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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is the best wild food gathering book?

What is the best wild food gathering book you have read?I think this is next on my list but not sure which is best.Opinions?


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shtf vs Teotwawki vs Great Depression 2.

A debate going on at The Survivalist blog concerning the meaning of Teotwawki.

For my purposes on this blog. Teotwawki is an end of days event.

SHTF would have several meanings.

Great Depression 2 is what we are in now,and yes it will get much worse.For some the SHTF when they lost their job or home.SHTF on the personal level.

In my Humble opinion,even Teotwawki doesn't mean everyone will die,most maybe but not all.Of course we do face the possibility of the world ending each and everyday.World ending events (WEE).Wee's are beyond the control of any human being,as such I don't worry much about them,other than I hope when I meet my God, I hope I haven't done to much in the way of offensive things.

Given time and money any event can be planned for.

What do humans need to survive?


Beyond that its all wants.

Since we all have wants because we don't Want to walk around naked,eating raw meat,living in caves,(ok I kinda do want to live in a cave),walking any place we go.

Then prepare for Depression,SHTF,and Teotwawki.

Shelter most have covered at least temporarily.Back up or alternative shelter could be what? Mobile home,travel trailer,cabin,tents,caves,boats,dugout shelter.If you ideas not covered leave in comments.

in past Depression money, food, jobs,and I have posted before shoes.In all the pics and talking to folks who lived through it shoes.Pics of barefoot kids,folks with shoes falling apart.

So food,food is not hard to put away.Info is all over the blogs and on web.It does not have to be expensive.

Money, if the dollar becomes worthless gold and silver will have value.However goods or skills you can barter may be crucial.Seeds to grow food.Grow your own food,trade off food.I would recommend several pairs of shoes and boots for each family member.Good boots not wally world cheapies,unless thats all you can afford.Something is better than nothing.

Canning items.Pressure canners,jars,lids.

Fishing equipment,traps for trapping,Guns for hunting game in your area,.22 rifles and shotguns will get game anywhere in the world.

With some forethought proper prepping and some gumption any event short of a WEE is survivable including nuclear events.Get prepping.

Be Prepared.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nothing but bad news in the news!

Collapse is coming if ya read the news.Financial collapse.Food problems growing throughout the world.

Folks,if you are not preparing you should be hunger is no joke.

60lbs of rice @ wally world $34. 20lb bags $11 and some change.

I didn't price pintos on this trip but equally cheap.

Honeyville grains had 50lb bags of red or white wheat berries about $43 with $4.49 shipping on any amount.

I know I harp on the same issues often,but starvation is ugly!

I have used this example before but Ferfal @ surviving in Argintina posted once his wife was asked now that they went through collapse what would she had done different if she could start over.. Her response was put away more food.

Without food and water no life.

Beans n rice,salsa,cornbread.Wouldn't want it everyday but at least with these ya have the start of some pretty good meals throw in some fish you caught or squirrel or rabbits you could be eating pretty dang good.

Start with some basics and work your way up.

Be Prepared.




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