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- T. Jefferson
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Sic Vis Pacem Para bellum

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Book reviews.

Here at the China survival compound I am reviewing two wild edible food books.The weed cookbook by Adrienne Crowhurst.And Edible wild Plants (Eastern/Central North America by Lee Allen Peterson.

The weedcookbook covers 200 plants and 269 ways to cook them.Colored drawings.This one is not zone specific,but does tell you what area each plant grows in.List of 30 plants not to eat.Has a section on plants that can be used to make dyes.Very informative/rather pricey.

Edible wild plants is zone specific,has pencil drawings with some color photos.More than 370 wild plants,37 poisonous lookalikes.400 drawings and 78 color photos.Very informative.

I think for the price I would pick Edible wild plants.If you have the money I would go with weed cookbook.

I think one will go in BOB,one in get home bag.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Why some cheer on the collapse!

Some people are angry that some of us are actually cheering on the collapse.And this is America I think they have the right.But who could actually want to live under this sort of tyranny???I saw where an anon commenter on another blog actually called Mayberry and others Communist.WTF? How is wanting tyranny to stop communism?

I will be the first to admit it is fucking Sad that shit is so bad we want it to collapse!But dear anon that ain't communism! Give em a couple more years and you will know communism.Perhaps more accurately socialism.Anon you do know National Socialism was tried before right yeah it was a guy named Adolph Hitler!

You all attacking Mayb and others said our country is worth fighting for! Really which part? The FEDS spying on its citizens,or the part where they tax the hell out of you then fucking blow it on teaching African males to wash their cocks after sex? Or maybe to give health care to ILLEGALS and food stamps and housing aid,something a workingman in trouble can't get? Or maybe the part where little old white or black lady's get searched at the airport while Ackmaad walks on by cause checking him would be profiling? Or the part where a grade school kid gets kicked out for two years for carrying a toy gun in his back pack,his parents were told he could go back to school at a school for trouble makers,he was being a kid for Christ sakes.America has a long and happy love affair with firearms,it helped make America!

Our Govt is in a Big power snatch.They are trying to control every aspect of our lives! They want your money,and control over all you do.Worth fighting for? Really?
Most people think collapse and start all over,they way it should of been.Even if it is worth fighting for what are you doing besides running down Mayberry and others who may not feel it is worth fighting for?How do you fight for it? Once they have made a law does it ever get repealed?

This really is not an attempt to attack fellow bloggers I actually respect some of these fellows but short of total collapse or civil war, which wouldn't be civil, How do you fight back, voting, Please.Most of my friends are ready to vote for Republicans! Um fellas Obama didn't do all of this, a lot but ol Bush had Patriot act etc. Anyway thats some of my thoughts on why some cheer on collapse. Right or wrong I really don't know! But I see no good,easy,quick way to change anything,everyday they take more!


Rebuttal to Bison survival blog!

I read Bison pretty regularly if not daily.Dakin is some unique insights to survival.


However the guest post called Death to prepping by someone called Big Cactus I take exception to! While well written and he states his argument well I disagree!

In a nutshell what I got out of it was you don't need all the prepper/survival crap.Knowledge is much more important.

Skills like making your own ceramic water filter is cool.He says if ya bug out you can't take all your crap with you! Possibly true! However will you be taking your firebricks to make your own flowerpot ceramic filter.No I don't think so.Firebricks are heavy.

However is right certain elements of prepper community are out to liberate your money and nothing else!

I say Prep! No telling which scenario may go down.I do agree knowledge is very important. Staying calm is probably most important in any crisis.

Be prepared!


Saturday, September 18, 2010


How are you sitting on preps? Food storage? Water? Water filtration? Firearms - ammo?Seeds - tools to plant?Alternative heat sources? Alternative cooking sources?Alternative lighting? Medical supplies?Maps of area? If you have pets,are they prepped,food,meds,etc.

I have had a pretty good week for preps,picked some snares and material to make more.I picked two books on wild edibles,some antibiotics,and half a dozen more gamma seal lids-mylar bags.

If you hadn't thought about it yet this is good time to start winterizing your home,it sucks to try and get it done when its cold!

More bad stuff in the news everyday I hope your prepping is going well!

Be Prepared.


Sunday, September 12, 2010


I know my self and others keep harping on food,but folks I don't think this can be emphasized enough.Even though food prices are up do you think they will ever get cheaper.

Most days in the news you see the weather has caused crop failures etc some where in the world.Since most of our food comes from somewhere in the world other than USA,which still makes no sense to me,but does to Globalist.

Weapons,shelter,etc can often be improvised, food on the other hand hard to improvise mac-cheese or eggs.Stock up the day is coming when this will be the good old days when you could buy bread for a dollar a loaf.

If you can afford it a balanced survival plan,Guns,ammo,seeds,medical supplies,tools,alternative heating cooking lighting means,etc but if you can only afford one or the other food.

Try for a little variety I tried spam for a week as a test since this is one everyone recommends and I actually like the stuff on occasion,oh my gosh.YuuCk you will grow sick of any one thing Quick.Yes if you were starving better than nothing but thats why we are prepping right?

Variety.Spices,condiments,gravy,taco sauce,cheese sauce,salsa,etc.Will help give variety.

Be prepared.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering good people lost to terrorism.

Today is the day to remember those who lost their lives to Cowardly terrorist.But I would ask ya to say a prayer for those who lost friends and family.I am sure today will be terribly painful for them! Prayers for the emergency workers too,as many are sick and dying from exposure to the dust they breathed in.

GOD Bless America!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bear with me!

For those of you who read AA bear with me,I been sick for a bit and honestly just a bit bored,bewildered,doing a lot of thinking about stuff,prepping,life,the U.S.,our Govt,our economy,Mosque at ground zero,political correctness,Stimulus that doesn't stimulate,etc,etc,etc.

I hope All of you are well and prepping.

Be Prepared!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Come on nobody has favorite wild food gathering book?

Help a Brother out!Theres about 40 bazillion of em,and I can't waste the money weeding through em.

While you're at it Check out Pete at Patriots Against the NWO!He's running a contest on his blog you could win one of his Slinky shortwave antenna's.I personally don't have shortwave yet so I don't have one yet but I have heard several others who have and they said its a good product at a good price.Buy American - Buy local help out our Own screw globalism!!!


Be Prepared.




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