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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Some folks think prepping is stupid.For some its a way of life.I fall in that group.

Why would a person not want to live?Prepping is just a way to live.For some its sort of a hobby many of us are campers or hunters or gardeners many of us are the kind who don't take our cars to the shop we fix em ourselves what we don't know our buddies will.

I am a far to midelling maint man and I have buddies who are great mechanics I have one friend who is genius with computers,so i helped plumb my mech friends water water heater he put brakes on my blazer.

My computer friend she bails me out when my computer geeks out on me.So I am the guy she calls when her car breaks down.And no we don't help a friend out by saying well if I do this will you do that.Its more like he sez my freakin water heater just blew up I say no problem bro be over in an hour.Of course you can barter your skills or goods.But in my case its usually just friends helping friends.

I guess what I am saying is there is no one type who is a prepper,we are a very diversified group.A lot of us are Constitutionalist my meaning is we believe in it still.To us it is the core of America.Some are very right wing,some are pretty left.

We have Repubs,Dems,some who hate both.We have anarchist No not the kids in black throwing rocks,or molotav cocktails at demonstrations,real anarchist guys who believe in no or minimal Govt.

We cover the religious spectrum too.Christians,Jews,Atheist,etc,etc.

Do you have too believe in a Mad Max world?Nope!Do you have to have an underground bunker with ten years of freeze dried food?And an arsenal that would make the 101st Airborne jealous? NOPE!

Some do have these things.But most of us are just regular people.We work regular jobs just trying to survive day to day life while hopefully being prepared for emergencies like earthquakes,tornadoes,hurricanes,power outages,ice storms.

If you don't believe Mad Max world is coming,that is ok with us.But you have seen in the past several years,hurricanes,tornadoes,ice storms,flooding etc take lives.Now I do firmly believe that when God calls or your time is up Well nothing is gonna stop that! However in most cases short of the reaper punching your ticket prepping could be the difference between starving,dehydration,drowning,freezing,etc.

If you start with the basics it doesn't have to be expensive.Cleaned out two liter soda bottles are great for water storage.Some regular canned food you normally buy will work just fine.If you are inclined to defend yourself gun info is all over the net.A lot of folks myself included would recommend a pistol of at least 9mm or 38 special.At rifle of a common caliber perhaps .223-5.56 on up.And a shotgun depending on who will be shooting it 20ga16ga or 12ga will suffice.

Those are defensive arms.some can be pressed in to service as hunting arms as well.Firearms will be probably be your most expensive additions to your prepping inventory.

For hunting in most areas unless going after truly big game,.22lr and a decent shotgun in 20thru 12ga should suffice.For hunting a good single shot rifle and shotgun will be inexpensive and will do the job.Remember if you do your part one shot will be sufficient so you do not need 30 round mag to kill a squirrel.

If you are interested in prepping or survival there are many paths to get there.All out Mad MAX-food and water stored away one gun and some ammo hid away for the time that they may be needed.Or somewhere in between the choice is yours.

For more information the list of blogs in my blogroll should be of great service they can take you to people who can show anything you want to know about survival.

How many hobbies can save your life and tie in to other hobbies?

Be Prepared.



  1. Boats in the gulf can't find any oil to clean up! Hey dude where is my oil? No oil lots of corexit. Easy to see why psychopaths don't want to discuss asphalt volcano, red tar, not oil.


    It is looking like the oil wasn't that big a problem to begin with but the corexit certainly is, poisoned air, poisoned sea food. Unbelievable.



    Here is Eastman's take.


    July 24, 2010 8:33 AM
    Dublin Mick said...

    aangirfan is on this one!

  2. Hey China, I have a confession to make. Today is the first time I have actually took the time and checked out your blog. My bad! I have seen your comments around the blogosphere as we readfollow alot of the same folks. Shame on me is all I can say! Great blog! I will sure to be back again and again.

  3. Thanks SciFi,drop in any time!


  4. Great post China, The importance of teamwork can not be understated, Being the lone man has too many disadvantages. A good aspect that you have going here is that getting along and doing well now will really help during worse times. I think most people do get hung up on trying to prep for the worst case when in actuality it is the simplest things that are the most apt to happen... Thanks China

  5. Scott,you get it.Take care bro!





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