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- T. Jefferson
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

AS if we didn't have enough to worry about!

Yummy Genetically Modified food is making its way to your table! Why some of it is So safe it doesn't even need to be labeled!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Pete has another great giveaway!

Check out Pete Smith at Patriots against the NWO. You could win free stuff!



Thursday, February 17, 2011

The End.

Much discussion on the Collapse.Teotwawki,SHTF,etc.. Will the poles shift and Indiana is suddenly the bottom of the ocean? I don't know. Will a huge EMP take out the grid? Don't know. Will Terrorist blow up a Nuclear Reactor? Sorry don't know that one either. Will the U.S. dollar become worthless in the next year or two? Wish I knew. Is a huge quake gonna hit the New Madrid fault,destroying the mid west? Damn it people I am just a man,I don't know.

Are any of these plus some possible? You bet! On any given day.

Heat waves,flooding,extreme cold,brown outs,black outs etc. Oh yes these will happen. Prepping is a way to survive them.

You do want to survive! Right? Who doesn't? Hold up your hands. Um Huh yep we all want to survive. But some of us think the Govt be it local,state,or Feds will save us. In the most minor crisis they might.

I will not soon forget the faces from Katrina! People begging for water. Flooded city,water everywhere but none to drink.

The Govt was very slow to respond. Police were among the looters.Police were beating people.People were robbing and killing people. For some it was TEOTWAWKI, they were dead before FEMA and the troops got there.

How different their lives may have turned out if they had stored food,water or water treatment supplies,and guns or ways to defend themselves. Of course some had weapons,they were Confiscated from honest citizens! I am not going to go into my thoughts on that,I can tell you I will not be disarmed so easily!

So I have been creeping around the blogosphere listening to Doomers vs Non doomers, The Kool Aid drinkers vs The Non Kool Aid drinkers. Most of it is funny.

Will America go down. Honestly I don't know whats gonna happen,I know what I think might happen its not pretty. Refer to Katrina,Rodney King riots Etc. People in my or your area are no different than folks in New Orleans or anywhere else.

Some will lay down and die.Some will attempt to take what you have.Some will wait on the Govt. I with any luck at all,will not lay down and die or have to rob you or wait on the Govt. Because I did plan ahead. I did spend some of my money on guns food ammo filters tools and seeds traps etc etc instead of movies,cds,dinner out,the latest cool stuff.

Now does that mean I will survive a calamity? No it doesn't. I have a couple of really nasty scenarios in mind, but for those who are a little fragile let me say anything that ups my odds of Survival is Good!

On the other hand am I saying you have to do nothing but prep and live the DOOMER life as one person asked on another blog Hiding in a corner of your Doom Bunker? Nope. Use common sense! What would be the most possible scenario for your area? Here mine would be tornadoes,Freezing,heat waves,power outages,possible food shortages. Further down big quakes,Emp,etc..

Instead of laughing at doomers. I think one should be prepared for as many things as possible.Or not. Because just like during Katrina the Govt will be there to help you!!

Be Prepared!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Woods bums and River rats.

Any of ya who haven't checked out Riverwalker in last day or so better catch up! I often use a stick.But the brother has taken it to a new level.Check it out!



There it is!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Long term survival vs Emergency survival.

Long term survival is much different creature than a short term emergency. In fact many who think prepper/survivalist are crazy,have no problem with a few preps for emergencies. The last two winters have proven you would be silly not to prepare for winter storms etc!

I believe in preparedness of all sorts. Ok so now you are ready for a natural disaster,good for you!What if us crazy's who say the end is near are right? If you are right and nothing happens well nothing happens. But us crazy preppers, actually I like the old school term Survivalist cause God willing I want to Survive,prepper makes it sound like preparing but might not make it! Survivalist all ready see things happening.Do you? Have seen the police becoming militarized over the last few years Officer friendly no longer stops and talks to folks in his area,instead he is dressed in black military outfits often with name and/or badge hidden. The military is conducting training in mock residential areas,in a few cases real residential areas,but often with backlash from neighbors so they build their own city. Now they say this is to help in Afghanistan, SAY What when did Afghanistan start looking like Memphis,Cinci,Akron,Indy? Ok sure we believe you!

Ok then you have unemployment on a scale not seen before. Great Depression blah blah. If it wasn't for food stamps and unemployment I think this would make the Depression look like a hard couple years. People jobs have been out sourced and are not coming back! The GOVT numbers are bullshit!

China-Russia are going stop using the dollar. The IMF wants a new currency.Once the dollar is no longer the Money of the World what do you think will happen?

Next we have food. We take food for granted! Stores or restaurants on every corner,right?There are many issues facing our food supply,oil,oil goes up food goes up.Droughts and floods all over the world the last two years. How much food was stock piled by world Govts? Do you REALLY want to count on ant Govt to feed you or your family? Numerous articles recently on corn going,rice going up,all grains actually. Once grains go up so will beef,pork,chicken etc. Monsanto and those outfits want you to eat their Frankenfoods. Sorry I much prefer crops from nature not Dr. MonSTEINS lab!

Rumor has it contrails have been found to have huge amounts of aluminum among other things which are killing off crops,Conveniently however Monsanto has aluminum resistant strains of crops,so no worries there. What aluminum resistant crops.Huh wow that is convenient.

So no worries. Money,food,oil,war,police state. Nah I'm sure you are right we are all just crazy.Really skip that article on the gulf still leaking and go straight to the one on Lindsay Lohan.Or owh heres one Simon Cowell won't watch the new idol!!

Be Prepared!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No where to run,No where to hide.

My buddy Bill at The Elector Retards has a thought provoking post up.Entitled wild hogs,if you didn't read it you should.


The only part I disagree with is the burbs part. Being stuck here in the burbs doesn't mean You or I must die or raid garbage cans. Think of any war there has ever been some hid out and survived. Bill is right on storing food and being able to procure more. You will need food and water no matter where you will be. I have guns for security. Now that being said,I would still make every attempt to harden and camouflage my home or bug out site. If you are standing out there firing a round or two up in the air or ground to warn off the zombies,guess what will happen? More zombies.Sooner or later they will be armed too.

I have said it before and I will say it again,there is as much or more game here in the burbs than in the country,at least here in my area. Open your eyes,look while out and about. Deer,squirrels,rabbits,coons,possums,birds, and don't hate me pet lovers but dogs and cats,fish,turtles,crawdads,frogs,etc. Now some of the smaller game you could burn as much as much calories as you find so trap them or send the kids down to the creek to play if its safe.

I agree that if you can get out of the city you should. A lot us of for various reasons can't or won't.
Wild pigs haven't made there way back to our area yet. Coyotes made a hell of a comeback in fact are pest again in a lot of areas.

So if you are stuck in the city or burbs think stealth and camouflage. Think siege warfare. If you were starving and know Those people had food,how would you get it? Think like those coming at you.Burning them out comes to mind first. Can You be burnt out? Do you have clear fields of vision,can you see them coming? Do you have clear fields of fire? Can you booby trap your area?

This post could go on for ever! But prepare! Store food! Store guns and ammo! Stores seeds and tools! Think!! Do what you must to survive!!

Hell if the poles shift and Texas is under water? Not knocking Bill I wish I lived in between him and Mayberry,be no lack of bbq or shooting matches! But point being, be as prepared as you can be where ever you are then its fate,luck, or Gods will!

Good luck to all!





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