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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fire and inflation/defaltion

Two of the most popular post on survival/prepper sites is how to make fire and the coming inflation/deflation argument.

First fire. Some of the most common ones you see are steel wool and a battery,fire bow,flint and steel,pop can and chocolate,fire bow one can cover all the stick and friction methods,mag and ferro rod,and firesteel.I suppose one should learn the friction ways,in case you have nothing.But get bic or similar lighters get a lot of lighters.Put one in your pocket,one in your fire kit,one in each part of your pack and other equipment.If you are near froze trying to make any of the friction methods or scrapping enough mag off and in the right spot will be difficult your fingers will be numb you are shaking not thinking clearly.Flick a bic!

Some of this is pretty ridiculous ok they will work but do you wanna be froze and trying to rub chocolate bar on pop can trying to aim sunlight what if there is no sunlight well that takes out magnifying glass,ice lens,etc.

Now again I am not saying don't learn these ways or not to have magnifying glass in fire kit.The more options the better.But a bic or similar lighter is cheap and works damn near fool proof.
If you learn the other ways ,cool it will help stretch out life of your lighters.But for Gods sake if you are counting on the other methods practice a lot because everthing is harder to do when you are frozen.

Inflation/deflation in a way does it matter? Us working class soon to be poor or poorer will have it tough either way.Since you know either way its gonna be rough,stock up on food.Every dollar spent now my save many more in the days coming.And if Obama or the next Savior of the US really can pull it out,then hell you will be way ahead of the game.

Be Prepared!


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