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- T. Jefferson
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Sunday, September 12, 2010


I know my self and others keep harping on food,but folks I don't think this can be emphasized enough.Even though food prices are up do you think they will ever get cheaper.

Most days in the news you see the weather has caused crop failures etc some where in the world.Since most of our food comes from somewhere in the world other than USA,which still makes no sense to me,but does to Globalist.

Weapons,shelter,etc can often be improvised, food on the other hand hard to improvise mac-cheese or eggs.Stock up the day is coming when this will be the good old days when you could buy bread for a dollar a loaf.

If you can afford it a balanced survival plan,Guns,ammo,seeds,medical supplies,tools,alternative heating cooking lighting means,etc but if you can only afford one or the other food.

Try for a little variety I tried spam for a week as a test since this is one everyone recommends and I actually like the stuff on occasion,oh my gosh.YuuCk you will grow sick of any one thing Quick.Yes if you were starving better than nothing but thats why we are prepping right?

Variety.Spices,condiments,gravy,taco sauce,cheese sauce,salsa,etc.Will help give variety.

Be prepared.



  1. Boy, is this ever so true! Anything can be boring if you have to eat it all the time, but will keep hunger away!

    Variety is the secret here. Have a back up for your back up! Freeze dried or dehydrated fruits are better than none,as well as canned.

    rotation is another thing to keep in mind in food storage. Water...gotta have it!

    So many things to think about, but mainly just don't get caught short!

    Good post, China




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