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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Priotizing ,or Too many guns?

I like many have way more guns than other preps.And I am not done... I have had an AR on my mind for a while now. Since many know this is not my favorite Why? well I have a good supply of.223 several guns to shoot em.If I purchase a reasonable priced AR in .223 , And an upper in 7.62 x 39 that would be a very effective CQB arm up to med long range. Also on want list is .300 win mag bolt action seen a savage bolt recently for $ 4oo . Also I sold my favorite pistol of all time some years back Ruger single six so ya know I gotta have one of those.

Now for reality,I way more arms than food and equipment. In fact I have enough to arm my family and a friend or two. Not really the best arm for every situation but armed none the less.

Now since I need much more food and supplies common sense would dictate where to spend money!

Decisions Decisions.

Since I have never had good impulse control I think I will compromise. One gun then more supplies.

I hope no collapse until after holidays. No gun until X-mas is squared away for grand kids. I hate holidays always have. But I do like seeing the little ones lite up when Santa comes.

Be Prepared !



  1. ...Santa brings me ammo,bore brushes,and patches(i really like that guy cuz he gets me drawers and sox too)...lol

  2. Ha Ha Ammo lots more fun than drawers! But I guess they are pretty important too!





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