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- T. Jefferson
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The End is near!!!

We have seen the old guy holding the sign that sez the end is near for years now. I don't know if this The end.But things are really bad.The ocean is getting pumped full of oil,the economies of most nations are in the toilet,unemployment is rampant,food prices are up,they say gas prices are down however in Indy the price is up around .12 a gal,war could happen at any minute on any of several continents,terrorism well the idiots in our government are only at us Americans,they can't stop real terrorist.At any moment the gamblers on wall street,I refuse to call them investors,could panic and collapse most of the world,after all a couple of Fridays in a row the Dow and other markets have closed at big lows.

People if you aren't preparing for bad times in my opinion you are Fools.The house of cards is about to blow over and Barry and Ben An Timmy won't be able to stop it.

The only people who care about you is you.Get your Ass in gear.Get supplies and info to help you survive.

Be prepared.





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