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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trapping vs Hunting?

A lot of people think they are gonna take to the woods and suddenly be great hunters.I don't want to bust anybody's bubble but if you don't hunt now and haven't already spent time scouting your hunting grounds then this is a really crappy plan to feed your family.Most hunters I know spend a lot of time looking for sign,food sources,trails,etc.

If you suddenly take off to woods you don't know it will take a while to get familiarized. So unless you are just lucky,not a great way to feed yourself.Squirrel hunters know what nut trees look like,do you?

Someone who hunts now will have better odds than someone who doesn't!

But even at that hunting is not the best way to feed yourself or family.You can only be in one spot at a time! Trapping,now you can be in many spots all at the same time. Snares, box traps,conibears,etc.

Fishing with a pole same thing,one fish at time. Trot lines,limb lines,set lines.Now you can cover a lot more water.

Hunting for me,will be an opportunistic thing.See a squirrel or rabbit, sure pop it.But you can spend a lot of calories chasing game.

Some folks think they have to go to the country to hunt wild game. Not true. I live in I guess you would say suburbs by a busy interstate with streets all around. But every so often is a small patch of woods,several lakes or ponds,a couple of small creeks. There are deer,squirrels,rabbits,fox,coyotes,all kinds of birds,muskrats- nutria. I rarely see coons or possum don't know why they are usually common.

Keep an eye out for game and I bet you city dwellers will be surprised at at all the animals in your area.Hell we used to see more squirrels in the city than in the national forest we used to hunt!



  1. Yeah China I have to agree with you, grabbing the rifle and the backpack and heading to the happy hunting hills could be dicey at best, yeah you might get lucky but it would be best to already be experienced in the craft and your area. The other problem that would happen is that if it got to that point then every Tom, Dick and Harry would be right out there with you. I know your AO would be filled with all kinds of fun.

  2. ...i'm up to nine breedin'pairs of grays in the yard,selectively harvested four so far,two have been "replaced" already...pecans suffered,didn't get many cuz of the lil'rats...can you say 'BB gun',betcha can...

    ...got a couple havaharts...couple spring/claw traps,a little practice with snares a while back too...

    ...to me,being able to harvest quietly(at least as quiet as possible)will be vital...i want another blowgun,those things are a hoot...

    ...ever present fishin'gear...thats' about it fer me

  3. Scott,yes sir could get real exciting!


  4. Ken,sounds like you are all over it!Same here snares,small,and large up to deer size,2 havarts,1 suirrel sz,1 coon size,frog gig,ton of fishing gear including trot lines.cb caps damn near silent out of long barreled rifle,got a few them stashed as well.


  5. re CCI 22 CB Longs
    Survival Guns by Mel Tappan
    page 177 quote " In a barrel of 22" or longer the CB cap is almost totally silent. At a distance of 8 feet from the muzzle of my 24" Anschutz, the sound level from firing was only 9 db, and at 15 feet was totally inaudible. Not only does this lack of noise make the CCI long CB caps desirable for indoor or backyard target practice, it makes them virtually a necessity for survival use should you ever need to do some shooting without attracting attention or alarming game in the neighborhood." unquote
    Remington CB 33 gr @ 740 fps = 40 ft lb
    Remington subsonic 22LR 38 gr @ 1050 = 93 ft lb, is very little louder than the CB. From Marlin model 25 22LR rifle I put 3 Remington subsonics in 3/4 inch group at 50 yards.

    Tossing Rocks – shooting subsonic 22

  6. Thanks Vlad! nothing like facts to back up what a guy sez!


  7. Lethality of the 22LR

    If I have "only" my 22 rifle they will be lucky if they do not catch me.
    My 10-22 with E Arthur Brown 1:9 twist barrel shoots Aguila SSS 60 gr in 3/8" groups at 50 yards.

  8. Vlad,I don't care what anyboby sez .22lr is wonderful tool.I love my 10-22 as well.I have seen E Arthur Browns site I wondered how that twist would work out.? Now I know!


  9. I like it when they preach about their assault guns and battle rifles. I admit that i have them, but the .22 is it. If I need your ak, ar, or reach out there rifle, I'll use it after I snipe you with my .22... Trapping and leaving a small footprint on your lines would be very important. The average good ol' boy doesn't realize how fast game will dissappear. Reality check: siege of Vicksburg, not a bird could be heard and dogs and cats and vermin were nonexistent.

  10. http://www.survivalblog.com/2010/12/

    we also keep a couple 50# bags of black
    oil sunflower seeds around as the Mrs. is
    an avid bird/wildlife watcher. It's a bit
    more expensive for the black oilers, but
    she just didn't get the variety of wildlife
    when she tried the "wild bird seed" mixes.
    With this regular source of quality food
    available, our visitors include doves,
    squirrels, raccoons, porcupines, and
    black bears. Easy protein, without leaving
    the yard.




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