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- T. Jefferson
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Would you be ready?

Great post at Treesongs.Check it out.


Because it could happen.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Is this more B.S. like Y2K?Will we get sucked in to a black hole? Will the poles shift and oceans cover what once was dry land? Maybe massive solar flares scorching the earth? I do not have the answer. I do know that any kind of theory brings out nut cases and those who mean well but do nothing but scare people.As always prepare for what you can prepare for.Some things are beyond mans control.

Be prepared.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool new blog.

APN has a link up to a new blog check these boys out.



And APN always a good read.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get prepared Now.

Well folks are reading but apparently no one feels like talking.Kinda understand it.Well for those of you who are new to prepping,here's where to start store up food it can be can stuff from the store.Get stuff you would normally eat anyway.If you can't stand Spam,don't buy three cases of it.Same with anything else if you buy MRE'S try a couple,you may find em gross.Store a bunch.Put the date on it.

Same with water,if you can't afford storage containers,clean 2litre bottles they work great.Store a lot.Buy water filters.

A tent or several tarps.

Grills,if you all ready have one great.If you have charcoal,also get a propane one or visa versa,stock up on charcoal and propane.Firewood.You can make a fire pit.

Several good knives.An axe,saws.

Guns and ammo for hunting and defense.

Most pictures from the depression show people with wore or no shoes/boots.Get as many shoes and boots as you can.Items to mend clothes.

Comprehensive first aid kit and supplies.There may be a period of no medical support.

This isn't everything but it will get you started.Many folks see bad times coming.

Be prepared.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Whats your favorite way to store food?

Share with us your favorite way of preparing food for long term storage.Canning,vac sealing,freeze dried,dehydrating,can goods,etc. Do you buy it prepped or diy?Or a combination of things?

Are you comfortable with your food preps at this point?

Is there such a thing as too much food as long as you are rotating it out?

Share your thoughts or experiences with us.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Damn you must check Elector Retards if you buy Seeds.

Wow our Buddy's in the seed business are ripping us OFF.Gotta read!



Friday, May 14, 2010

Where to purchase survival supplies.

A very good friend and I were talking.She said you always talk about alternative ways to heat.How the heck am I supposed to heat my place you know I live check to check.

I said propane or kerosene.I said if you can save $5 at a time you can make it.She said ok,where does one buy stuff like this?

Well glancing down my side bar at my amazon store I see a Mr heater propane heater for $42 new $32 best price.And a kerosene heater for $138 new $110 best price.

Now I am willing to bet if you can't afford this. I bet you $5 bucks you can find one cheap on Craigs list,or at a yard sale,swap meet or the like.

If you have more money than time Hurry up and buy one some where.If you have more time than money than get to looking.But get the equipment you need.This is not a hustle to buy my stuff! a lot of blogs and web sites carry survival equipment.I truly think things are going downhill.Goodwill,Amvets,other thrift stores,surplus stores,etc.Treasure is where you find it.

Equipment doesn't have to be new to be good.If you buy a kerosene heater and it doesn't work right,it may need a new wick they are cheap.

Gas cans are expensive new.Many can be found Cheap at yard sales.A couple of 5 gal cans may be the difference between freezing to death and being comfortable.

Propane appliances.There are the small camping bottles or adapters for large tanks.

Check out.


And Miles Stair's shop.


There are so many places to find equipment.If you have questions don't be afraid to ask your favorite bloggers,if we don't know we can probably find out our readers are great resources.Most of em really are trying to help.

Be prepared.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

If the collapse comes tomomrrow can you survive?

A bank holiday for a week or two,no biggie.You do have several weeks worth of food stashed at least,right? Many recommend at least three months.Some at least a year.

Tornadoes,Hurricanes,Earthquake,Massive floods,or any disaster that could leave you homeless.Could you survive?Do you know how to make an emergency shelter? Do you know how to make fire? Could you feed yourself or family? Do you know how to make water safe to drink? Can you protect your family in case of unrest,looting,rioting.Those who don't believe in guns,will find that if staring down a crazed crowd intent on doing harm,firearms are probably the only resort to protect your family.If you are afraid,take a course on gun safety,before you even purchase a gun.Then perhaps a course on defending yourself.

Folks there are so many things going on in our world,we really should be preparing for.There is job loss,food shortages are coming,financial collapse,Govt collapse if you think this one is far fetched you really should do some research,now the news stirring up racial issues,could a race war or at least racial violence be in the future? I hope not,but I like to be prepared.

Once more do you have or are you thinking of alternate ways to heat your home if power is out.Kerosene,wood,propane.

Lighting if power is out.Candles work if you are careful not the best choice if you have children.Battery powered fluorescent lanterns with rechargeable batteries and solar chargers could keep you in light for a while if you have sunshine.

Store food,so many have covered this,I won't go in to it,but do it.

Water filters depending on budget range from $30 to over $300.Ways to store water from cleaned out 2 liter bottles to expensive storage containers.

Medical supplies and knowledge could be crucial.

Seeds to grow your own food in case of a real collapse or just long decline in economy. My bet.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tornadoes,Floods and Govt spending.

If the Earthquakes,Tornadoes,Floods,and Govt spending our way to a collapse haven't made you consider Prepping I guess nothing will.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Survival seeds.

Those who garden already know Mother nature can be very kind and nurturing,and also a Coldhearted Cruel Bitch.Those of you who think you can buy one can or vault of survival seeds and live happily ever after forever had better put out a garden and try it first.

I am still really a beginner at gardening.I have put out several myself.Helped my Dad as a kid.I have had mixed results.But with droughts,very wet seasons,late frosts,etc.Gardening is no different than anything else.Some will do better than others,some are born with a green thumb some a black one.Practice and experience.As I always tell ya.A crisis is not the time to practice.

Point is, buy A lot more seeds than you think you will need.What if you have several bad seasons before a good one?

Be prepared.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Garden update.

The garden here at the China Survival compound,ok its really buckets and lg flower pots on my little patio now includes Tomatoes,cucumbers,beans,lettuce,radishes,bell peppers.Next up will be cabbage and sweet peppers that will have patio stuffed.

I am most likely to plant some shade tolerant plants in the little wooded area behind my apts in a small guerrilla garden.I really want some sweet corn still figuring out how to hide it though.

Keep prepping lots doom and gloom these days.


Thursday, May 6, 2010


If you haven't checked it out yet TOR has an excellent post on diversifying your survival supplies.Check him out here.



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If the Shit hits the fan.

If the shit hits the fan what will you do? Lets say you go in to work tomorrow, your boss catches ya on the way to your post,and says Charlie or Louise I don't know how to say this but I have to lay you off.

Well that's really bad news cause you let house payment slide till your next check because your kid had a birthday and the car insurance was due.

In a snowballing tsunami of bad luck you are suddenly homeless and jobless.Wow your priorities in life just changed.Now besides making some money,whats important?

Shelter,food,water come to the forefront.Hopefully you family and friends to help you.Some don't.Shelter could be friends or family.Living in a car sucks,but better than no shelter.

I had some Ojibwa Indian friends who stayed at campgrounds,free ones when possible cheap ones if worst come to worst.Usually $5-$10.You have to move around a bit to keep from getting hassled by the man.

For food they fished and dumpster dived at stores.Now that sounds gross to me,however desperate times call for desperate measures.They said they found good food often.If you know your local wild foods, gathering is very possible.I have one friend who is a master at finding wild food apples,mulberry's,raspberry's,wild onions,mushroom's,etc.Throw in some fish,squirrels and rabbit and you will be eating pretty well.

They used a solar shower with water from the lakes at most state parks.In true emergency situation gas stations will do.

For money they sold Indian crafts and she braided hair.I have a feeling he may have sold Herb,don't know it for a fact but he had company pretty often who only stayed for a few minutes at a time.I am not recommending doing anything illegal just pointing out what I seen.And they did get by.

That would be a very different way of life than most of us are used to but better than living in the streets and starving.

A lot of folks have discovered scrapping,gathering scrap metal to sell.Sometimes you can make a lot of money when scrap is up.Best metals for this are copper,brass,and aluminum.

Sheet metal,i.e stoves, refrigerators,etc require a truck it takes a lot to make money.A lot of people drive around during trash day looking for scrap.Competition is fierce a lot of folks live off scrapping.

There are others who drive around on trash day looking for good items discarded to sell.A lot of good things are thrown out,others only need minor repairs.

Most cities have blood banks where you can sell plasma or whole blood.Whole blood pays more,but you must wait longer between trips.

Some other boot strap businesses could include hauling items if you have access to a truck.Hauling furniture from stores for a modest fee,large bulky items from home improvement stores for folks who don't have a truck.Put up a small ad at laundry's,coffee shops,stores,any place that has a bulletin board.Many online free trader type places allow free or cheap ads.

The old stand by's of mowing grass or shoveling snow still work.Temporary agency's hire labor for short term job's while you wait on a job in your chosen field.

Tilling gardens if you own or have access to a tiller.

Dog walking.Pet sitting for owners of spoiled pets.House sitting for folks who have seasonal homes might be one way to get shelter.

Hopefully none of us get to this point,however if it happens be willing to do whatever is needed to get by.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Self Sufficency.

I know the Government,Wall Street,Main stream media are all trying to convince us things are better.Today Obummer was talking about how much better things are,how people are getting back to work.Really where?Just because some folks said screw it and bought a few things does not make a recovery.So yes inventories became depleted so they made a few more things.Is that a recovery.I seen a report the other day,I believe at Urban Survival that said inflation is running 2% Well Hell the Govt says we have deflation.

Gas just jumped up again here in Indy to $2.95@gal.Groceries are up 6 months in a row.Check out this from Andrea at Chicky-Bit run.


Things really are not well in America.

I would like for all of us to be more self sufficient.Be prepared there are disasters around every corner.Flooding? ask the folks in Tn.Ice storms Kentucky two winters ago people died.Tornadoes and earth quakes every year somewhere.I am not saying be paranoid and in fear every moment,but be prepared.

I do believe if its your time,there's nothing you can do about it.But if it's not your time you can improve your situation greatly.With all the predictions of collapse and war and now the Liberals encouraging race wars prepping just makes good sense.

Stay safe and be prepared.




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