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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Come on nobody has favorite wild food gathering book?

Help a Brother out!Theres about 40 bazillion of em,and I can't waste the money weeding through em.

While you're at it Check out Pete at Patriots Against the NWO!He's running a contest on his blog you could win one of his Slinky shortwave antenna's.I personally don't have shortwave yet so I don't have one yet but I have heard several others who have and they said its a good product at a good price.Buy American - Buy local help out our Own screw globalism!!!


Be Prepared.



  1. Finding a good book on wild eats is regional.

    You want lots of photographs, and books that can be used in the field are also good.

    I found several I have in my collection.

    The Encyclopedia of Edible Plants of North America
    Francois Couplan (Author), James Duke (Foreword)

    Common Edible and Useful Plants of the West (Outdoor and Nature)
    Muriel Sweet (Author)

    Wild Edible Plants of Western North America
    Donald R. Kirk (Author)

    Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rockies
    Linda Kershaw (Author)

    Edible and Medicinal Plants of the West
    Gregory L. Tilford (Author), Michael Moore (Foreword)

  2. Thanks Radio,much appreciated!!!


  3. Amazon has a great feature where you can view related books.

    I think I remember you live in Indiana so I would look for books that focus on your area, note that the books listed except one are focused on the Rockies where I am based.

    Reading over the books there is a lot of info not in them that I know would be listed if it were focused on a location like Texas for example.

  4. Yeah I guess I should of said books on midwest!Good point.Thanks for help.


  5. Hmmmm.. my comment about Adrienne Crowhurst's Weed Cookbook didn't get thru? Well, I'll try again.
    Adrienne is the book I've carried since the 70's and used in every part of America- from the Florida panhandle to California and north to my homestead. When I found her book, it was about the only book out that didn't have simple black and white pencil drawings- remember, there hasn't always been an invigorated desire to know about eating weeds in this country.
    The pictures are paintings/pen and ink rather than photographs, but still easy to recognize. She lists the plant, it's look-alikes, the edible and non-edible varieties, which parts to eat and how to cook them. As a bonus, she has a section on medicinal herbs, their appearance and use.
    Another book I find fairly useful is the Tom Brown series- though his pictures are the ughly pencil drawings- though his logic behind them is good thinking, in that he'd prefer the interested person do more in-depth research on the plants, almost to the point of becoming a scientist. That way, one really knows the plant, as opposed to Adrienne's style of "this is what it is and how you use it."
    Good hunting and foraging.
    Shy III




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