“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous 2 our liberties than standing armies. If the American ppl ever allow private banks 2 control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks & corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the ppl of all property till their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should b taken from the banks & restored 2 the ppl, 2 whom it prprly belongs."
- T. Jefferson
This site is dedicated to new survivalist and for anyone who can see where our country is headed!


I am not antigoverment, I am anti Badgoverment! chinasyndrome 2009.


Sic Vis Pacem Para bellum

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wow Sorry folks!!!

It seems I got hacked by a spammer. IF you were in my contacts you probably got hit. If you have an email from me on either Account that Says HI don't open it !!!! Again Sorry y'all !!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I keep getting sidetracked !!

Once more I am going to try to take this blog back to prepping! Enemy of State will be whats it always been little of everything ,the American Minuteman is where I will be posting III/ Patriot stuff. So if ya get bored come visit!


This is Totally false I love guns!


Ohh ha gee He meant that China


Monday, May 28, 2012

So ends another long shitty on call weekend.

I hope yours was great! I am outta here!



Some went to war. Some never came home. Some came home broken or missing limbs. Some can't stop fighting the war in their minds. Some came home to ticker tape parades, Some came home to silence seemingly forgotten Some came home only to be spat on and called baby killers. Those who spat know they fought so you had that right.

Some fought so Hitler or Emperor Hirohito would not be YOUR Emperor.

Some fought to stop the spread of Communism,it is not their fault their Govt didn't truly back them.

Some fought at places like Inchon, or Toko ri Solomon Islands, Chosin, Pleiku, Dak to ,Danang, They are still fighting in Iraq even though they are Just security forces (you know not soldiers dieing), Too many Places in Afghanistan to mention. And in a few little hell holes we don't,haven't,and will never even know about.

So while you all go swimming,fire up the grill,knock back some Cold ones Remember those who can't Too those long gone we Thank and Honor you. To those still in the sand box with the terrible heat and sand in every orifice Thank you You are not forgotten!!! To all my buddys who served Thank you Gentleman Thank You!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hoosier Heat advisory and you Won't believe who put it out..

DHS yep !! WTF?


Regardless be careful today folks.Drink lots water,try to stay out of the sun. DHS ? Really?


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Making a Bro's dream come true!

Folks a bunch of folks are trying to make a Buddy's dream come true. See he lost his side gig making a little extra money.Like a lot of us it seems life hands him one shit sandwich after another. So a wonderful friend donated a boat,now a bunch of us are trying to get him enough cash for traps and gas and supplies needed to get started. Estimated price of traps is $35  if you can spare $35 awesome! If you can spare $10 Great. It ain't the amount its just trying to get help a good guy out. Know this he DID NOT ASK FOR HELP!!! Some just decided to do it. Times are tough if you can't Cool,if ya can lets make a dream come true!


Thanks to all !!!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Panthers,Farakan,want to help Iran.

This was on Infowars gone now. But Shubbtzz wants to hang some crackers from lamp post. And Help Iran cause every dark person should hate crackers! I don't hate all dark people! But my dear Shubbtzz if you want to fight a cracker bring it on Mother Fucker. If a white man issued a dead or alive bounty on a dark person Eric Holder would have so many charges against said white man it would be life in prison. El Shubuttzzz didn't even get called out! Maybe cause if Obama had a son he would like Shubttzzz or dumbo! To all you good people of color this isn't aimed at you just these dumbasses that want a race war! Divide and conquer you Idiots.


III  a cracker in Fema region V

WTF? 1st Spainsh on documents bank machines etc Now Arabic Mandatory at School?

America,this is America we speak ENGLISH !!! Say it with me English. This is fucking nuts!



Don't read this !! Hell go on down to the Wal-mart.

Really don't do anything. Fuck it just sit back buy the cheap shit and Bitch about the lack of jobs! Wal-mart Wal-mart. Well at least some of the money stays here.Yep! True! But if you buy American made most of it stays here and You might have a job. Enjoy the show as China takes over the U.S of A.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Dude has a good post GET us out of the U.N. even if you aren't a Bircher let em know You want out! People if You do nothing You will get bad things,and you will have earned them! Get off your asses Two minutes or less!




Monday, May 21, 2012

Sad news!!!

It seems Grumpy Unk passed early Sat after his battle with cancer. I wondered what was up because the Bro was excited to make the Patcom,he was starting to feel better then was gone.I am not a friend of the family or anything so I don't what exactly happened.Grump and I had been exchanging emails for a while. So I didn't really know him,yet I knew him. Know what I mean? Good man gone! Thats all I know Another good man is gone! Farewell Grumpy Unk!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hoosier Patom 2012 is in the books.

About a dozen people,many no shows. But more important was those that did Good men one and all. Dio made it,from his tribe that sent the goody box,Thank you!

Blue gets the hadcore long distance award! Haulass down,shoot,talk,eat,talk,wait for traffic to die out Haulass home.Thanks for coming Bro!Dropped us some cool ass targets Too!

Snake a most Gracious host.Very smart man,deadly shooter,great guy!

Zoomie, can ya believe Zoomie is in our tribe. WTF? Seriously glad he is,talented,fucked up sense of humor (like me), Good shot.

Two other members who are just as Talented and smart were there,but since one is a ghost Well I won't really tell ya about these two except they are welcome additions to anyone's tribes.

Dio thanks for coming up Bro we all enjoyed your company and knowledge shared! Thanks for tuning my PSL !!!

Those of you who missed out ,Damn you did miss out!

Get to or organize an event.

Looks like we have a tribe!

I am beat but that's the gist of it !

Thanks all!!!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Computer goes dark in 20 minutes!

You know ya want to go! There are gonna be some fine people there. You know you are tired of arguing with idiots who don't get it! Come out and hang some Brothers and Sisters that do get it! 20 mins left then I shut this bitch down and you will have to wait till this fall!!

Oh and for any devious motherfuckers thinking bad things,one of my boys is staying at my crib till I get back. The kid is very good with his AR and flat deadly with his XD-m. Don't try it!

Don't think about it,don't talk about it,fucking Do it.Probably less that a tank of gas for you.Someone else ain't gonna do it for you.Quite hiding in the shadows make your Vote known.Liberty and Freedom. We won't be scared off,we won't back down! I am done talking I am going to load out and go meet some of my kind of people! All you Patriots/Preppers have a great weekend.

Just remember Evil never takes a break!

Wolverines !!!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last call for Hoosier Patcom !!!

If ya been saying by God somebody needs to do something. Well now's your chance,come out and meet some fellow Patriot/Preppers. We have a nice site in Greene co. Camping Fri,Sat,Sun. plenty of camping space,restroom facility's, bring camping gear,bug spray,water,adult beverage of choice,100 yd shooting range.Patriots who are ready to meet other like minded folks. Directions will be given only to those attending.If you want to attend email me by 9:00 tomorrow morning 5-18 I will be leaving out after that! And you will miss out until next one!

Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Patriot time !!!

Ok Brothers and Sister Patriots,the Hoosier Patcom/con starts this FRI if you're coming get directions soon! If you are not coming to ours,go to somebodys! Do something! A couple years from now when your locked in a collective work farm. Or even still living in your home but with talking spy camera's watching every move. Your money redistributed to the point you have none and you get a food voucher from the collective which barely feeds your family.What are you going to say when you and your child are weeding a row of GMO corn,and you're just out of ear shot of your guard (overseer) your kid says Daddy why didn't you guys stop this?

What the Fuck will You tell the child?

Well son we were waiting for someone else to stop them! Ain't nobody but You and Me friend!

Well son we were Afraid because there were so many,and they were so well Armed! Bullshit,there's way more of us than them! The Muj and Cong proved weapons don't decide who wins,determination and intestinal fortitude decides.

Well son this isn't so bad,and the collective knows whats best for us! If this will be your answer do us all a favor Leave the USA now or eat your pistol !!

You are an American,You are the only one who should decide whats best for you and your family. Not a bunch of pathetic Lawmakers and Breakers. As an Example Obama,Reid,and Pelosi just to name 3 Ok so the Commies don't think I am a Repub Bush the one who gave us the Patriot Act as well,ALL should be tried for Treason! No if ands or buts! TREASON !!!

Any Fucking member of the U.S. Govt who Laughs at the Constitution of a Constitutional Republic should be tried  or bare minimum kicked out of office ASAP!

Patcom/cons are just a start Americans need to act quickly. These SOBs are selling out to China,letting Russians train on our soil,making it illegal to grow wholesome food,destroying our economy on a level that can only be intentional,making us dependent on foreign junk,dependent on foreign oil,the U.S. credit rating is at an ALL time LOW, yet Obama plays golf,Obama's family goes on one ultra expensive vacation after another while telling us to tighten our belts! Taking our Tax dollars to bail out their Banker buddy's and giving enormous tax refunds to ILLEGAL aliens WELL fuck I want a 13,000 refund too!

Folks I don't care what or how you do it,but for God's sake,Your sake,and Your Children and GrandChildrens sake DO SOMETHING don't wait for SOMEONE. This is YOUR fucking Country!! DO SOMETHING about it! WE are running out of Time!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hoosier Patcom

Anyone planning to attend 18th 19th 20th  Email me for directions if you haven't already. When I roll out fri I will not have my computer! Too all who are attending an have offered help Thank You!! At this point we don't need money just Patriots time!

Don't forget water,bug spray,your favorite shooter and ammo,liquid libation of your choose. And bring your thoughts,ideas,and opinions on where we are now,and where we want to be and should be. And how we are gonna get there!

I think we are going to have a good time!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

T minus 10 to Hossier Patcom.

For those who haven't caught the post we are having it in Greene co. enough area for plenty of camping. Hard packed ground for trucks or campers. 100 yd range to shoot. Out house provided.Probably coolest outhouse ya ever seen. Directions will only be given to those attending! Email  me and I will forward directions.

This time of year will probably have ticks and chiggers active bring bug spray. Very cool location. Looking forward to talking to like minded  Patriots!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Strange that post was weird.

Let us know if you can make it!


China and the gang.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hoosier Patcom


 Its getting closer!! Are you in? Lets hear from you! Directions will only be provided to those attending!

Patriots,guns,camping,campfire,quiet away from the city,conversation with like minded people!
No sheeple allowed! Unless you want to learn about Patrotism. Preppers are welcome,have a skill you are good at? Demonstrations welcome.Again so our host can have an Idea of how many he is putting up Please check in here or at American Minuteman

China and Gang


Do ya ever have one of those shitty days where ya want to just take of an live like Wild Bill Moreland?

This last two weeks has been like that! So in between work an lunch I typed in Wild Bill and actually found an interesting article on tribes. If I don't say fuck it and go Wild Bill,tribe will be important even for lone wolfs like me! Not great but good article.


Wild Bi


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Paranoid HUH? Camps are Bullshit HUH? Read it weep OR lock and load!!!

AJ has it here.


These Mother Fuckers need reeducated or shipped off to China or Russia!

America Bitches, Constitution remember that document you swore to uphold that you now laugh at, we will not be Reeducated you see we are EDUCATED. Educated in the ways of how America was meant to be. You may kill us but you won't Reeducate us. By the way You won't kill us all,and when You start this Shit there is NOWHERE in the World you will be safe! You think You will end the Constitution uh uh the Constitution will end You !!!

CEASE and DESIST now while you still can!! Most of us real Americans love to see the Goodguys win Some of us are still willing to die to see it happen,are you willing to die to Reeducate us!!!

You folks are about to be schooled if you keep this shit up!!




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