if it does happen and by the grace of God you survive it? Far fetched? Super virus,nuke attack by China or Russia if we pick the wrong side to back in the up coming war,Iran decides to flex their new nuke muscles,Terrorist group set off our own nukes,Asteroid takes out part of the world but not yours,Solar flare emp takes us back to early 1800's for a part of a life time.

Because an event hasn't happened yet do you really think it couldn't?I think that is wishful thinking.

If our economy truly collapsed and you couldn't afford fuel or utility's or even get the stuff you need even if you have silver or gold well it would seem like the apocalypse is here!

I would hope life goes on just great,a new election brings real change the economy is fixed,jobs are plentiful,the constitution is revered,etc etc.

But there is always the chance your rainbow is obscured by nuclear fallout,your unicorn just got shot up by the UN rolling in to maintain stability,and santa just got obliterated by and asteroid.

What if ? Just an exercise no unicorns were injured in the making of this post!

Be Prepared!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where to put your survival dollars?

Many say buy silver and or gold. If the dollar becomes worthless your silver and gold will help retain some monetary value.

The other school says items to barter will be invaluable.

I think it depends on what you see coming. If its simply a short turn dollar collapse silver and gold would be great.

If its a long term calamity silver and gold could be near worthless. If there was no way to cash out or trade precious metals what would it be worth?

If I had a couple cans of beef stew and say your family was hungry well maybe you had a good skinning knife but your neighbor was hungry too and had a handful of silver dimes.Who do you reckon would get my beef stew?

Now before any kind of calamity would be a good time to think on the future.

Food and ways to get more will always be worth something!

If you have plenty of money sure hedge your bets get all three. If not food,water, other supplies to help insure your survival would be first choice. If you have no money? Knowledge is often free for the asking or studying!

Be Prepared!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whats coming?

Whats coming for America? I wish I knew! Dems,Repubs, Tea party, the dice has already been thrown.Regardless of who wins,we the people will face a tough time.Those that are working are lucky.For many the Shit has hit the fan! No matter who wins the elections it will take a long time to straighten things out here in the U.S. Jobs will not be created over night,our economy will not be repaired over night Hell it may never get back to what most of us are use to.

Things often get worse before they get better!

Prepping is a way to feel better about the future.At least for me it is.Food put away,seeds stored,guns and ammo ready to go,water and water filters ready should they be needed.

I am not truly ready for a major problem,but I am more prepared than I was a year ago.

For me prepping helps take the fear out of the unknown troubles ahead.

Be Prepared.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Computer has been down,

Hopefully I am back up!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Book reviews.

Here at the China survival compound I am reviewing two wild edible food books.The weed cookbook by Adrienne Crowhurst.And Edible wild Plants (Eastern/Central North America by Lee Allen Peterson.

The weedcookbook covers 200 plants and 269 ways to cook them.Colored drawings.This one is not zone specific,but does tell you what area each plant grows in.List of 30 plants not to eat.Has a section on plants that can be used to make dyes.Very informative/rather pricey.

Edible wild plants is zone specific,has pencil drawings with some color photos.More than 370 wild plants,37 poisonous lookalikes.400 drawings and 78 color photos.Very informative.

I think for the price I would pick Edible wild plants.If you have the money I would go with weed cookbook.

I think one will go in BOB,one in get home bag.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Why some cheer on the collapse!

Some people are angry that some of us are actually cheering on the collapse.And this is America I think they have the right.But who could actually want to live under this sort of tyranny???I saw where an anon commenter on another blog actually called Mayberry and others Communist.WTF? How is wanting tyranny to stop communism?

I will be the first to admit it is fucking Sad that shit is so bad we want it to collapse!But dear anon that ain't communism! Give em a couple more years and you will know communism.Perhaps more accurately socialism.Anon you do know National Socialism was tried before right yeah it was a guy named Adolph Hitler!

You all attacking Mayb and others said our country is worth fighting for! Really which part? The FEDS spying on its citizens,or the part where they tax the hell out of you then fucking blow it on teaching African males to wash their cocks after sex? Or maybe to give health care to ILLEGALS and food stamps and housing aid,something a workingman in trouble can't get? Or maybe the part where little old white or black lady's get searched at the airport while Ackmaad walks on by cause checking him would be profiling? Or the part where a grade school kid gets kicked out for two years for carrying a toy gun in his back pack,his parents were told he could go back to school at a school for trouble makers,he was being a kid for Christ sakes.America has a long and happy love affair with firearms,it helped make America!

Our Govt is in a Big power snatch.They are trying to control every aspect of our lives! They want your money,and control over all you do.Worth fighting for? Really?
Most people think collapse and start all over,they way it should of been.Even if it is worth fighting for what are you doing besides running down Mayberry and others who may not feel it is worth fighting for?How do you fight for it? Once they have made a law does it ever get repealed?

This really is not an attempt to attack fellow bloggers I actually respect some of these fellows but short of total collapse or civil war, which wouldn't be civil, How do you fight back, voting, Please.Most of my friends are ready to vote for Republicans! Um fellas Obama didn't do all of this, a lot but ol Bush had Patriot act etc. Anyway thats some of my thoughts on why some cheer on collapse. Right or wrong I really don't know! But I see no good,easy,quick way to change anything,everyday they take more!


Rebuttal to Bison survival blog!

I read Bison pretty regularly if not daily.Dakin is some unique insights to survival.


However the guest post called Death to prepping by someone called Big Cactus I take exception to! While well written and he states his argument well I disagree!

In a nutshell what I got out of it was you don't need all the prepper/survival crap.Knowledge is much more important.

Skills like making your own ceramic water filter is cool.He says if ya bug out you can't take all your crap with you! Possibly true! However will you be taking your firebricks to make your own flowerpot ceramic filter.No I don't think so.Firebricks are heavy.

However is right certain elements of prepper community are out to liberate your money and nothing else!

I say Prep! No telling which scenario may go down.I do agree knowledge is very important. Staying calm is probably most important in any crisis.

Be prepared!


Saturday, September 18, 2010


How are you sitting on preps? Food storage? Water? Water filtration? Firearms - ammo?Seeds - tools to plant?Alternative heat sources? Alternative cooking sources?Alternative lighting? Medical supplies?Maps of area? If you have pets,are they prepped,food,meds,etc.

I have had a pretty good week for preps,picked some snares and material to make more.I picked two books on wild edibles,some antibiotics,and half a dozen more gamma seal lids-mylar bags.

If you hadn't thought about it yet this is good time to start winterizing your home,it sucks to try and get it done when its cold!

More bad stuff in the news everyday I hope your prepping is going well!

Be Prepared.


Sunday, September 12, 2010


I know my self and others keep harping on food,but folks I don't think this can be emphasized enough.Even though food prices are up do you think they will ever get cheaper.

Most days in the news you see the weather has caused crop failures etc some where in the world.Since most of our food comes from somewhere in the world other than USA,which still makes no sense to me,but does to Globalist.

Weapons,shelter,etc can often be improvised, food on the other hand hard to improvise mac-cheese or eggs.Stock up the day is coming when this will be the good old days when you could buy bread for a dollar a loaf.

If you can afford it a balanced survival plan,Guns,ammo,seeds,medical supplies,tools,alternative heating cooking lighting means,etc but if you can only afford one or the other food.

Try for a little variety I tried spam for a week as a test since this is one everyone recommends and I actually like the stuff on occasion,oh my gosh.YuuCk you will grow sick of any one thing Quick.Yes if you were starving better than nothing but thats why we are prepping right?

Variety.Spices,condiments,gravy,taco sauce,cheese sauce,salsa,etc.Will help give variety.

Be prepared.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering good people lost to terrorism.

Today is the day to remember those who lost their lives to Cowardly terrorist.But I would ask ya to say a prayer for those who lost friends and family.I am sure today will be terribly painful for them! Prayers for the emergency workers too,as many are sick and dying from exposure to the dust they breathed in.

GOD Bless America!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bear with me!

For those of you who read AA bear with me,I been sick for a bit and honestly just a bit bored,bewildered,doing a lot of thinking about stuff,prepping,life,the U.S.,our Govt,our economy,Mosque at ground zero,political correctness,Stimulus that doesn't stimulate,etc,etc,etc.

I hope All of you are well and prepping.

Be Prepared!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Come on nobody has favorite wild food gathering book?

Help a Brother out!Theres about 40 bazillion of em,and I can't waste the money weeding through em.

While you're at it Check out Pete at Patriots Against the NWO!He's running a contest on his blog you could win one of his Slinky shortwave antenna's.I personally don't have shortwave yet so I don't have one yet but I have heard several others who have and they said its a good product at a good price.Buy American - Buy local help out our Own screw globalism!!!


Be Prepared.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is the best wild food gathering book?

What is the best wild food gathering book you have read?I think this is next on my list but not sure which is best.Opinions?


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shtf vs Teotwawki vs Great Depression 2.

A debate going on at The Survivalist blog concerning the meaning of Teotwawki.

For my purposes on this blog. Teotwawki is an end of days event.

SHTF would have several meanings.

Great Depression 2 is what we are in now,and yes it will get much worse.For some the SHTF when they lost their job or home.SHTF on the personal level.

In my Humble opinion,even Teotwawki doesn't mean everyone will die,most maybe but not all.Of course we do face the possibility of the world ending each and everyday.World ending events (WEE).Wee's are beyond the control of any human being,as such I don't worry much about them,other than I hope when I meet my God, I hope I haven't done to much in the way of offensive things.

Given time and money any event can be planned for.

What do humans need to survive?


Beyond that its all wants.

Since we all have wants because we don't Want to walk around naked,eating raw meat,living in caves,(ok I kinda do want to live in a cave),walking any place we go.

Then prepare for Depression,SHTF,and Teotwawki.

Shelter most have covered at least temporarily.Back up or alternative shelter could be what? Mobile home,travel trailer,cabin,tents,caves,boats,dugout shelter.If you ideas not covered leave in comments.

in past Depression money, food, jobs,and I have posted before shoes.In all the pics and talking to folks who lived through it shoes.Pics of barefoot kids,folks with shoes falling apart.

So food,food is not hard to put away.Info is all over the blogs and on web.It does not have to be expensive.

Money, if the dollar becomes worthless gold and silver will have value.However goods or skills you can barter may be crucial.Seeds to grow food.Grow your own food,trade off food.I would recommend several pairs of shoes and boots for each family member.Good boots not wally world cheapies,unless thats all you can afford.Something is better than nothing.

Canning items.Pressure canners,jars,lids.

Fishing equipment,traps for trapping,Guns for hunting game in your area,.22 rifles and shotguns will get game anywhere in the world.

With some forethought proper prepping and some gumption any event short of a WEE is survivable including nuclear events.Get prepping.

Be Prepared.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nothing but bad news in the news!

Collapse is coming if ya read the news.Financial collapse.Food problems growing throughout the world.

Folks,if you are not preparing you should be hunger is no joke.

60lbs of rice @ wally world $34. 20lb bags $11 and some change.

I didn't price pintos on this trip but equally cheap.

Honeyville grains had 50lb bags of red or white wheat berries about $43 with $4.49 shipping on any amount.

I know I harp on the same issues often,but starvation is ugly!

I have used this example before but Ferfal @ surviving in Argintina posted once his wife was asked now that they went through collapse what would she had done different if she could start over.. Her response was put away more food.

Without food and water no life.

Beans n rice,salsa,cornbread.Wouldn't want it everyday but at least with these ya have the start of some pretty good meals throw in some fish you caught or squirrel or rabbits you could be eating pretty dang good.

Start with some basics and work your way up.

Be Prepared.


Monday, July 26, 2010

What about the others?

You prep.Maybe you know others who do.If your are like me and vocal to family and friends you care about.You have probably noticed many of them say I am not worried about it I am coming to your house!

Whoa people Dad,your buddy China loves ya all but resources are limited!Now often in my gruff (shitty) way.I tell em if you aren't preparing I can't help you.I can possibly arm ya.But damn feeding that many people?

I plan on feeding a few.

What are You going to do for those you care about but don't have the fore site to prepare? Cause ya know some are lazy,some think its stupid,some just don't care.

Are you gonna turn em away?Feed em and possibly run yourself or family short?

Damn there is much CHEAP food available,so much info available from books,magazines,the internet,other people, its a real shame more folks won't take the time to prepare.

I would like to think I would be all hardassed and send em on their way but if I got food and they have kids or old folks ohh yeah not gonna happen.

I guess I need more food,couple more water filters,etc.

But they are gonna work for it!If its a group then group survival,everybody contributes in some way.

So what will you do? Lets hear it!

Be Prepared!


Sunday, July 25, 2010


I just got a new bag to replace (upgrade)my get home bag.Its a messenger bag from Cheaper than dirt.My old bag which will be recycled in to some other role was a book bag type of back pack bag.All though the messenger bag is perfect.I'm not sure if book bag is not more gray man.Inconspicuous is the way to go.Messenger bag slings over one shoulder kind of a he man purse? It does have enough pockets and space to hold everything.So far I like!For those not familiar with term GHB is get home bag.This differs from your bug out bag which is long term survival bag.GHB is just that enough stuff to get you home!


Saturday, July 24, 2010


Some folks think prepping is stupid.For some its a way of life.I fall in that group.

Why would a person not want to live?Prepping is just a way to live.For some its sort of a hobby many of us are campers or hunters or gardeners many of us are the kind who don't take our cars to the shop we fix em ourselves what we don't know our buddies will.

I am a far to midelling maint man and I have buddies who are great mechanics I have one friend who is genius with computers,so i helped plumb my mech friends water water heater he put brakes on my blazer.

My computer friend she bails me out when my computer geeks out on me.So I am the guy she calls when her car breaks down.And no we don't help a friend out by saying well if I do this will you do that.Its more like he sez my freakin water heater just blew up I say no problem bro be over in an hour.Of course you can barter your skills or goods.But in my case its usually just friends helping friends.

I guess what I am saying is there is no one type who is a prepper,we are a very diversified group.A lot of us are Constitutionalist my meaning is we believe in it still.To us it is the core of America.Some are very right wing,some are pretty left.

We have Repubs,Dems,some who hate both.We have anarchist No not the kids in black throwing rocks,or molotav cocktails at demonstrations,real anarchist guys who believe in no or minimal Govt.

We cover the religious spectrum too.Christians,Jews,Atheist,etc,etc.

Do you have too believe in a Mad Max world?Nope!Do you have to have an underground bunker with ten years of freeze dried food?And an arsenal that would make the 101st Airborne jealous? NOPE!

Some do have these things.But most of us are just regular people.We work regular jobs just trying to survive day to day life while hopefully being prepared for emergencies like earthquakes,tornadoes,hurricanes,power outages,ice storms.

If you don't believe Mad Max world is coming,that is ok with us.But you have seen in the past several years,hurricanes,tornadoes,ice storms,flooding etc take lives.Now I do firmly believe that when God calls or your time is up Well nothing is gonna stop that! However in most cases short of the reaper punching your ticket prepping could be the difference between starving,dehydration,drowning,freezing,etc.

If you start with the basics it doesn't have to be expensive.Cleaned out two liter soda bottles are great for water storage.Some regular canned food you normally buy will work just fine.If you are inclined to defend yourself gun info is all over the net.A lot of folks myself included would recommend a pistol of at least 9mm or 38 special.At rifle of a common caliber perhaps .223-5.56 on up.And a shotgun depending on who will be shooting it 20ga16ga or 12ga will suffice.

Those are defensive arms.some can be pressed in to service as hunting arms as well.Firearms will be probably be your most expensive additions to your prepping inventory.

For hunting in most areas unless going after truly big game,.22lr and a decent shotgun in 20thru 12ga should suffice.For hunting a good single shot rifle and shotgun will be inexpensive and will do the job.Remember if you do your part one shot will be sufficient so you do not need 30 round mag to kill a squirrel.

If you are interested in prepping or survival there are many paths to get there.All out Mad MAX-food and water stored away one gun and some ammo hid away for the time that they may be needed.Or somewhere in between the choice is yours.

For more information the list of blogs in my blogroll should be of great service they can take you to people who can show anything you want to know about survival.

How many hobbies can save your life and tie in to other hobbies?

Be Prepared.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New blog.

Well not new but new to me.If you haven't ckecked out Scot yet check him out here at Prepology.



Monday, July 19, 2010

Pete Smith has me thinking.

Pete has post up about Bob's.Bug out bags.


Most of us have hardcore deep woods survival gear.But if you live in the city is that your best choice? Some of it is dual use cooking gear etc.Tent,tarps maybe not as important?Vacant houses for shelter?Abandoned buildings in some city's.I personally live in the burbs,so I can head in either direction.Depending on the scenario that plays out, I may not head for the forest,now that it is the plan of most.

In urban area moving at night-hiding in the day could be a viable strategy.

Unless it was a case of nukes or bio the city will have food for a while.Scavenging could be a way to stay fed.Hopefully you have food put away.However keep in mind urban areas will have gang activity and I am sure they will claim all in their area.

Urban bag-pack might want med sz pair of bolt cutters,pry bar,pair of dykes-sidecuts for fence's.

Not to mention I see more Squirrels and rabbits here in the city than I ever see in the country.Rat traps with peanut butter for squirrels.Air rifles for both.Snares or live traps.Deadfalls.

Most any little stream will have crawdads and frogs.Your hands,nets,traps,frog gig.A friend of mine has proven time and again frogs will take about anything ya swing in front of em.

Raccoons and possum's are everywhere.Possums are ugly little critters but if your starving it's meat.

Sometime back I looked up recipes for unusual foods.You might want to do the same,put (recipe book) in your BOB just in case.

City or Country? Not to steal Michael's line but stay alive,by any means possible.


Saturday, July 17, 2010


In case the PTB come after my blogs and guys like me,make no mistake there are a bunch of us.I just wanted to say Thanks to all of ya.Bloggers,readers,those who comment and those who don't.It has helped a lot knowing there are like minded folks out there all across America.Cause ya know even if they they take our internet.They will NEVER take the FREE SPIRIT,PATRIOTISM,LOVE FOR OUR COUNTRY that most of us have. ONLY a bullet will shut us up,and bullets fly both directions.

So anyway THANK you all.Never let em shut you up.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Shutting down nonconformist blogs?

Hey folks things are happening.Freedom of speech is apparently being violated.Check out Mayberry.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Your ocean is dying!

See it here.


Or at Mayberrys.


Folks these pictures will make you sick.Supposedly the coast guard has lifted ban on pics we shall see.Freakin sad beyond words.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A couple of vids.

Winter camp ain't no joke here where it gets Cooold.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Talk of bugging out from gulf is starting.

There is more and more talk about folks leaving the Gulf area.Can't say that I blame em.Lets see Methane gas,chemicals from corexit,oil vapors,plus who knows what else in the air.I wonder how long before fresh ground water-wells etc are contaminated?Real bad times for the gulf.If you are the praying type they could use em!What a fiasco! BP doesn't want anyone videoing and the Govt supposedly isn't backing that up,yet no fly zones etc.

I think if I was close to the water I would get out now!Not wait for FEMA type evac.If you are staying stock up on food,water and supplies.

God bless you all.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is the End near?

For many yes.I don't know if it's THE END.But our economy grows worse other countries we are tangled up with their economy's grow worse.Timmy and Ben are still pulling the wool over AMERICAS eyes.Some very smart people say more is coming in finance,banking,housing,loans of all types.

If food stamps or aid stops for those who are unemployed yes it is the end.For GOD's sake put away food while you can.

Get guns and ammo while you can.

The End is coming one way or another.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do you?

Do you have a charcoal grill and a bunch,lots,bags on top of bags of charcoal?

Do you have a dual fuel camp stove and coleman fuel and unleaded?

Do you have a propane campstove and bunches of cans of propane?

Do you have a back packers can stove and plenty of alcohol? check you tube if unfamiliar.

Do you have small rocket stove or instructions to make one? Burns tiny sticks.Again you tube.

Candle stove and candles?

Fire pit?

Check army surplus for small folding stoves and heat tablets.Also cheaper than dirt or sportsmans guide among others.

You must be able to cook and heat water in a crisis.Look around and see how many are available to you at this minute.

Be prepared.


Time to prep like a madman.

In recent weeks,Politicians who have been telling us happy days are here again are now saying this Recovery may take a while.Now weeks ago they were telling us the E.U crisis would Not effect the U.S now suddenly the E.U problems are effecting us.Obama has said China's yuan is causing our problems with the U.S dollar,ok China unlinked the yuan from the dollar.Soon another excuse to focus Americas attention on.

Of late reports are coming in of sick people in the Gulf.Crop failures that some are associating with the chemicals used to treat the oil slicks.

Rumors of mass evacuations.

Rumors of troop build up in the Gulf.

Often rumors are just rumors,sometimes they are true.

Our borders are unsecured. No matter where you stand on illegal immigration you must admit terrorist can sneak in as easily as Mexicans.

Obama wants to be able to shut down internet with his kill switch. Control of the people is something all Tyrants demand.Of course here it starts as doing in our best interest its for you.

The financial crisis grows daily.They are attempting to pass a bullshit financial reform bill.All who know about finance say it changes little,other than giving the Govt more power,mostly to seize.

Reports from several agencies now back up Dragon on this solar minimum as potentially very bad solar flares,EMP's.


There are many reasons to prep like a mad man.

Are you prepared?


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning at precisely 7:00 am a massive solar flare fries every electrical item in north America and most of the world. No electricity,no refrigeration,no automobiles,no air travel,no public transportation,only a few old cars with points are running,no ambulance service,no hospitals,no water,at least no water which is pumped from electric motors,no computer,no internet,no phone service,few stores to buy from if any. Teotwawki, the end of the world as we know it. Not the end of the world.Just the end as it used to be.No modern conveniences for many years.

Now what?

With most people having less than two weeks worth of food in the cabinets.What will you eat?

No stored water.What will you drink?

No way to filter water. What will you drink and cook with?

No way to cook.

Some have grills mainly gas.But dang they were gonna fill that tank on payday.

Some have charcoal grills.With about ten briquettes from the last cook out.

How will You cook?

You Bwahaha are smarter than most you have a camp stove.But is it dual fuel?some old ones aren't? Has that can of Coleman fuel which is older than your oldest child turned to varnish?

Some folks have a few candles.Some have lanterns.A few have solar chargers and rechargeable batteries.

How will you light your home?

Most computer controlled cars,trucks,buses,etc,are down for the count.

How will you get around?

Around week 3 or 4 once the masses run out of food and the Govt whats left of it can't deliver food,folks are taking it upon themselves to liberate whatever food they can find.Even if they Find it in your cabinets.Some folks have guns,knives,Other weapons.

How will you defend your self?

As always totally incomplete list,just a little something for you to customize for yourself.

Tomorrow morning at 7:00.

Be prepared.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Can you ?

Can you start a fire only with items at hand?

Can you catch game?

Can you clean and prepare game?

Can you prepare clean safe drinking water?

Can you build a shelter?

Can you defend your family from attackers?

Can you set a broken bone?

Can you stich a wound and know when not to?

Can you make and set a snare?

Can you stay warm in subzero weather?

Can you stay cool in 90 plus degree weather?

Can you stay calm in a crisis?

Can you keep your children amused without modern amenities?

Can you mend your torn clothes?

Can you mend your torn up boots?

Can you make a cartridge fire without reloading equipment?

Can you make an alarm system using fishing line or trip wire and popcans?

Can you survive without your prescribed medications are there any natural alternatives?

Can you put together a bugout/survival bag for each member of your family?

Can you preserve food?

Can you shoot a gun?

Can you repair a gun?

Can you sharpen a knife?

Can you sharpen a knife without a whet stone?

Can you walk 3 miles?

Can you walk 3 miles quickly?

Can you walk 3 miles quickly with a 40-80 lb pack on your back?

Can you make the decision to drop your pack and run to save your family?

Can you improvise booby traps and explosives from commonly available items?

Can you survive 3 weeks without going to the grocery store?

Can you survive without a job for one year?

Can you survive one year without unemployment?

Can you grow food to feed your family?

Can you preserve meat without refrigeration?

Can you find 3 ways out of your area,neighbor hood etc during a crisis?

Can you kill another human being to save your family?

Can you fillet a fish?

Can you remove a tick from your child's head properly?

Can you make a solar oven?

Can you improvise a forge?

Can you pull a tooth?

Can you perform CPR?

Can you deliver a baby?

Can you make a still?

Can you drop a big tree,without killing yourself?

Can you make a raft?

Can you spot edible wild plants in your area?

Can you prepare wild edible plants from your area properly?

This is an incomplete list.Some may never be needed.Some may be critical to your survival.

If you said no to anything,I recommend you start researching now.Everything I listed is available in books,downloads,from old folks who have done them.As I have stated before the internet is a wonderful resource use it while you have and while it is still free.Print things out for the day that there is no net.As I and others have said Start a survival manual your survival manual.It will be custom made for you by you.Don't wait until it's too late START NOW!!!

Be prepared.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

The End is near!!!

We have seen the old guy holding the sign that sez the end is near for years now. I don't know if this The end.But things are really bad.The ocean is getting pumped full of oil,the economies of most nations are in the toilet,unemployment is rampant,food prices are up,they say gas prices are down however in Indy the price is up around .12 a gal,war could happen at any minute on any of several continents,terrorism well the idiots in our government are only at us Americans,they can't stop real terrorist.At any moment the gamblers on wall street,I refuse to call them investors,could panic and collapse most of the world,after all a couple of Fridays in a row the Dow and other markets have closed at big lows.

People if you aren't preparing for bad times in my opinion you are Fools.The house of cards is about to blow over and Barry and Ben An Timmy won't be able to stop it.

The only people who care about you is you.Get your Ass in gear.Get supplies and info to help you survive.

Be prepared.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Results of Poll.

Several folks are pretty worried about 2012.More are worried about our Govt.Most are more worried that our economy is going down.I am Happy to report a large amount are ready for whatever life throws at em.I am not quit prepared for everything but I'm getting there.

Be Prepared.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Would you be ready?

Great post at Treesongs.Check it out.


Because it could happen.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Is this more B.S. like Y2K?Will we get sucked in to a black hole? Will the poles shift and oceans cover what once was dry land? Maybe massive solar flares scorching the earth? I do not have the answer. I do know that any kind of theory brings out nut cases and those who mean well but do nothing but scare people.As always prepare for what you can prepare for.Some things are beyond mans control.

Be prepared.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool new blog.

APN has a link up to a new blog check these boys out.



And APN always a good read.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get prepared Now.

Well folks are reading but apparently no one feels like talking.Kinda understand it.Well for those of you who are new to prepping,here's where to start store up food it can be can stuff from the store.Get stuff you would normally eat anyway.If you can't stand Spam,don't buy three cases of it.Same with anything else if you buy MRE'S try a couple,you may find em gross.Store a bunch.Put the date on it.

Same with water,if you can't afford storage containers,clean 2litre bottles they work great.Store a lot.Buy water filters.

A tent or several tarps.

Grills,if you all ready have one great.If you have charcoal,also get a propane one or visa versa,stock up on charcoal and propane.Firewood.You can make a fire pit.

Several good knives.An axe,saws.

Guns and ammo for hunting and defense.

Most pictures from the depression show people with wore or no shoes/boots.Get as many shoes and boots as you can.Items to mend clothes.

Comprehensive first aid kit and supplies.There may be a period of no medical support.

This isn't everything but it will get you started.Many folks see bad times coming.

Be prepared.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Whats your favorite way to store food?

Share with us your favorite way of preparing food for long term storage.Canning,vac sealing,freeze dried,dehydrating,can goods,etc. Do you buy it prepped or diy?Or a combination of things?

Are you comfortable with your food preps at this point?

Is there such a thing as too much food as long as you are rotating it out?

Share your thoughts or experiences with us.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Damn you must check Elector Retards if you buy Seeds.

Wow our Buddy's in the seed business are ripping us OFF.Gotta read!



Friday, May 14, 2010

Where to purchase survival supplies.

A very good friend and I were talking.She said you always talk about alternative ways to heat.How the heck am I supposed to heat my place you know I live check to check.

I said propane or kerosene.I said if you can save $5 at a time you can make it.She said ok,where does one buy stuff like this?

Well glancing down my side bar at my amazon store I see a Mr heater propane heater for $42 new $32 best price.And a kerosene heater for $138 new $110 best price.

Now I am willing to bet if you can't afford this. I bet you $5 bucks you can find one cheap on Craigs list,or at a yard sale,swap meet or the like.

If you have more money than time Hurry up and buy one some where.If you have more time than money than get to looking.But get the equipment you need.This is not a hustle to buy my stuff! a lot of blogs and web sites carry survival equipment.I truly think things are going downhill.Goodwill,Amvets,other thrift stores,surplus stores,etc.Treasure is where you find it.

Equipment doesn't have to be new to be good.If you buy a kerosene heater and it doesn't work right,it may need a new wick they are cheap.

Gas cans are expensive new.Many can be found Cheap at yard sales.A couple of 5 gal cans may be the difference between freezing to death and being comfortable.

Propane appliances.There are the small camping bottles or adapters for large tanks.

Check out.


And Miles Stair's shop.


There are so many places to find equipment.If you have questions don't be afraid to ask your favorite bloggers,if we don't know we can probably find out our readers are great resources.Most of em really are trying to help.

Be prepared.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

If the collapse comes tomomrrow can you survive?

A bank holiday for a week or two,no biggie.You do have several weeks worth of food stashed at least,right? Many recommend at least three months.Some at least a year.

Tornadoes,Hurricanes,Earthquake,Massive floods,or any disaster that could leave you homeless.Could you survive?Do you know how to make an emergency shelter? Do you know how to make fire? Could you feed yourself or family? Do you know how to make water safe to drink? Can you protect your family in case of unrest,looting,rioting.Those who don't believe in guns,will find that if staring down a crazed crowd intent on doing harm,firearms are probably the only resort to protect your family.If you are afraid,take a course on gun safety,before you even purchase a gun.Then perhaps a course on defending yourself.

Folks there are so many things going on in our world,we really should be preparing for.There is job loss,food shortages are coming,financial collapse,Govt collapse if you think this one is far fetched you really should do some research,now the news stirring up racial issues,could a race war or at least racial violence be in the future? I hope not,but I like to be prepared.

Once more do you have or are you thinking of alternate ways to heat your home if power is out.Kerosene,wood,propane.

Lighting if power is out.Candles work if you are careful not the best choice if you have children.Battery powered fluorescent lanterns with rechargeable batteries and solar chargers could keep you in light for a while if you have sunshine.

Store food,so many have covered this,I won't go in to it,but do it.

Water filters depending on budget range from $30 to over $300.Ways to store water from cleaned out 2 liter bottles to expensive storage containers.

Medical supplies and knowledge could be crucial.

Seeds to grow your own food in case of a real collapse or just long decline in economy. My bet.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tornadoes,Floods and Govt spending.

If the Earthquakes,Tornadoes,Floods,and Govt spending our way to a collapse haven't made you consider Prepping I guess nothing will.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Survival seeds.

Those who garden already know Mother nature can be very kind and nurturing,and also a Coldhearted Cruel Bitch.Those of you who think you can buy one can or vault of survival seeds and live happily ever after forever had better put out a garden and try it first.

I am still really a beginner at gardening.I have put out several myself.Helped my Dad as a kid.I have had mixed results.But with droughts,very wet seasons,late frosts,etc.Gardening is no different than anything else.Some will do better than others,some are born with a green thumb some a black one.Practice and experience.As I always tell ya.A crisis is not the time to practice.

Point is, buy A lot more seeds than you think you will need.What if you have several bad seasons before a good one?

Be prepared.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Garden update.

The garden here at the China Survival compound,ok its really buckets and lg flower pots on my little patio now includes Tomatoes,cucumbers,beans,lettuce,radishes,bell peppers.Next up will be cabbage and sweet peppers that will have patio stuffed.

I am most likely to plant some shade tolerant plants in the little wooded area behind my apts in a small guerrilla garden.I really want some sweet corn still figuring out how to hide it though.

Keep prepping lots doom and gloom these days.


Thursday, May 6, 2010


If you haven't checked it out yet TOR has an excellent post on diversifying your survival supplies.Check him out here.



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If the Shit hits the fan.

If the shit hits the fan what will you do? Lets say you go in to work tomorrow, your boss catches ya on the way to your post,and says Charlie or Louise I don't know how to say this but I have to lay you off.

Well that's really bad news cause you let house payment slide till your next check because your kid had a birthday and the car insurance was due.

In a snowballing tsunami of bad luck you are suddenly homeless and jobless.Wow your priorities in life just changed.Now besides making some money,whats important?

Shelter,food,water come to the forefront.Hopefully you family and friends to help you.Some don't.Shelter could be friends or family.Living in a car sucks,but better than no shelter.

I had some Ojibwa Indian friends who stayed at campgrounds,free ones when possible cheap ones if worst come to worst.Usually $5-$10.You have to move around a bit to keep from getting hassled by the man.

For food they fished and dumpster dived at stores.Now that sounds gross to me,however desperate times call for desperate measures.They said they found good food often.If you know your local wild foods, gathering is very possible.I have one friend who is a master at finding wild food apples,mulberry's,raspberry's,wild onions,mushroom's,etc.Throw in some fish,squirrels and rabbit and you will be eating pretty well.

They used a solar shower with water from the lakes at most state parks.In true emergency situation gas stations will do.

For money they sold Indian crafts and she braided hair.I have a feeling he may have sold Herb,don't know it for a fact but he had company pretty often who only stayed for a few minutes at a time.I am not recommending doing anything illegal just pointing out what I seen.And they did get by.

That would be a very different way of life than most of us are used to but better than living in the streets and starving.

A lot of folks have discovered scrapping,gathering scrap metal to sell.Sometimes you can make a lot of money when scrap is up.Best metals for this are copper,brass,and aluminum.

Sheet metal,i.e stoves, refrigerators,etc require a truck it takes a lot to make money.A lot of people drive around during trash day looking for scrap.Competition is fierce a lot of folks live off scrapping.

There are others who drive around on trash day looking for good items discarded to sell.A lot of good things are thrown out,others only need minor repairs.

Most cities have blood banks where you can sell plasma or whole blood.Whole blood pays more,but you must wait longer between trips.

Some other boot strap businesses could include hauling items if you have access to a truck.Hauling furniture from stores for a modest fee,large bulky items from home improvement stores for folks who don't have a truck.Put up a small ad at laundry's,coffee shops,stores,any place that has a bulletin board.Many online free trader type places allow free or cheap ads.

The old stand by's of mowing grass or shoveling snow still work.Temporary agency's hire labor for short term job's while you wait on a job in your chosen field.

Tilling gardens if you own or have access to a tiller.

Dog walking.Pet sitting for owners of spoiled pets.House sitting for folks who have seasonal homes might be one way to get shelter.

Hopefully none of us get to this point,however if it happens be willing to do whatever is needed to get by.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Self Sufficency.

I know the Government,Wall Street,Main stream media are all trying to convince us things are better.Today Obummer was talking about how much better things are,how people are getting back to work.Really where?Just because some folks said screw it and bought a few things does not make a recovery.So yes inventories became depleted so they made a few more things.Is that a recovery.I seen a report the other day,I believe at Urban Survival that said inflation is running 2% Well Hell the Govt says we have deflation.

Gas just jumped up again here in Indy to $2.95@gal.Groceries are up 6 months in a row.Check out this from Andrea at Chicky-Bit run.


Things really are not well in America.

I would like for all of us to be more self sufficient.Be prepared there are disasters around every corner.Flooding? ask the folks in Tn.Ice storms Kentucky two winters ago people died.Tornadoes and earth quakes every year somewhere.I am not saying be paranoid and in fear every moment,but be prepared.

I do believe if its your time,there's nothing you can do about it.But if it's not your time you can improve your situation greatly.With all the predictions of collapse and war and now the Liberals encouraging race wars prepping just makes good sense.

Stay safe and be prepared.


Friday, April 30, 2010

Collapse comes tommorow.

If you were lucky enough to know the collapse was going to hit tomorrow or the day after,what would you do to prepare for it?Load up on food,buy gold or silver,stock up on ammo,purchase all the seeds you could?

For those of you who don;t scan the news constantly,I can tell you more and more mainstream people are reporting that our economy is not getting better.In fact they are saying that there is no way this deficit laden economy can sustain itself.

The main stream media is doing its best to convince us all is well.They have folks like Warren Buffet and other big names telling us the recovery is under way.I take anything anyone tells me with a grain of salt.I stop and wonder what is there agenda.

Well folks like Buffets agenda is keep you spending.The Government keep you spending,Grocery stores,wal-mart,k-mart,nordstrom's,sears,victoria's secret,Mc Donald's,Ford,G.M yep spend.

So knowing gas is going up,groceries up 6 straight months in a row,health care up,most utility's up.We are in a collapse have been for a while,barring a major calamity,I don't think we are just gonna wake up to a total collapse.I think it is going to keep going just like it has been,taxes up and more of em,gas and groceries,utilities all going to go up.Your wages will not keep pace.

At some point inflation will start up.Secret inflation already has that bag of chips for 3 bucks a year ago was much larger,so it is with much of the things we purchase.

So you do KNOW a collapse is coming,what will you do to prepare for it?


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The skills to survive.

Pete Smith posted a comment at Staying alive that got me thinking.Do you have the skills to survive?What skills might you need?There are many.But the first couple that come to me are.Food procurement,water purification,shelter making,self defense.These are basic skills you must have.

If you can build a shelter in case you can't be in your home.

If you can gather and purify water in case city water is down or can't get it from your well.

If you can hunt,fish,trap,or grow food.If you can defend your shelter be it a house or improvised shelter from predators 2 and 4 legged then you have the basic skills to survive.

Now is the time to learn and practice your skills,not during a crisis.Master these basic's then grow from there.If you haven't read Pete check him out here.



Monday, April 26, 2010


3 long days of rain here in Indy.I am ready for some sunshine.That rain is very good for my Tomato seedlings though.So far my little bucket garden has Tomato and green onions,next is cukes and lettuce and radishes.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is why we prep!

Tornado season is here.Check out this.


This among other reasons are why we prep.Still sound Crazy?


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back up.

Hey friends back up for now.

Survival.What does it mean to you? Those of you like me find there is never enough money to do all the things you would like.My preps have came a long way in the last couple years,but still no where near where I would like them to be.Even though our government is telling us things are better.I am not seeing it.So this will be a rehash of things I and others have posted before.Its spring in most areas.That means fishing.Time or nearly so to plant gardens.A freezer full of fresh fish and garden fresh vegetables.Two things you can do yourself for almost no money with big pay outs to you.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Computer is down.

My computer is down,I will be back as soon as possible.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Looks like Tornado season is here.

Tonight 4-7-10 we got our first tornado warning of the season.So far just some strong wind and heavy rain.Mother nature can be a scary old hag.Are you prepared for severe weather?Food,Water,lighting,first aid kits and/or supplies,portable radio?A secure place to ride out a tornado or your local severe weather? Be prepared.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Your Survival.

If your new to the survival game,it can be a bit overwhelming.Take a minute and think of what it is your prepping for? Natural disasters like Hurricanes,tornadoes,flooding,earthquakes.

Or possibly an economic collapse,maybe all the talk of the govt implementing martial law at some point.

Or fears of (name one)Russia,China,Iran, or some as yet unknown enemy attacking America?


Job loss.

Any and all of these are things that could possibly happen.So where do You start? Well in my humble opinion,It depends a good deal on your financial situation.But regardless of rich or poor.I say start with food and water.They will be needed in any situation you can think of.

Start by building a food storage pantry.Buy things you normally eat.Once you have a good supply of regular food.Then you can buy long term survival food.Dehydrated,etc.

A basic set of firearms,one handgun,one .22lr rifle,shotgun of your choice,I would recommend 12ga due to fact that they are common.16 or 20ga are fine choices as well.Ammo for all weapons.

Water is a basic of life,no water- no life.Store as much as possible.They make very good (but expensive) containers specifically for this,or clean out and recycle 2liter pop bottles.A good filter in case of city water being out for a long time.

To me these three are essential. From there you can build up.Seeds to grow your own food.Tools will be needed.Fire making skills.Clothes,making,mending.Alternative heating sources will be needed.

First aid and medical supplies and knowledge could be critical.

Books and info on things that will apply to your situation,remember there may be no internet or power even if its up.

Just a quick primer,and don't forget all the good folks in my blog links they have a ton of usefull info to share.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time to prepare Freedom gardens.

It's time or almost time to start prepping freedom gardens.Fresh wholesome food with no geneticly modified seeds.Something about digging and working the earth calms nerves and soothes my soul.

Where I currently live no garden plot but I do put out my bucket garden on the patio.As long as I can keep my Nemisis the chipmunk away I'm good,seems he loves tomatoes too.I will be trying my granddads pepper on the ground around bucket Idea.

Even the local homedepot has none gmo seeds,here.I sold my house to my son I may see if I can still put in garden as long as He doesn't have to work it probably ok.

Gardening,stress relief,food source,good way to show Govt you don't need a nanny,exercise.Whats not to like?


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Any of you ya who read my blogs I would ask you to go to Western Rifle Shooters blog read a serious warning to Nancy Pepolsi and a leave a comment.As I have stated before I know some of us are monitored so lets let the PTB hear our Voices.I left comments on people who I know are vocal,and I apologize ahead of time if anyone feels I hijacked their blogs just trying to get the word out.Thanks to all!!!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Same old thing?

Some point out many of us post the same old stuff over and over.All blogs are not meant for all preppers many of us are trying to help those new to preparedness/survival.Some of you hardcore people who have been at it a while should start blogs aimed at seasoned preppers.We can all use good ideas.Even on posts I have seen over and over scanning the comments I can almost always pick up something usefull.Instead of scanning and thinking ahhh same old crap,why don't You comment so a new prepper will gain some knowledge?Some others may not like but if you have a thought or idea to share no matter how off topic go for it here,I dont care just trying to help newbies which we all were at one time.

Prepp on.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Army + Marine fieldmanuals.

I try to leave the political rants and hardcore doom to my other two sites,but even on polls here many believe martial law types of events are possible if not probable.For any who have not checked em out before, I would reccomend SERE training,scouting and patroling,survival,and medical manuals.Some can be found at western rifle shooters and I have several up at minuteman many can be found on line or on paper at amazon or other booksellers or local Military surplus.Things are getting stranger by the day may be good info to have.




Friday, March 12, 2010

You tube as a resource.

On a continuation of prepping when broke,don't forget you tube.There are some awesome videos of almost anything you would want to learn.Dont be afraid to try something even if you mess up.Somethings you will get right off the bat,some might take several tries to get it right.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Knowledge is power.Knowledge is prepping.

Don't ya hate the weeks when you don't have the money to buy preps.One thing to keep in mind, you have access to a computer.

You have knowledge at your fingertips,study up on issues important to you,trapping,fishing,hunting,canning,gardening,long range shooting,learning how to sew,knit,spin yarn,make candles,raising animals,how to clean and butcher animals,cheesemaking,solar,wind,bio,power.

how to make a rocket stove,how to distill alcohol as fuel,medicine,to barter or share with friends.

How to drive a well by hand.How to make a small forge for your homestead out of junk.Find out which herbs,flowers and weeds have medicinal value.Find out what wild plants in your area are edible.

Maybe start researching what you might like to do next if you lose your job.

SO even if you don't have money to buy preps you can still prep.

Prep on.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't forget fishing.

In most discussions of teotwawki or other crisis where you would have to feed yourself,hunting always comes up sometimes trapping.Just a reminder fishing is a good way to gather food.as long as you have some kind of line,thin string and hooks you are in business.

No hooks try a gorge,if your are not familiar with this its a small strong stick,piece of stiff wire,nail,bone etc,you use it in place of hook let fish take bait ,gorge hopefully turns sideways pull em in it,in life or death situation I would let em swallow it.

To increase your odds over one pole or line,put out many set lines,limb lines,or a couple trot lines.A trot line for those who are unfamiliar is a long line heavy weight line with numerous drop lines,strech it across a creek or cove on a lake bait with several different kinds of bait with a little luck dinner is on.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Must read Article on surviving in Chile.

Residents are banding together,no food,no water, looters all around.This why you should prep.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Supreme court will be adressing gun rights under 2nd amendment.

The supreme court will be deciding if 2nd amendment applly's to states or only federal goverment.


Why you should prep.

One million people without power in the winter for 3 days at minumim.Could you survive with what you have now.


Earthquakes are becoming more frequent and more powerfull (deadly) do you have supplies and skills to survive a large quake.By now everyone knows of huge 8.8 quake in Chile,but what about this one only 3.8 but what if next one is Big?


Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Info on 3%4 Freedom.

3%4 Freedoms funeral was today.I have more info on his life and career up at Enemy of the state.The link is in my blog roll.He was a great man and I was lucky to have been able to call him Friend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The loss of our Friend 3%4 Freedom.

I first posted it on enemy of state however not all who read this one read enemy.So for any of you who haven't heard yet.3%4 Freedom passed away from a heart attack Monday in his sleep,he didn't recover.

Any who have read his comments on survival or patriot related blogs know he was a truly nice guy,who attempted to help any and all he could.

For those who dont,He was a Marine scout sniper attached to 1st Force Recon Co.
He served 8yrs in the Corp He did see combat,He was Honorably Discharged.

He is survived by a Wife and 2 children ages 6-9. The only thing he loved more than this country was his Family.He was a Patriot in words and deeds.He longed for the day America would be again the America of our founding Fathers.

He was willing to Starve the Beast,elect them Socialist Bastards out of office,and as a last resort take up ARMS.He wanted a Free AMERICA for his children to grow up in.

The IRS sent agents to take his truck,he politely informed them no they wouldn't be taking it,he pushed one back away,the other freaked and pepper sprayed him,that was it, he beat the shit out of both.His best Friend and compadre R3Volution bailed him out.

Threeper had very good security programs on his computer something told him to check the logs,The CIA,army intelligence,Naval intelligence,Raytheon,Federal Reserve data mining,plus others.He was a regular guy worked every day,retired from Military.However this is the type who is being labeled Domestic Terriost,all because we love America the REPUBLIC.


All I can say is the Patriot movement has lost a true Patriot. R3V,myself,several of you lost a great friend,his family lost a loving Father and Husband.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Even cheaper ceramic filter kit.

I found a cheap $39.99 ceramic filter kit at cheaper than dirt,it contains spigot,filter,filter sock. Radio found the maker of this kit who sells them for $ 23.50. There is now no reason for anyone to not have this unless you can afford the $200 or $300 jobs in which case your probally not reading my site anyway. Big Thanks to Radio. Now Radio next on my list is steel core penatrator 7.62x39 ammo and really cheap ak mags.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ceramic water filtration system ( cheap).

We have been discussing water and filtration quite a bit lately.Well I was thumbing through newest Cheaper than dirt catalog and what do I see? A DIY filter kit,it includes ceramic filter,filter sock,and spigot. You come up with two food grade buckets Price is 39.97. Item# camp -352 at www.cheaperthandirt.com.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Preppin tools.

For those who are preppin for Teotwawki,dont forget tools.Hand tools,hammers,ballpeen,framing,household,sledges,mauls,wedges,tack,slag,etc.Shovels,rakes,hoes,grubbing hoes,saws of all kind,wood rip and crosscut,buck,twoman,hacksaw,limbing,etc. Files,rasps of all kinds.Drawknives and spokeshaves.Chisels wood and metal,gouges,etc.rivet guns and rivets.metal shears,dykes,bolt cutters,c-clamps,actually all kinds of clamps,vise,mechanics tools sockets and ratchets, breaker bars, extensions if you will have genarators or solar cordless power tools might be handy for a while 4 piece of ryobi pretty cheap,drill,sawzall,circular saw,light.If you've ever drilled holes by hand or tried to run in 3'' drywall or deck screws that cordless drill gonna seem very cool.Gather up parts to make a homemade forge cheap and easy could be very usefull.Perhaps old fashinoned wheeled cultivator.A good assortment of nails and bolts,washers,nuts,wire,etc.propane or mapp gas torch for soldering,or oxy acytelene for serious cutting and heating will run out of gases eventually but it might make transistion easier.Any specialtity tools your trade or crafts require? no time like present.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Massai fireboard and stick (friction).

I think they have much practice.But it did work.

Water from trees.mini survival course from a concerned lady.

If you have seen this Vid or one like it it's Not true.

There is almost no running water that is safe to drink,at one time it was true.Even if there are no factorys,etc there is still run off from farming poison rain etc.

I suppose if its drink it or die now vs drink and get sick or die later,I probally would drink.But if you prep you will have a filter and or treatment in your kit and you will not die from water or lack of,preferablly you will die from old age after long healthy life well hydrated.

Last ditch effort pain in the butt way to get water.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Survival notebook.

Just a reminder to start or update your survival notebook.If your like me you have millions of bookmarks,videos,blogs,websites,etc.But if the net goes away so does most of your info.When I first started notebook,I thought it was an original idea,Ha nope.

But it is a great idea.By the time your done it will be huge or take several to store that much info.And dont put it off,remember one minute too late? A lazy Sunday is a great time to start it.And do store it in waterproof Bag or container.

A few sugesstions to get you started finding,storing,filtering-treatment of water.Gardening sq foot,etc.How to set traps,snares,etc.Wild plant identifaction.Processing game,gutting-skinning etc.Canning,dehdryating,smoking,salting,etc of food.

Medical,how to suture,how to place a splint,etc.How to make candles.How to make fire.How to keep your children amused if it really gets bad,no cell phs,no wii,cable,oh yeah on an extended trip in the woods or wherever you may have to bug out,if the kids aint happy no one will be,games you can play without stuff maybe (leapfrog tag run sheep run etc).

SEWING if you've never done it, right way and a wrong like everything.Sewing and mending will be vital during bad times,get info. Millions of things you can put in notebook.Do you know how to make black powder,blowing stumps,guns,booby traps if it goes real bad etc.Do you know how to make booby traps,even if you are the type to never in this world use them,you need to know how they are made to avoid them.OK just some thoughts to get you started on YOUR notebook.



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