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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Main Stream media vs Celente, HPH,NIA.

Listening to main stream media we added a few jobs so they are all getting off talking the recovery is under way,stock market goes up on the (good) news!

Personally I am not seeing it!

On the other hand you have Gerald Celente predicting bad things, Cliff at half past human predicting bad things,NIA national inflation assoc is predicting bad things!

I usually like to look at the angles. What is there angle? MSM rarely reports the truth,it is in there interest to keep us spending and consuming.

Celente reports trends, do they have to be bad trends? No.

NIA citizens who do the math.Their math doesn't match Obama's math. Angle um lets see we don't watch their free videos.

Cliff High from Half past Human if you don't know about Cliff and the bots do a check! Cliff runs a program that determines the future from linguistics. Fairly accurate only the timing is sometimes hard to get right!

All three are predicting bad things! I mean scary bad.No food,no money,No Obammy help bad for the unprepared.

Do I know whats coming? Nope wish I did! But I am preparing best I can with what I can! I hope you are too!

Be Prepared!



  1. China, Good points. I always say "follow the money". The only ones with a vested interest in a certain viewpoint is the MSM. Celente, High, those guys just call 'em like they see 'em. Naturally they are better off with "good times", but they're predicting bad. Since analyzing trends and data is their business, I tend to believe what they have to say...

  2. Thanks Bro! You just stated a mouthful of truth right there!


  3. I think that the bad vibes a lot of the bloggers are reporting on feeling as of late have to account for something.

    Too many of us are having the same uncomfortable feelings to ignore them, don't you think?

    All we can do is continue to be ready as best we can!

  4. HJ,indeed I do think they count!Too many people feeling it to ignore!


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