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- T. Jefferson
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Knowledge is power.Knowledge is prepping.

Don't ya hate the weeks when you don't have the money to buy preps.One thing to keep in mind, you have access to a computer.

You have knowledge at your fingertips,study up on issues important to you,trapping,fishing,hunting,canning,gardening,long range shooting,learning how to sew,knit,spin yarn,make candles,raising animals,how to clean and butcher animals,cheesemaking,solar,wind,bio,power.

how to make a rocket stove,how to distill alcohol as fuel,medicine,to barter or share with friends.

How to drive a well by hand.How to make a small forge for your homestead out of junk.Find out which herbs,flowers and weeds have medicinal value.Find out what wild plants in your area are edible.

Maybe start researching what you might like to do next if you lose your job.

SO even if you don't have money to buy preps you can still prep.

Prep on.



  1. I'm tellin' ya, I have to get a printer and a couple of boxes of printer paper.
    Then I need to go to Kinko's or some such place to have the stuff I have already printed out at work collated, punched and put into binders.
    One print out, Where there is no doctor, was over five hundred pages.
    That is a lot of printer paper and you would be there a long time three hole punching that.

    You make a damn good point though. Just because you don't have any extra money this week, if you can get on the internet, you can be prepping.


  2. I agree Busted , it's a way of life this prepping is. There are so many aspects to it that it boggles the mind at times but, you guys are right , you can prepare your mind when your wallet is thin .

    Great thought !!


  3. Busted don't I know it I have been burnin up printer cartridges at $13 to $ 22 a pop,one decent file runs one out.I'm gonna print one of each and then copy at work or kinko's like you say.But it's worth it to much info to remember.

    R3Vo So right man,my wants and need dwarf my bank account,so when I don't have money I read and research.If I dont have money for cartridges I bookmark sites or files and come back when I can print.
    Goodevening fellas.


  4. There are many ways to prep. You can buy freeze dried wonderful or you can pick up dumpster diving other. But that brain has to be tuned in or things will not work in the material world.


  5. Right on Michael.To Stay Alive it takes knowledge.





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