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Monday, June 7, 2010

Can you ?

Can you start a fire only with items at hand?

Can you catch game?

Can you clean and prepare game?

Can you prepare clean safe drinking water?

Can you build a shelter?

Can you defend your family from attackers?

Can you set a broken bone?

Can you stich a wound and know when not to?

Can you make and set a snare?

Can you stay warm in subzero weather?

Can you stay cool in 90 plus degree weather?

Can you stay calm in a crisis?

Can you keep your children amused without modern amenities?

Can you mend your torn clothes?

Can you mend your torn up boots?

Can you make a cartridge fire without reloading equipment?

Can you make an alarm system using fishing line or trip wire and popcans?

Can you survive without your prescribed medications are there any natural alternatives?

Can you put together a bugout/survival bag for each member of your family?

Can you preserve food?

Can you shoot a gun?

Can you repair a gun?

Can you sharpen a knife?

Can you sharpen a knife without a whet stone?

Can you walk 3 miles?

Can you walk 3 miles quickly?

Can you walk 3 miles quickly with a 40-80 lb pack on your back?

Can you make the decision to drop your pack and run to save your family?

Can you improvise booby traps and explosives from commonly available items?

Can you survive 3 weeks without going to the grocery store?

Can you survive without a job for one year?

Can you survive one year without unemployment?

Can you grow food to feed your family?

Can you preserve meat without refrigeration?

Can you find 3 ways out of your area,neighbor hood etc during a crisis?

Can you kill another human being to save your family?

Can you fillet a fish?

Can you remove a tick from your child's head properly?

Can you make a solar oven?

Can you improvise a forge?

Can you pull a tooth?

Can you perform CPR?

Can you deliver a baby?

Can you make a still?

Can you drop a big tree,without killing yourself?

Can you make a raft?

Can you spot edible wild plants in your area?

Can you prepare wild edible plants from your area properly?

This is an incomplete list.Some may never be needed.Some may be critical to your survival.

If you said no to anything,I recommend you start researching now.Everything I listed is available in books,downloads,from old folks who have done them.As I have stated before the internet is a wonderful resource use it while you have and while it is still free.Print things out for the day that there is no net.As I and others have said Start a survival manual your survival manual.It will be custom made for you by you.Don't wait until it's too late START NOW!!!

Be prepared.



  1. Yes to everything, except making the cartridge fire without reloading equipment. Next item to study!

  2. Cool,I read you enough to know you are a hands on kind of a guy.Almost anyone can learn if they get there hands on.And don't be afraid too mess up.That's one of the best ways too learn.


  3. Thank you.Stop by and check me out.


  4. I have a complaint about this post. It should have come with a remark that confession is good for the soul. You need to look at each question and confess the truth of the matter to yourself and to God. That is the way a list like this can be of help. But you have to be truthful. "To thy ownself be true." To read this list of questions and not answer truthfully TO YOURSELF is suicidal. Ain't nobody gonna hear you but You and God.

    This is a man's list. It ain't about process but rather about results. Sissies will have a hard time just answering yes or no. But chatter is useless. You either can or you can't. Plain and simple. If you find some things you are lacking then get your ass in gear!

    Love it, China.


  5. Thanks Michael,damn fine comment.Either you can or you better get learning.Now not after crisis.





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