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- T. Jefferson
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time to prep like a madman.

In recent weeks,Politicians who have been telling us happy days are here again are now saying this Recovery may take a while.Now weeks ago they were telling us the E.U crisis would Not effect the U.S now suddenly the E.U problems are effecting us.Obama has said China's yuan is causing our problems with the U.S dollar,ok China unlinked the yuan from the dollar.Soon another excuse to focus Americas attention on.

Of late reports are coming in of sick people in the Gulf.Crop failures that some are associating with the chemicals used to treat the oil slicks.

Rumors of mass evacuations.

Rumors of troop build up in the Gulf.

Often rumors are just rumors,sometimes they are true.

Our borders are unsecured. No matter where you stand on illegal immigration you must admit terrorist can sneak in as easily as Mexicans.

Obama wants to be able to shut down internet with his kill switch. Control of the people is something all Tyrants demand.Of course here it starts as doing in our best interest its for you.

The financial crisis grows daily.They are attempting to pass a bullshit financial reform bill.All who know about finance say it changes little,other than giving the Govt more power,mostly to seize.

Reports from several agencies now back up Dragon on this solar minimum as potentially very bad solar flares,EMP's.


There are many reasons to prep like a mad man.

Are you prepared?


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