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- T. Jefferson
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do you?

Do you have a charcoal grill and a bunch,lots,bags on top of bags of charcoal?

Do you have a dual fuel camp stove and coleman fuel and unleaded?

Do you have a propane campstove and bunches of cans of propane?

Do you have a back packers can stove and plenty of alcohol? check you tube if unfamiliar.

Do you have small rocket stove or instructions to make one? Burns tiny sticks.Again you tube.

Candle stove and candles?

Fire pit?

Check army surplus for small folding stoves and heat tablets.Also cheaper than dirt or sportsmans guide among others.

You must be able to cook and heat water in a crisis.Look around and see how many are available to you at this minute.

Be prepared.


Time to prep like a madman.

In recent weeks,Politicians who have been telling us happy days are here again are now saying this Recovery may take a while.Now weeks ago they were telling us the E.U crisis would Not effect the U.S now suddenly the E.U problems are effecting us.Obama has said China's yuan is causing our problems with the U.S dollar,ok China unlinked the yuan from the dollar.Soon another excuse to focus Americas attention on.

Of late reports are coming in of sick people in the Gulf.Crop failures that some are associating with the chemicals used to treat the oil slicks.

Rumors of mass evacuations.

Rumors of troop build up in the Gulf.

Often rumors are just rumors,sometimes they are true.

Our borders are unsecured. No matter where you stand on illegal immigration you must admit terrorist can sneak in as easily as Mexicans.

Obama wants to be able to shut down internet with his kill switch. Control of the people is something all Tyrants demand.Of course here it starts as doing in our best interest its for you.

The financial crisis grows daily.They are attempting to pass a bullshit financial reform bill.All who know about finance say it changes little,other than giving the Govt more power,mostly to seize.

Reports from several agencies now back up Dragon on this solar minimum as potentially very bad solar flares,EMP's.


There are many reasons to prep like a mad man.

Are you prepared?


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning at precisely 7:00 am a massive solar flare fries every electrical item in north America and most of the world. No electricity,no refrigeration,no automobiles,no air travel,no public transportation,only a few old cars with points are running,no ambulance service,no hospitals,no water,at least no water which is pumped from electric motors,no computer,no internet,no phone service,few stores to buy from if any. Teotwawki, the end of the world as we know it. Not the end of the world.Just the end as it used to be.No modern conveniences for many years.

Now what?

With most people having less than two weeks worth of food in the cabinets.What will you eat?

No stored water.What will you drink?

No way to filter water. What will you drink and cook with?

No way to cook.

Some have grills mainly gas.But dang they were gonna fill that tank on payday.

Some have charcoal grills.With about ten briquettes from the last cook out.

How will You cook?

You Bwahaha are smarter than most you have a camp stove.But is it dual fuel?some old ones aren't? Has that can of Coleman fuel which is older than your oldest child turned to varnish?

Some folks have a few candles.Some have lanterns.A few have solar chargers and rechargeable batteries.

How will you light your home?

Most computer controlled cars,trucks,buses,etc,are down for the count.

How will you get around?

Around week 3 or 4 once the masses run out of food and the Govt whats left of it can't deliver food,folks are taking it upon themselves to liberate whatever food they can find.Even if they Find it in your cabinets.Some folks have guns,knives,Other weapons.

How will you defend your self?

As always totally incomplete list,just a little something for you to customize for yourself.

Tomorrow morning at 7:00.

Be prepared.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Can you ?

Can you start a fire only with items at hand?

Can you catch game?

Can you clean and prepare game?

Can you prepare clean safe drinking water?

Can you build a shelter?

Can you defend your family from attackers?

Can you set a broken bone?

Can you stich a wound and know when not to?

Can you make and set a snare?

Can you stay warm in subzero weather?

Can you stay cool in 90 plus degree weather?

Can you stay calm in a crisis?

Can you keep your children amused without modern amenities?

Can you mend your torn clothes?

Can you mend your torn up boots?

Can you make a cartridge fire without reloading equipment?

Can you make an alarm system using fishing line or trip wire and popcans?

Can you survive without your prescribed medications are there any natural alternatives?

Can you put together a bugout/survival bag for each member of your family?

Can you preserve food?

Can you shoot a gun?

Can you repair a gun?

Can you sharpen a knife?

Can you sharpen a knife without a whet stone?

Can you walk 3 miles?

Can you walk 3 miles quickly?

Can you walk 3 miles quickly with a 40-80 lb pack on your back?

Can you make the decision to drop your pack and run to save your family?

Can you improvise booby traps and explosives from commonly available items?

Can you survive 3 weeks without going to the grocery store?

Can you survive without a job for one year?

Can you survive one year without unemployment?

Can you grow food to feed your family?

Can you preserve meat without refrigeration?

Can you find 3 ways out of your area,neighbor hood etc during a crisis?

Can you kill another human being to save your family?

Can you fillet a fish?

Can you remove a tick from your child's head properly?

Can you make a solar oven?

Can you improvise a forge?

Can you pull a tooth?

Can you perform CPR?

Can you deliver a baby?

Can you make a still?

Can you drop a big tree,without killing yourself?

Can you make a raft?

Can you spot edible wild plants in your area?

Can you prepare wild edible plants from your area properly?

This is an incomplete list.Some may never be needed.Some may be critical to your survival.

If you said no to anything,I recommend you start researching now.Everything I listed is available in books,downloads,from old folks who have done them.As I have stated before the internet is a wonderful resource use it while you have and while it is still free.Print things out for the day that there is no net.As I and others have said Start a survival manual your survival manual.It will be custom made for you by you.Don't wait until it's too late START NOW!!!

Be prepared.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

The End is near!!!

We have seen the old guy holding the sign that sez the end is near for years now. I don't know if this The end.But things are really bad.The ocean is getting pumped full of oil,the economies of most nations are in the toilet,unemployment is rampant,food prices are up,they say gas prices are down however in Indy the price is up around .12 a gal,war could happen at any minute on any of several continents,terrorism well the idiots in our government are only at us Americans,they can't stop real terrorist.At any moment the gamblers on wall street,I refuse to call them investors,could panic and collapse most of the world,after all a couple of Fridays in a row the Dow and other markets have closed at big lows.

People if you aren't preparing for bad times in my opinion you are Fools.The house of cards is about to blow over and Barry and Ben An Timmy won't be able to stop it.

The only people who care about you is you.Get your Ass in gear.Get supplies and info to help you survive.

Be prepared.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Results of Poll.

Several folks are pretty worried about 2012.More are worried about our Govt.Most are more worried that our economy is going down.I am Happy to report a large amount are ready for whatever life throws at em.I am not quit prepared for everything but I'm getting there.

Be Prepared.




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