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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get prepared Now.

Well folks are reading but apparently no one feels like talking.Kinda understand it.Well for those of you who are new to prepping,here's where to start store up food it can be can stuff from the store.Get stuff you would normally eat anyway.If you can't stand Spam,don't buy three cases of it.Same with anything else if you buy MRE'S try a couple,you may find em gross.Store a bunch.Put the date on it.

Same with water,if you can't afford storage containers,clean 2litre bottles they work great.Store a lot.Buy water filters.

A tent or several tarps.

Grills,if you all ready have one great.If you have charcoal,also get a propane one or visa versa,stock up on charcoal and propane.Firewood.You can make a fire pit.

Several good knives.An axe,saws.

Guns and ammo for hunting and defense.

Most pictures from the depression show people with wore or no shoes/boots.Get as many shoes and boots as you can.Items to mend clothes.

Comprehensive first aid kit and supplies.There may be a period of no medical support.

This isn't everything but it will get you started.Many folks see bad times coming.

Be prepared.


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