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- T. Jefferson
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning at precisely 7:00 am a massive solar flare fries every electrical item in north America and most of the world. No electricity,no refrigeration,no automobiles,no air travel,no public transportation,only a few old cars with points are running,no ambulance service,no hospitals,no water,at least no water which is pumped from electric motors,no computer,no internet,no phone service,few stores to buy from if any. Teotwawki, the end of the world as we know it. Not the end of the world.Just the end as it used to be.No modern conveniences for many years.

Now what?

With most people having less than two weeks worth of food in the cabinets.What will you eat?

No stored water.What will you drink?

No way to filter water. What will you drink and cook with?

No way to cook.

Some have grills mainly gas.But dang they were gonna fill that tank on payday.

Some have charcoal grills.With about ten briquettes from the last cook out.

How will You cook?

You Bwahaha are smarter than most you have a camp stove.But is it dual fuel?some old ones aren't? Has that can of Coleman fuel which is older than your oldest child turned to varnish?

Some folks have a few candles.Some have lanterns.A few have solar chargers and rechargeable batteries.

How will you light your home?

Most computer controlled cars,trucks,buses,etc,are down for the count.

How will you get around?

Around week 3 or 4 once the masses run out of food and the Govt whats left of it can't deliver food,folks are taking it upon themselves to liberate whatever food they can find.Even if they Find it in your cabinets.Some folks have guns,knives,Other weapons.

How will you defend your self?

As always totally incomplete list,just a little something for you to customize for yourself.

Tomorrow morning at 7:00.

Be prepared.



  1. 偉大的致富萬能之鑰,正是幫你充分掌握自己心志所必須的自律自制......................................................................

  2. Ty,true.


    Wan-Chen Qi,So very true.

    Lifen,I think translator failed me.a Red WHAT?

    Folks I try to translate but again Chinasyndrome is a word play.I don't speak or read understand anything except English.Thanks for reading.





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