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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back up pistols.

I am a huge fan of Ruger auto pistols. I have or have had p89,p85,p90 and yes their 10-22 is the best .22 rifle made bar none.Ok with that being said they are heavy,now before a bunch of you start screaming Grocks.Well at a party a month ago I emptied my sons compact glock and my current p-89,guess what the plastic gun was not any lighter than ruger,keeping in mind this was not using scales or even manufactors weight info,just some redneck removing both mags,ejecting chambered rounds,and hefting each.After all the talk about polymer guns being light,well it felt the same.So much for glock,yes I know they are very durable,fine guns.I was searchin for a true light weight,glock aint it.I have been all the blogosphere touting the keltec pf9.This is what I decided on as back up,concealed carry piece.If I new I was going to a gun fight ruger with its fifteen round mags,and controlabilty would go with me.However little keltec is very light can stick it in pocket an forget about.I personaly dont like .25,.32, or .380,at least for defensive or offensive purposes.So I can carry a gun size of .380 but still have 9mm power.One down side is you had better practise with this gun,its so light you might think you touched off .357 mag its a handfull.


  1. Yeah, Ruger autos are well built. They are like tanks, but their triggers suck! Especially compared to a glock. I've had both, I'd take Glock anyday. Of course you could about get two Rugers for one Glock, but if I had to trust one to save my life, it'll be the Glock. Plus mags and accesories are cheaper/more available for the glock as well.

  2. Hey Seth,yeah very true about accss,I shot em for so long I kinda like the trigger.Anyway not knockin glocks,point I was making was they aren't as light as I had hoped for.Little keltec was.Granted not as much gun as glock,but it wont get left at home cause its too heavy.Thanks for stoppin by.

  3. My primary handgun is a 1911. My back up is a CZ52. It's and old handgun (made in 1953), fires the 7.62x25 round. The CZ52 may not have the knock down power of a 1911, but the round has some serious penetration. I paid $89 bucks for it plus about $30 for a better firing pin. I like this for my backup.

  4. Hey Sun,all CZ's seem to be high quality firearms.The price was right thats for damn sure. Thanks for comments.

  5. I'm a fan of Ruger but these days I'm very fond of my new Glock 19. It is light weight and easy to carry. I am MA Gun License holder so I think I should take advantage of it by carrying beautiful guns with me.




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