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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guns again!

I see several post up on guns at various sites. Survival gun. What does that mean to you? If you are planning on being Rambo you know a soldier of one,you will need firepower power! Survival gun to me means a gun to help me survive,mainly shooting squirrels rabbits other small game perhaps a deer once in a while and possibly wild dogs,if my luck doesn't hold, defense against two legged feral animals.

If you don't have to bug out don't you probably have many options in the closet or gun case.Taking a pistol on your hip and a slung rifle or shot gun and possibly small light rifle in or on pack is a full load!

All of life is a compromise,gun selection is no different,no one myself or anyone else should choose for you try several,know the game in your area. M1a would not be your best choice for squirrels or rabbits,like wise 10-22 in bear country would not be best choice.

Scott at Bug Out Survival has a couple of good post on pack guns.


Guns sharing same caliber is an intriguing idea.357 is common caliber and an effective one too small and medium game can be taken with this one. Perhaps Ruger GP 100 and KelTec Sub 2000 in 9mm or Glock pistol and Keltec sub in .40 cal?

Guns are kinda like knives you really need a small,medium,and large yet if you had to evac in a hurry you can't take it all.

As in most cases experience can often make all the difference.I've known a couple of guys who have taken deer with .22lr does this mean we should all use our 10-22's as deer guns?Of course not!

One gun I would consider is Ruger single six they come with 2 cylinders one in .22 lr one one in.22 magnum. Giving you 2 guns for the price of one.I don't know if Ruger recommends it but you can shoot shorts and longs out of lr cyl ,shorts at close range will dispatch trapped animals or close range hunting and are extremely quiet for those trying to remain stealthy.

Of course now days shorts aren't cheaper than lr but there is a place for quiet little cb shorts.I also purchase .22lr in sub sonic for same reasons.We Americans like magnums and speed.But in some situations you need quiet too!

So choose well friends our lifes may depend on our choices.

If you have family or friends to bug out with of course that is a whole nother post!

That would be best situation two people carry various hunting arms,two or three carrying assault type or battle rifles,problem solved.

Be Prepared!



  1. I think of this often as I have a variety of guns which one if only one I would take..and it always comes down to this..Is there a danger from other ppl?, and if Im having to hunt game to survive then theres prob a good chance other ppl will be having to do the same so theres a possible/probable chance they will be a threat..so I have to have a gun that will bring down food and give max defensive protection..a 12 ga pump is my answer as it shoots a variety of ammo and can be built to the way you like it cheaply, relatively light wgt and deadly..but I have 7 22s from single shot to bolt and lever action magnums..but my 12 would be the one I would feel safest with in a hostile enviroment

  2. I think that would be a safe bet.Serious close range firepower and if threat is long range there is a good chance to avoid it all together.





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