“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous 2 our liberties than standing armies. If the American ppl ever allow private banks 2 control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks & corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the ppl of all property till their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should b taken from the banks & restored 2 the ppl, 2 whom it prprly belongs."
- T. Jefferson
This site is dedicated to new survivalist and for anyone who can see where our country is headed!


I am not antigoverment, I am anti Badgoverment! chinasyndrome 2009.


Sic Vis Pacem Para bellum

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Black powder and Air rifles.

In the recent poll on survival guns,I noted no votes for black powder and a few for air rifles.Personally I think both should be included in your armory.

Modern air rifles,and I am mainly talking those that shoot at 800fps or faster are powerfull enough to take small game at reasonable distances.Ammo is cheap and major supply takes up no space.

If you are trying to maintain stealth,do you really want the report of rifle or shot gun alerting the zombies?

For those who are prepping for all out TEOTWAWKI,with B.P weapon you can make your own powder,cast your own bullets potentially feeding this weapon untill it breaks or you run out of materials.Powder matieral you can make ingredients. Lead,old sinkers,wheel weights,etc.

If you can afford them I think both are worth a look.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Preppin when your broke.

If you are like me you see whats coming.And a multitude of potential disasters that could happen.However if like me you don't have a lot of money to spend on preps.There is still so much I need to buy or make.If you're like me you are not patient there's so much cool stuff ya can get to help survive bad times.

But once you pay bills yeah,your check check is pretty much gone.

Ok,thats when it's time to get creative,dont give up.This is your life,your family,and closet friend's lives we are trying to save here.Never give up.

One place you may or may not be aware of is the dollar tree type places,where all items are one dollar.Yes theres a lot of crap in them,however some pretty good items too.Aluminum foil $1 many uses,cleaning supplies $1,band aids $1,personal hygeine $1,Many more items you can use to prepare,some of them inventory changes keep an eye open.one cavet,they do sell food in some,Check the dates if still before date its probally good,I was in one a month ago they had name brand canned fruit,however it was 4 years past sell by date.

It's the start of growing season if you cant afford to order Heirloom seeds,I was Home depot the other day and they carry both GMO seeds and organic,At $1.49 most folk's can pick up a couple packs.If you can buy two ,plant one save one.Even if you dont have room for a garden 3 or 4 5 gal buckets and you can have tomatoes,lettuce,green onions,or radishes.As one reader pointed out you can pick up seeds at dollar store cheap at end of season.

My booty thinks its special and likes premium toilet paper,cant skimp on quality there,so one place I have seen lately with real good deals is Menards a home improvement store in my area,they often have great sales on items like toilet paper,laundry detergent,etc.

Something many have done is picked up corn,and wheat from feed stores for there long term storage, I have to admit not having tried this yet.If thats not for you places like Honeyville grains have very good prices and cheap shipping.Always check shipping ,this can make a great deal bad.

Use your imaganation to make your dollar go further,that camp stove for $60 dollars can be bought for a lot less on craigs list or local sellers paper,we have local on line sale paper.

Some items like water filter can be made at home for about $100 dollars.Make your own candles cheap and easy many online sources for supplies.If really broke order wicks on one or two checks,wax on next.

Same thing with food preservation,order oxygen absorvers,one time,next time mylar,if you can't order bulk food's,and don't have access to warehouse stores Wally world and others have beans and rice in 8lb bags,8lbs at at time better than none.

Not mention even if its one of those paydays where every single dime is gone,if you have access to a computer,then you have power,there is much info available my reccomendation would be every time you find something,print it out,and start a survival hanbook.

Ok point of this is, Friends don't get discouraged and quit even with little money it can be done.Good luck to all.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Your door has hinges on one side and deadbolt or knoblock or both on other side. On hinge side one at a time remove screws in hinge going into jamb,look at it, if it's 3/4 to 1 inch long it's way to short.Replace with 3'' drywall or other high strength screw.Most jamb's the part of frame that surrounds door is 3/4 '' of an inch thick this is nailed to a stud on each side. The screws that come on door sets only go in jamb,not into stud behind it,which is where the strenght is.So replace all screws with loong ones. On striker side. I would replace little flat strike plates with better aftermarket hardware,one of the srongest is one that has flat plate with deep pocket,using a drill and spade bit drill strike hole deep enough to let strike lay flat on jamb,there are several holes on flat part and two in pocket,again shoot 3'' drywall or other strong screws in it and your door will be much stronger.If your door only has locking knob,get a deadbolt ASAP.Knoblocks are way to easy to open,I wont give away any tricks but trust me I can open most in under 30 seconds.If you can afford it I would recommend a good security storm door,some folks feel like it's a prison door but one more detterant for bad guys. OK won't post this again but I hope someone is listening.Just think if police didn't get there quick enough this story could of had Tragic ending.


I have posted this before on my site and others.Reinforce your doors. One of my apt residents heard her doorbell ring,she new she wasn't expecting company so she looked looked through peephole,didn't recoginize two men,so she went back up without answering thirty seconds later heard door being kicked in.She hid in closet and called 911 police responded in 8 minutes.Luckily she remained hidden untill police caught caught bad guys. AND this is not bad area.This is Nicest UPscale Apt complex in Indy. IT can happen to you! although I truly hope not.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OH MY GOD the Collapse is Now!

Not really just trying to get your Attenion.But if it was,it's now one minute to late to get anything thing else.what you have now is all you're gonna have for a long time.Knowing this what are your weak areas?redouble your efforts to fill in weak areas.I am so afraid a LOT of good people are gonna find out ONE MINUTE TOO LATE!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Survival reading material Help.

I am going to ask you readers for Help again.Please pick out one or two books that if the collapse hits tommorow you would pack out with you.If you want you can review or comment on.There is a lot of good material out there but a lot of useless crap as well.I dont mean on Survival specifically but to help you survive.Medicine,gardening,food prep,anything you find important.It may save new preppers time and money.Thanks Guys.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Colts 30 Jets 17

Colts had weak first half,kicked butt in second!

Prepping mindset,end of the world, Family.

Hi everybody for you new survivalist/preppers.Do prep like tomorrow is the day,it might be.However don't be so all consumed that you forget Family,Friends,day to day things.Because worrying wont change anything.You do the Best you can with what you have and thats all you can do.Ferfal (surviving in argentina blog) has proven if it's just an economic crash,most will get through,harder than before but you will make it.Anyother well time will tell.But you do what you can. Do not let it consume you,life still goes on.On that note I am going to go watch Colts game with the Family,enjoy your Sunday!

I am reposting certain items,if you've seen em sorry but some might not have.

Coupon mom saves big bucks.I hate coupons but..... Every dime you save can be spent on more preps.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quickie on bug out bags.

I would never presume to tell someone else what to pack.I would give this advice,try a drill.

Grab your bag run for the door.Most of us know whats in it anyway.but in this scenario the crisis is now run for the door.once out go back in.take a serious look at your gear.in your mind you have ran for the woods,is your gear right for you.

Moms with young kids will not have what a single man has,some gear you may find you thought ya really needed but you dont.I have too much fishing gear,and yes a dozen snares add weight and no might not need 2 hawks a hatchet and a small axe,but I like redundancy.

I try to layer my gear some stays on my person at all times,what if zombies attack while you were using bathroom behind a tree you can escape but you must leave bug out bag.

I think something along lines of handgun,firestarting equip,space blanket,couple of energy bars,knife minumim,I store small personal kit in little zipper bag diabetes tester comes in aprx 5'' by 4'' secured to lg knife sheath worn on belt not original ideaa picked it up from m-40 40.But it works for me.

If at all possible go camping with your bag this can be a reality check on needed not needed.

Perhaps small fanny or belly pack to supplement Lg pack.My other layer is vest made from assault vest,again not an original ideaa got that one from v-shrake,but three layer system allows me a lot of gear,the big plus is it's not all hanging off a pack.

Wow so much for Quickee.Hope I haven't rambled too much just food for thought.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Info on black Berkey filters.

If you are going to make your own water purifer heres more info on the filters.


Whats in your bag?

Most bloggers have a recommened list of items to have in your bugout bag,some list are very good some make you wonder if they have ever tried putting all of this in one bag,and if you could who could possibly pack it any kind of distance.So I am wondering whats in yours?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good post on home made berkey type filter.


I've seen this somewhere else cant rmember if it's old remus,or miles stair,good article regardless, check it out.

Survival gun poll closed!!

The winner .22 rifle 21votes.2nd shotgun 9 votes. tied for 3rd Battle rifle and other4 votes.center fire pistol 3 votes.air rifle 2 votes.Black powder rile and .22 pistol 0 votes.Thanks to all who voted!


I started my two little blogs a couple weeks before christmas.I really figured no one would read them.I started with this one,contanined survival and political,rant type stuff,rougher men out in the garage language.I moved the other stuff to the other site,men do need a place to blow off!

I have noticed over the last several years the really good blogs that I like its not so much the writers but the readers,dont get me wrong creekmore and dudes like that are smart but we just kinda get the ball rolling its you guys who make blogs great,and I dont know why any of you stopped by or have stuck around but I would like to say thank you!

I started this really for new prepper-survivalist whichever you prefer.And all ready with your help I think new people could scan back posts and pick up a lot of good info,in hindsite I guess we are all new in one way or another always something comin up we have to figure out.

Anyway just wanted to say THANKS to all of YOU!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keeping your stuff yours!

In our last scenario we see hows things can go bad quick.I.E. natural diasaters,two legged skunks with torches.Cordless power tools are a repairman and thiefs best friends.

So lets examine some ways to keep our stuff ours.I have seen several post's on burying buckets or small vaults of survival gear lets include gun burial tubes in this as well.

Pros no matter what with several of these some of your stuff will make it through.I can see a small amount of food,changes of clothes,hand guns,ammo stashes,water,fire making equip,etc.

Cons, small amount of stuff,diggingwould suck,it takes a large hole to drop five gallon bucket in.For food,here in midwest and other locations where you have hard freezes,you would have to bury below frost line for any kind of long term plan.Digging up in winter would be almost impossible.

Detached garage or barn,shed etc.Could work of course one more to provide security and possibly climate control for.of course in a quake chances are probally good if it brought your house down more than likely out buildings are down too.

Rented storage units may be good Idea however quake could drop these,could be looted by zombies.cost of storage.

I think underground would be best cases if you have a place you can pull it off and equipment or man power.Backhoe and materials a couple of guys could pull this off in one or two hard weekends depending on size. possibly for those with money,dig out a hole bury conex container reinforcing if needed.Perhaps excavating hole lay giant piece of steel culvert kinda like an underground quonset hut.

For those with hills and hollers.What I have in mind when I finally get to flee the city and build The China Compound sounds cool Huh,ok so its probally two acres with 1960s trailer.Is kind of a camoflauged root cellar dug in the sides of several hills.

Dig deep enough and insulate as needed most food should stay safe,and then if the zombies hit the cabin or trailer they didnt get it all! As always lets hear em!

Quick post.

Getting ready to head in to work,while waiting on our buddy 3% to finish the sad tale of preps being stolen,I was thinkin of two things.Dakin at Bison surv blog has what he calls better than nothing plan.That means its ok to dream about insert( item) Super grain grinder 2000 price tag $500 yes its a bad machine,but your budget only allows for amazon budget model $ 29.99 Buy the $29.99 now,if and when funds allow then get super 2000,at that point you can sell off budget models,trade em,or keep for back ups or make refugees use em to help pay their way.Chinas new world order will not be a welfare state they dont work I dont feed.Period.Anyway this appllys to all areas something is better than nothing upgrade as finances allow ,good advice I think.

Second Item.

Many of you know it some wont.

Its called.Three is two.Two is one.One is none.If you start out with three of anything break one lose another,your down to one.Have back ups.On everything including plans,never forget Murphy hes there waiting to screw up your plan.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What IF ???

Ok in a break from water, no time to refrerance any more.Think about this some like me are pretty far behind the curve and are playin catch up on preps.However some of my readers are hardcore and really have it together.SO continuing with Earthquake theme.THE BIG ONE just hit your home,compound,trailer,apt,farm,etc.Your most awesome gun collection,10 years worth of mre's-dehdrytaed-canned-vac sealed-etc food,emergency cooking-heat sources,bob,knives,firestaters,even your beloved bug out vehicle,all just got swallowed up in the deepest pit you've ever seen,then the after shock dumps tons of dirt and rock on it.You have the clothes on your back and a pocket knife,Now what?

I know what my plans are but ol murphy really has a way of screwing up a perfectly good plan,lets hear it people!

Reader links.

Readers are sending in really good links to their favorite sources,I will put up click links after I do test orders.

So far two big winners are,3%4 freedom with http://www.honeyvillegrain.com/

And Andrea withhttp://rareseeds.com/cart/index.php?p=home
51 lb order with honeyville shipping $4.49. 9 packets of seeds with Baker creek shipping $3.If anyone else has great companys to share with fellow preppers pass it on.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Responding to chigger an Rev

Chigger asked what happens to stored canned food if gets frozen during crisis power outage etc.I contacted Hormel makers of Spam,and asked specifically if spam and chili were froze (described scenario) and they said as long as cans were still perfect no bulges cracks etc food was still good.

In response to Rev's statement if she was fully on board.For any of you preppers that your mate is not fully on board.Perhaps this is perfect time to reapproach the subject while Haiti is still fresh on everyones mind probally still on news,between work and researching stuff I haven't seen news.

For those that think like I do sooner or later there will be a revolt,or they will come at us, us being you regular people,and us preppers/patriots.Perhaps revoultionary angle is not the one to persue.Maybe go at it strictly from survival angle,tell them you love em and want them to survive no matter what happens.

Most folks think it cant happen here,I bet 1 hr before the quake folks in haiti did too!Just to many things that could happen here,earthquakes,tornadoes,hurricanes,nukes.I just read Iran wants to get even with U.S. and Israel for bombing death of one of their scientist.

I mean they dont have to go at it hard core learn to make fire,improvise a shelter,set a trap,etc.If willing to learn one thing a week even,could go a long way.The person doing instructing should make it as fun as possible.They dont have to know their very exsistance may depend on it.

Perhaps thats where I have failed I am all or nothing kind of guy, maybe I come at people to hard and scare em ?? Anyway good luck to all of you!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Emergency water sources.

I am lucky enough to have a spring fed lake no more than 100 yards from my apt.Does that mean the water is good,no.dead fish,ducks,muskrats,feces,certain harmful algea blooms.However after filtering and boiling or treating with bleach then letting it sit for a while for the bleach to disapate,i would feel safe to drink it.

If you are not so fortuante,where can you get water?One point to bring up here in Indiana there are no moving streams that are not polluted in one way or another.So no cowboying it up by dropping down on your knees and slurpin up a mouthfull.

Even when the water is shut off toilets unless flushed,will have 1.5 to 3 gals of water in tank.not bowl where waste go's but tank on top.this is basicly clean fresh water.If you feel a little grossed out filter and treat it.

Water heaters will have between 30 to 50 gals of water left standing in them.Most water heaters depending on hardness and amount of minerals will have lime and calcium build up from half inch to one foot deep.one older heaters I have routinely removed bottom elements that are totally ingulfed.And often drain valves wont drain because they are plugged or mechanically seiezed.

Moral of that is flush out water heater once or twice a year and if drain doesnt move freely and flow well,replace it.If yours works you can hook a garden hose up to it and drain off standing water.

In most all links I have left out electric filtration -purifiers etc,blacklight etc due to the fact we may not have electric power or batterys.

It looks like rain and treating lake or creek water are our best options and from what I see so far this one if parts aren't assembled you should already have collected and ready.

For those with the money,something along the lines of berefield or berkey would be great.If you dont than like me we will be putting together filter buckets than treating it,more to come this is a huge fiels to cover.If any specific questions I will do my best to figure out.If any of you have done any Diy filtration-purification please share your knowledge.

more water info.





Link to diy cheap filter (water)

Miles calls it a filter, it is,it does,but I would call it a prefilter. Our commerical swimming pools use sand filters.If you've seen pool room equipment its the great big ol round thing with pipes running to it.I think miles has off to a great start we take his bucket with spigot at bottom.


Now commerical pool filters use sand or diatomesous earth,ground up dinosaur fossils I believe.Ok we take miles bucket place a layer of of washed stones,cheesecloth or clean flannel,(old shirt maybe) then a layer of pool sand.I think any fine white sand will work,brown play ground sand is very dirty sediment would be terrible.Sand is cheap Diat earth not sure will check on it and follow up.I think three or for layers, would be sufficent.Probally could use clean sheet,pillow case,muslin.

For rain water this maybe enough,if doubtfull,treat with chlorinre. Gotta run lake and creek water will be seperate post.

Hopefully this will just be start to get us all thinking.As always comment are not only welcome but needed.Never feel your comment is stupid or wortless,even if you didn't have solution,you may have got someone else thinkin that has the solution.

Scroll down I may be putting out to much info to quick!

Ok just quick post on water.I will do a better as soon as I wade through all the info man there is a lot 90% doesnt really relate to what we are looking for.To start with I would recommend gutter collection as recommended by 3%.Pick a down spout that has pretty level area under it.

Next figure out what container you will use to catch rain runoff,5 gal buckets,55 gal drums,35 gal,etc.

Ok get a notebook and tape measure.Set catch container of your choice next to downspout.measure up to top of bucket.

This is where first elbow will go,in most systems you can probally get by with one,if you need to cobble several together its not hard they slip one into the other,any joints-connections should be screwed together with stainless steel screws,you can use any sheet meta screws but they will rust.

if you have drill use hex driver and self tapping screws. If not drill a pilot hole slightly smaller than screw. For those DIY types I know you can envision what I'm saying,for those who can't pic's or drawings later.

Downspout can be cut with sawzall,hacksaw, snips,etc.Its thin aluminum or sheetsteel.

Basically you want your catch bucket under downspout,period.You can get trick and plumb several together or dump one at time.PVC type plastic plumbing is easy to work with cut it off ,use purple primer,smear glue all the way around,press together giving a slight twist quarter turn or less,you will feel it start to bond.

put some time of screen or lid letting only downspout through to elimanate leaves,bird droppings etc.

Once you have catch container set up now's where it gets interesting.

I would like my readers to share their cheapest sources for heirloom seeds!

In researching heirloom seeds.Non geneticialy modified frankenseeds.I have come to find,a lot of prepacaged deals are not zone specific.I cant grow the same things you folks far south can.I dont want to waste time and money on seeds I cant use! And it appears if you find resonable price on seeds the shipping is a scam.One examle sweet corn seeds $1.89 @ pack not bad,shipping $8.00. No I dont think so.I can see that seed growing is very hard work,but come on.So anyway I have very sharp readers,who I am asking for your input. I know the day is coming when we have to grow our own!come on fellas an ladys lets hear it. And A Big THANKS to THREE PERCENT on honeyville link their prices are right shipping charges are Great! By the way they are all ready predicting seed shortages, is this growers trying to profit or really happening,Well I dont know but just like with gun scare,better to have than have not!!!

Check it out!!

For those who haven't been there checkout this site miles stair has a lot of great info.


Saturday, January 16, 2010


The recent earthquake in Haiti has me looking at my life.In the aftermath,no food,water,medical supplies,etc Has me taking a long hard look see.

By the grace of God we have a higher style of life than they do,we are fortunate for the most part to have food,decent housing,etc.A lot of those folks are barely surviving day to day anyway.

We wake wonder what we are going to pull out of the fridge for breakfast,they wonder will they be able to find food at all today.

The quake has on one hand brung out the worst in behavior,I am starving,so I take my machete and I will take your food,I must survive!

Now for us with our high style of living,what happens when something of this magnitude hits U.S. Many of us have never lived such bare exsistance lifestyle.We often dont eat something because it doesnt sound good I'm not in the mood for that.

Whats it gonna be like when your kids are starving and you must get any kind of food.When your next door neighbors Will be willing to Hack you to bloody shreds fof some pintos and jar of salsa,maybe the last pack of hamburger in fridge,far fetched?

Is it only because those people with machetes are criminals anyway?Yes its possible. Criminal elements would be first to take advantage of this kind of situation.Without help coming,who would be next?I think probally a man with children,seeing your children starve,no good man is gonna watch that.

Most folks are not gonna be thinkin about fishing, trapping,hunting,they will be wondering what their neighbors have.They will start with grocery stores,wally worlds but after these are picked clean,where are they going?

Have I seen the road warrior too many times,and my thinkin is corrupted?

Well I suppose that could be.However when my children were little,if they if I was faced that,like they are now,yes I would have hacked anyone of you to shreds.Oh thats disgusting you are animal,no right minded person would think like that right.

Personally I think its very easy to sit back in our nice homes read this on computer with T.V playing in the bacground ,drinking a pop,or coffee kids running around like crazy,and thinkin to your self this chinasyndrome dude is crazy! Am I?

If your house or apt was now a pile of rubble,all your hopes and dreams just went up in dust and smoke,you just pulled the the rubble off of your children luckily Timmy lived but your beautifull sally gone.Fema there aint no fema they are buried in there homes and offices,no one is coming,its just you,your grief and anger.Now will you survive??

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New poll. ONE gun for survival. what is it?

OK,in this one you pick your one and only weapon / hunting piece.Not really talkin army of one here,but I guess it could be.Not really lootin an shootin/more like sneakin an plinkin.but your gun,your situation, call it. If ya want to explain leave answer on closest comment.I think only one I takin my old springfield .22 shoots shorts,longs,long rifles.CB shorts very quiet, couple thousand rounds in alice not too bad,could shoot for a loong time.Lets hear it!

Guerrila gardening.

I put on a link last night to guerrila gardening website,I think they are more about making spaces pretty.I am am thinking more along the lines of do you have small stip of land close to you with trees and weeds and bushes that probally belongs to state or someone else that you can slide over and work up a small piece and drop seeds in?I'm not talkin an entire garden altough that may be possible,I was thinking more like one thing for one are,hide a tomatoe plant here,little carrot patch there,you have enough little patches you will have food.Make sure your little patch wont be getting sprayed for dandelions an weeds.Food for thought anyway,Prep on!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Growing plants when you have no room.

Two ideas that come to mind get creative our survival may depend on it!Guerrila gardening may be one way.If you have a kitchen counter you can srout seeds.



Starving to death!!!!!!!!!!

Everday with growing numbers of reports of food shoratages all across the world.It's not just some survival whack job saying it,it is in main stream media now.If you had listened to what I told you a year ago,look how far you would be ahead in food storage,but you didnt.IT is still not to late to get started.For the $20 bucks you would spend at McD's you get could get several jars of peanut butter and some flour,or 8 cans of spam,or 20 cans of tuna,get the point.People seem to be get mad at me,I didnt create shortage just reporting it.If the day comes when wally world and krogers have nothing on shelves,then what? OK maybe they will have on shelf,but milk is 20 dollars a gal,cereal $10 a box,Then what?? Your Dad,your friend,your neighbor is begging you please prepare.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A personal challgenge to you,yeah You !!

Since we all see food shotages coming,prices rising.I challenge you to grow as much of your own food as possible.America may be in bad shape but we aint whipped yet,I can fish,hunt,trap,dehdrayte,vacum seal,and will learn to can before summer is over.

It's about 18 degrees here in Indy right now,way to cold to garden,however I am gonna start growing indoors. At least till spring gets here.

The article under this is on square foot gardening,one link to get you started.People if we all can grow a bit,thats one less hold the man,PTB,nwo,anybody has over us.Feed yourselves!!

Square foot gardening! Start planning now.


Spring food Shortages Coming!!!!!!!!!

IT's looking bad for the Hometeam,gas is back to almost 3 @ gal,predictions on food shortages are coming in more by the day.

Those who know me I researched it a while back and told you it was coming. At this point if you have a computer or newspaper you cant miss it.

People get food stored up Now,yes you will still be able to buy some but will you be able to afford???????


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back up pistols.

I am a huge fan of Ruger auto pistols. I have or have had p89,p85,p90 and yes their 10-22 is the best .22 rifle made bar none.Ok with that being said they are heavy,now before a bunch of you start screaming Grocks.Well at a party a month ago I emptied my sons compact glock and my current p-89,guess what the plastic gun was not any lighter than ruger,keeping in mind this was not using scales or even manufactors weight info,just some redneck removing both mags,ejecting chambered rounds,and hefting each.After all the talk about polymer guns being light,well it felt the same.So much for glock,yes I know they are very durable,fine guns.I was searchin for a true light weight,glock aint it.I have been all the blogosphere touting the keltec pf9.This is what I decided on as back up,concealed carry piece.If I new I was going to a gun fight ruger with its fifteen round mags,and controlabilty would go with me.However little keltec is very light can stick it in pocket an forget about.I personaly dont like .25,.32, or .380,at least for defensive or offensive purposes.So I can carry a gun size of .380 but still have 9mm power.One down side is you had better practise with this gun,its so light you might think you touched off .357 mag its a handfull.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gerber gator combo.

I picked up gerber gator combo to field test,see if I can break it.I havent owned a gerber product in over tweenty years,but since the last buck knife I bought said china on it what the hell. Right out of the package the head dont look like its mounted in the handle to solidly,we'll see.Saw is pretty small,but its out of the way.I like redundancy.I already have a pair of hawks,and a bow saw in bug out bag.Tradionalst have to have wood handled hawks,axes,hatchets, but I may have to relie on my gear for a long time,next purchase will be steel handled axe from estwing.Dont want to be carving handles during a crisis,right.If any of you have actually beat on the gerber combo,Do share!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow shelters.

While moving snow for eight and a half hours today,it hit me how many people freeze outdoors with snow on the ground.Snow is actually a very good insulator.As kids we built a lot of igloos,typing in igloos I kept coming up with the ones made from blocks,of course if you had plenty of time or man power that would work. We are thinking along the lines of an emergency,you are cold and in a hurry.Most of you have seen where you make wilderness shelters by tying long limbs to an upright tree or lay braches across a ditch or gully. Three types come to mind quickly.1 Igloo you make from piling up snow and hollowing it out,if you can find something tree branch etc,this may work perhaps to labor intensive.2 find several long branches you can secure in a fork or in a large branch lay other braches acroos these or if pines in area pine branches in kind of a shingle fashion,then rake at least a foot of snow over it,shelter.3 possibly easiest,small ditch if dry,tiny gully,or just an indention in ground,lay branches across slightly longer than your body,again pine boughs over long branches would be great,once you have covered keeping one end open,save several boughs,kick or rake snow over your shelter,one to two foot deep,you have shelter,main thing now,line the bottom with boughs or leaves,anything you can find to keep you off the snow,great insulator but if your bodyheat melts it your cold and wet,not good.Once you've lined bottom crawl in pull last couple boughs over opening to block wind.

Cold weather Kills.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold weather survival.

I know I keep harping on it but its winter time.Here in Indy,global warming has blessed us with several 10 degree days,several minutes outside at this temp is actually quite painfull.

Survival is survival.It means surviving where you are, with what you have,not just SHTF or end of world scenarios. I personally have not seen gas stop flowing however I have seen electric stop flowing on numerous occasions.too many reasons to list,but obviouslly in winter it can affect your survival.

You know your gas furnace runs off electricity,right?? If power will be restored quickly,those of you with gas ranges can use it to heat your kitchen,everyone huddles in there.If you have rolls of plastic,or blankets,tarps,etc to seal off kitchen.If range has electric ignition light manually,try it before hand to make sure it works. Those of you with elec ranges are SOL.

With that said everyone needs auxillary heat source,propane,kerosene,woodstove or fireplace.But please remember if burns with a flame of any type you need ventilation,crack a couple windows slightly.

Be safe I hope this gets you thinking about your winter survival.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Food preps.

If you dont know where to start with food preps,think about what you and your family eat, no not tgi fridays and chi chi's. What you eat at home when you have time.

Kids, like ravioli,spagetti-os,several of the hamurger helper type mixes home made pizza can be cheap, and a good change.Gotta keep the kiddies happy.

OK, basics are pinto beans,and any other dry beans you like,flour,cornmeal,salt pepper other seasonings,powdered milk,grease,oil,lard ,shortening,any canned fruit and vegetables your family eats,canned meats,spam,canned ham,vienna sausages,beanie weinees,corned beef,chicen,tuna,salmon,mackeral,canned or jars of cheese,I have seen where others are using box cheese like velvetta coating it with wax to seal it.

Water,you need a lot of water,checkout online stores,everybody sells storage systems,if you cant afford it,use cleaned out 2litre botlles,they work.do not use milk jugs they are brittle and will leak.Other basics,Toilet paper,toothpaste,shampoo,shaving cream,feminine hygene products, medicines,first aid supllies.

A way to cook,grills,propane or charcoal have fuel for grill,camp stoves coleman and others make dual fuel stoves coleman fuel or unleade gas,kerosene stoves, there are many alteratives start looking for yours.

A way to heat your shelter,be it home or survival tent. Again lots of choices,wood,coal,propane,kerosine, get something.

Ok just a quick primer to get you started.I know there are so many options it can be mind boggling,just start with basics,and go from there.just get started,a little extra food this week,ok?

Monday, January 4, 2010

online survival store.

I have opened an online survival store, main focus of store is my main focus,emergency shelter,heat,water,food,way to cook food,heirloom seeds to grow more food.People ya dont have to get it here,but please get it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Door security!!

As things get worse,we are going to see more home invasions,burglaries. Your first line of defense is your entry doors.I've been a maintenance person for over 20 yrs now,and can tell ya from first hand experience,the average door and jamb are crap,any 12yr old girl can kick em open!

Most jambs are made from one bys which are actually three quarters of an inch thick,most are made of soft woods , and now days they are not even one solid board,instead many are made from fingerjointed pieces of shorter boards glued together. Most doors are hollow with a frame inside.Most exterior doors are weak however 9 times out of 10 it's the jamb that fails!

To beef up yours you might look into better hardware,your strike plates, the piece that your deadbolt and latches slide into.Are usually just a flat piece of steel,attached by three quarter inch screws.

Basically those two little screws are all thats between you and the boogieman.On the kick ins I've seen,the jamb splits at the screws,and the door comes open!

To beef up jamb.They make replacment security strike plates, that are longer than nomal so you can use more screws, and it has a pocket for bolt to go in.

You must drill a hole for pocket to recess in,then two screws go through pocket into stud behind jamb,then depending on brand,4 to 6 screws in flat part of strike.These come with longer screws,however they still often dont reach into studs,discard these screws,use 3inch drywall or other heavy duty screws to secure strike.

Now on hinge side,again hinges are attched with little three quarter inch screws,replace with two and half inch drywall screws or comparable screws.They make door protectors,that you put on door with lg carriage bolts,so door cant be pryed open,they are not attractive,but depending on your area maybe something to look into.

Heavy duty deadbolts are available,they are expensive,but again something you might check on. In my experience most apartments, that I've worked in have used the stanard medium duty kwikset brand deadbolts,and so far I've not seen one fail,its always been the jamb, hope this is helpfull, China.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Netmaking,deadfalls,snaring,skinning,SHTF skills you may need!!

Some more videos on survival skills. Netmaking could be usefull in several ways,seines,cast or throw nets,traps,cargo.

Deadfalls are build on the spot emergency food generators.

Snaring can always find some string,wire,cordage,vines,shoelaces, etc.

That bow trap,could be used denfesively as a booby trap.Retreat defence.

Or baited and built with a heavy weight bow for deer or lg game.

THere are a lot of ways of doing things,point being once the Shtf is not the time to try and remember. Practice now. most are simple once you've done it a time or two.

I highly recommend printing out any and all info you think maybe helpfull,and laminating or storing in ziplock bags.

Net making!!

Boobytrap! I dont know maybe deer if beefed up?

Deadfall trap.

how to make a deadfall trap.



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