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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Black powder and Air rifles.

In the recent poll on survival guns,I noted no votes for black powder and a few for air rifles.Personally I think both should be included in your armory.

Modern air rifles,and I am mainly talking those that shoot at 800fps or faster are powerfull enough to take small game at reasonable distances.Ammo is cheap and major supply takes up no space.

If you are trying to maintain stealth,do you really want the report of rifle or shot gun alerting the zombies?

For those who are prepping for all out TEOTWAWKI,with B.P weapon you can make your own powder,cast your own bullets potentially feeding this weapon untill it breaks or you run out of materials.Powder matieral you can make ingredients. Lead,old sinkers,wheel weights,etc.

If you can afford them I think both are worth a look.


  1. My thinking about why so few think of black powder for survival is that not many are thinking a really long term collapse where-in they'll have to head for the hills for any great length of time.
    My own opinion of the coming collapse is far from such scenario as well, though I prep for any contingency. I love shooting sports of all kinds and do have B-P weapons. B-P has much going for it in a long term situation, though, as you point out. Especially a flintlock. True, they're slower and much more finicky in bad weather- as well as suh-lowwwww loading- yet they are probably second to the bow when it comes to living extremely extended periods, so long as you don't run into a battlefield full of Zombies loaded with AKs/ARs. (There's always 'battlefield requisition- if you want to trust that.)
    Gosh, I can ramble.
    Shy III

  2. Hey Shy,yeah I like to cover all my bases.ALWAYS those dang zombies,right.Ha.Have a good one.

  3. It's amazing air rifle. I have a gamo silent cat air rifle. you can hunt any small animal by this air rifle. It has no sound when it is fire. I think this is the most perfect air rifle of your hunt journey. So I think you should choose best air rifle for hunting.

  4. amazing rifle , I would love to use it and make it my personal weapon.

  5. air rifle are really amazing and good rifle for shooting

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