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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Damn you must check Elector Retards if you buy Seeds.

Wow our Buddy's in the seed business are ripping us OFF.Gotta read!




  1. Caveat Emptor applies to everything. One well known blog had the blogger whining some time back about how he wasn't making any money.

    I haven't read his site since. I read few blogs these days because there are too many phonies out there.

    I don't have problems with a donate button or some adds, but if they are just trying to capitalize on the movement, I have no use for them.

    Something as important as seed needs to be investigated first. I research most things I buy before I order and have a short list of companies I do biz with...

  2. Sun,so true.I think I know who you're talking about.I did put a store up on two of my sites.I originally started this one for newbies.I honestly put a lot of thought in it.I only put things in it that I felt people could possibly need,since some might not know where to buy from.It's for sure not a money maker,wasn't really meant to be.I have always shared cheapest or best places to buy things.I may go back through old post and dig some up.I think time may be short,so we gotta get what we need.


  3. I agree time may be getting short. I have no crystal ball to tell me if or when it's coming.

    But I've been getting a feeling of urgency lately. Which I didn't have for awhile, but it came back and I've seriously been double checking my preps and plans lately.

    It's always good to trust ones gut feeling, better to be wrong than to get caught unprepared...




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