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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Survival in the age of the Police state.

Survival is getting harder. I know a lot of folks are not getting involved in politics or anything thinking they will just lay low and emerge after it happens. Whatever it may be! I just wonder if those who are prepping and laying low are as secure as they think? Now that the food safety act was sneaked through against WE the PEOPLES wishes and it appears our food safety is in the hands of the W.H.O. ...


And I think it is this spring or summer we should know what is up with Hilliary and the U.N.! How safe are you? Oh yeah ok well with the advent of Fusion centers,DHS, Militarization of local police,rat out your neighbor programs,etc How safe are you? Well if famine hits as some are predicting bad weather has destroyed a Lot of crops, or even if W.H.O and DHS/Fema decides all existing food,stores,farms,citizen needs rounded up and distributed by the authorities then How safe are you? Ok so you will fight to the Death if they come to your home/retreat.Well lets see we have a couple bad ass patriots or preppers up against federals. So Rambo you and the family really gonna hold off troops it may not be US Marines (yet) but DHS or FDA whoever they send will be troops.

I have heard so many people say they will fight at that point! WHY let it get to that point??? I really wonder with all the Satellites,phone,computer,monitoring are you really under the radar?

I think it was Ben Franklin who said if we don't hang together we shall surely all hang separately!

Just look at the things they have done in the last couple years. Straight out Blowed our Tax dollars to help out there Bankster buddies against our wishes, Kept us in a fake ass WAR on Terror so their Military factory owning buddies profit, came up with Homeland Security which is already out of control even though most Americans don't want airport security as it is Janet the ruler of all she surveys says Tough its here to stay!

OBAMA and Skeletor both LAUGHED at the Constitution LAUGHED at the same Document they swore to uphold!! They gave us OBAMA CARE which most working AMERICANS don't want! They keep doing things we don't want, and we keep allowing.

I understand people are scared of DHS etc. With just a few of us fighting back we should be scared! But if we all fight back NO Worries, they WILL NOT head on ATTACK the Entire U.S. population. They are taking us down one bill, one tax at a time, WE ALLOW WHY??

If we DON"T STOP them soon HOW SAFE will you be??? Apathy is the true AMERICAN ENEMY!!!!

Be Prepared!



  1. Right you are about apathy being our worse enemy...and it's spreading like wildfire!

    Makes you wonder what the new year will hold!

    Stay safe, my friend!

  2. Morning China, The .Gov will continue to get away with what ever they want for a while, yes some are scared, some trust the .Gov, some are brainwashed but many are bribed. I think at times we are far too patient of a people, I also think we are a far too diverse group also meaning we now have far too different levels of what we will put up with. Come this next year too many people have too much faith in our elected officials thinking they will change things, I have asked the question, when have they ever rolled back anything of substance that really meant anything...

  3. Hey Jim,yes Sir all we can do is pass the news and hope for the best. Maybe this will be the year people get it!I don't get to talk to ya,you have a great New Year Bro!


  4. Scott you know it brother! And no repeal is not in their vocabulary! If I don't get to talk ya BRO You have great New Year no matter what these bastards do!





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