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Thursday, January 14, 2010

New poll. ONE gun for survival. what is it?

OK,in this one you pick your one and only weapon / hunting piece.Not really talkin army of one here,but I guess it could be.Not really lootin an shootin/more like sneakin an plinkin.but your gun,your situation, call it. If ya want to explain leave answer on closest comment.I think only one I takin my old springfield .22 shoots shorts,longs,long rifles.CB shorts very quiet, couple thousand rounds in alice not too bad,could shoot for a loong time.Lets hear it!


  1. If I had to choose 1 single weapon to do everything , that weapon would be my RUGER 10/22 MAGNUM rifle. It holds 9 rounds of .22 magnum and it is light weight as well as the ammo is light and you can carry a LOT of ammo in a small space. The .22 mag gives a much more potent hit then a standard.22lr, not that I have anything bad to say about .22lr.

    I have killed deer with this weapon and anything down to a squirrel without slaughtering it as a larger caliber rifle would do. As you probably already know, the RUGER 10/22 magnum is as accurate as they come.

    That rifle would do it all although not many people shoot this round so , finding ammo might be an issue down the line. That is the only draw back I can see as opposed to .22 long rifle.


  2. I once had an aunshuts,hell I cant even spell it .22 mag yeah powerfull little bugger acurrate as all get out.I own 10-22 in lr fine gun.

  3. If only ONE, there were several combination rifle/shotgun set available (not quite a popular now).

    EAA Baikal, Savage, Rossi and the old M6 Survival Rifle are thoughts.

    I would want one with a .223 over a 12 ga. add a cartridge adaptor for the .223 to fire a .22 lr and there you go... 22lr, .223, and 12 ga. all in one.

  4. Last time I checked Remington still made one,it was actually still reasonably priced.

  5. I'd take my Ruger Mini-14. I don't care what anyone says, it is the best civilian semi-auto rifle ever produced. My opinion .

  6. Hey Rev yep damn fine fire arm.In this instance I'm going with springfield 87a,It shoots shorts an longs as single shot,lr's as auto.In single shot you can lock bolt no clang from bolt movement.Very quiet with cb's.24 inch barrel.Heavy barrel shoots dead on straight.

  7. Gonna have to be a ruger 10/22 or marlin .60 in .22 both light weight an accurate for small game an head shots witin 100 yds accuratly an .22 rounds are alot more avaulkable than any other round while everyone else goes for bigger is better attitude.plus you can carry 1000 rds of .22 than you can say 30.06 alot easier. My 2nd choice rifle would be a winchester 94 .3030 caliber most prouduced rifle of all time.

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