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- T. Jefferson
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Survival seeds.

Those who garden already know Mother nature can be very kind and nurturing,and also a Coldhearted Cruel Bitch.Those of you who think you can buy one can or vault of survival seeds and live happily ever after forever had better put out a garden and try it first.

I am still really a beginner at gardening.I have put out several myself.Helped my Dad as a kid.I have had mixed results.But with droughts,very wet seasons,late frosts,etc.Gardening is no different than anything else.Some will do better than others,some are born with a green thumb some a black one.Practice and experience.As I always tell ya.A crisis is not the time to practice.

Point is, buy A lot more seeds than you think you will need.What if you have several bad seasons before a good one?

Be prepared.


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