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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Talk of bugging out from gulf is starting.

There is more and more talk about folks leaving the Gulf area.Can't say that I blame em.Lets see Methane gas,chemicals from corexit,oil vapors,plus who knows what else in the air.I wonder how long before fresh ground water-wells etc are contaminated?Real bad times for the gulf.If you are the praying type they could use em!What a fiasco! BP doesn't want anyone videoing and the Govt supposedly isn't backing that up,yet no fly zones etc.

I think if I was close to the water I would get out now!Not wait for FEMA type evac.If you are staying stock up on food,water and supplies.

God bless you all.



  1. I am, unfortunately, in the Gulf area.Beaumont, Texas.
    There are rumblings and mumblings around here about an evac., just depends on who you talk to and how well connected up the *food chain* they are. The higher they are, the more they are concerned about this. There have been *closed* meetings of city councils, etc in the area recently.The closer out to the Gulf you get, the more secretive local *controlling authorities* have become.

    I have stocked up on supplies and have a *get outta Dodge* plan (that I cannot implement until it IS at a disaster level, unfortunately)
    Just trying to keep an ear to the ground and an eye on the shadows here...

  2. Hi Lamb, I understand that not everyone can just drop their life and take off.Just a damn shame things are like this.I am glad you are as prepared as you can be.I will have my family and friends praying for all of you.Best of luck.





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