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- T. Jefferson
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Preppin tools.

For those who are preppin for Teotwawki,dont forget tools.Hand tools,hammers,ballpeen,framing,household,sledges,mauls,wedges,tack,slag,etc.Shovels,rakes,hoes,grubbing hoes,saws of all kind,wood rip and crosscut,buck,twoman,hacksaw,limbing,etc. Files,rasps of all kinds.Drawknives and spokeshaves.Chisels wood and metal,gouges,etc.rivet guns and rivets.metal shears,dykes,bolt cutters,c-clamps,actually all kinds of clamps,vise,mechanics tools sockets and ratchets, breaker bars, extensions if you will have genarators or solar cordless power tools might be handy for a while 4 piece of ryobi pretty cheap,drill,sawzall,circular saw,light.If you've ever drilled holes by hand or tried to run in 3'' drywall or deck screws that cordless drill gonna seem very cool.Gather up parts to make a homemade forge cheap and easy could be very usefull.Perhaps old fashinoned wheeled cultivator.A good assortment of nails and bolts,washers,nuts,wire,etc.propane or mapp gas torch for soldering,or oxy acytelene for serious cutting and heating will run out of gases eventually but it might make transistion easier.Any specialtity tools your trade or crafts require? no time like present.

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