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- T. Jefferson
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Self Sufficency.

I know the Government,Wall Street,Main stream media are all trying to convince us things are better.Today Obummer was talking about how much better things are,how people are getting back to work.Really where?Just because some folks said screw it and bought a few things does not make a recovery.So yes inventories became depleted so they made a few more things.Is that a recovery.I seen a report the other day,I believe at Urban Survival that said inflation is running 2% Well Hell the Govt says we have deflation.

Gas just jumped up again here in Indy to $2.95@gal.Groceries are up 6 months in a row.Check out this from Andrea at Chicky-Bit run.


Things really are not well in America.

I would like for all of us to be more self sufficient.Be prepared there are disasters around every corner.Flooding? ask the folks in Tn.Ice storms Kentucky two winters ago people died.Tornadoes and earth quakes every year somewhere.I am not saying be paranoid and in fear every moment,but be prepared.

I do believe if its your time,there's nothing you can do about it.But if it's not your time you can improve your situation greatly.With all the predictions of collapse and war and now the Liberals encouraging race wars prepping just makes good sense.

Stay safe and be prepared.


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