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Thursday, May 13, 2010

If the collapse comes tomomrrow can you survive?

A bank holiday for a week or two,no biggie.You do have several weeks worth of food stashed at least,right? Many recommend at least three months.Some at least a year.

Tornadoes,Hurricanes,Earthquake,Massive floods,or any disaster that could leave you homeless.Could you survive?Do you know how to make an emergency shelter? Do you know how to make fire? Could you feed yourself or family? Do you know how to make water safe to drink? Can you protect your family in case of unrest,looting,rioting.Those who don't believe in guns,will find that if staring down a crazed crowd intent on doing harm,firearms are probably the only resort to protect your family.If you are afraid,take a course on gun safety,before you even purchase a gun.Then perhaps a course on defending yourself.

Folks there are so many things going on in our world,we really should be preparing for.There is job loss,food shortages are coming,financial collapse,Govt collapse if you think this one is far fetched you really should do some research,now the news stirring up racial issues,could a race war or at least racial violence be in the future? I hope not,but I like to be prepared.

Once more do you have or are you thinking of alternate ways to heat your home if power is out.Kerosene,wood,propane.

Lighting if power is out.Candles work if you are careful not the best choice if you have children.Battery powered fluorescent lanterns with rechargeable batteries and solar chargers could keep you in light for a while if you have sunshine.

Store food,so many have covered this,I won't go in to it,but do it.

Water filters depending on budget range from $30 to over $300.Ways to store water from cleaned out 2 liter bottles to expensive storage containers.

Medical supplies and knowledge could be crucial.

Seeds to grow your own food in case of a real collapse or just long decline in economy. My bet.



  1. All sounds like good ideas and plans to make and do, but the seeds thing... gonna be hard to keep the zombies off the planted foods cause they're outside and ya gotta sleep sometime...

  2. Lights - LED they last a long time and take very little electric to get decent light, better than a candle and more light.

    I have two sets of solar panels, one set is the inexpensive Harbor Freight 45 watt set - a few batteries and the kit and you have years of light when you add rechargeable batteries for the portable devices.

    .22 long rifle - will be the next cash and now it is available again.

  3. Chigger that is true.Hopefully good people can band together to protect food and supplies,or camouflage as others have stated long straight rows scream garden.Later in season I will attempt to get photos up of a hidden garden.

    Radio,you know the first led lights sucked.But newest gen are quite good.Solar may be only game in town. .22 Yes I could see it.

    Take care and be prepared.


  4. Outside solar lights could work for soft lighting and you wont stick out for the masses to see. Affordable too! Solar panels are out of my budget but would be nice to have. Just found you through Staying alive blog.

  5. Hi Shelly,yes some folks are now using the outdoor ones in side,charge in daytime and light up the house at night.Cheap too.Michael is one of my gotta reads.

    Be prepared.


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