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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quickie on bug out bags.

I would never presume to tell someone else what to pack.I would give this advice,try a drill.

Grab your bag run for the door.Most of us know whats in it anyway.but in this scenario the crisis is now run for the door.once out go back in.take a serious look at your gear.in your mind you have ran for the woods,is your gear right for you.

Moms with young kids will not have what a single man has,some gear you may find you thought ya really needed but you dont.I have too much fishing gear,and yes a dozen snares add weight and no might not need 2 hawks a hatchet and a small axe,but I like redundancy.

I try to layer my gear some stays on my person at all times,what if zombies attack while you were using bathroom behind a tree you can escape but you must leave bug out bag.

I think something along lines of handgun,firestarting equip,space blanket,couple of energy bars,knife minumim,I store small personal kit in little zipper bag diabetes tester comes in aprx 5'' by 4'' secured to lg knife sheath worn on belt not original ideaa picked it up from m-40 40.But it works for me.

If at all possible go camping with your bag this can be a reality check on needed not needed.

Perhaps small fanny or belly pack to supplement Lg pack.My other layer is vest made from assault vest,again not an original ideaa got that one from v-shrake,but three layer system allows me a lot of gear,the big plus is it's not all hanging off a pack.

Wow so much for Quickee.Hope I haven't rambled too much just food for thought.


  1. Don'tch'a just love those 'quickies'? :)
    Testing your gear- and yourself- before it's really needed is a most excellent idea and wonderful training. Not to mention: F-U-N! Especially if you've a group of like minded friends. Plan a day or week end when you call each other and say, "The poop's flying, I'm gone to the Rally Point (R-P)!" and all of you meet there post haste, then 'commence to bug out' for a time of fun and testing.
    Lots of benefits other than fun, too. Great exercise, comraderie, brain-storming, testing the limits of gear and self.
    I tried a fanny pack a few times as GHB but it became too cumbersome when I added the ammo and a knife, MREs and water. Not to mention it was way too floppy as I walked, beat heck out of my lumbar region.
    The vest is a great idea for EDC/GHB and bugging out cuz you do have essentials with you at all times.
    Redundancy is your Best Friend Forever.
    Shy III

  2. Again field experience proves good theroy doesnt work in practice,try your equpment before ya need it.a pack of any sort thats not comfotable,rubs,flaps,etc is gonna make bad situation worse.Good points Shywolf.




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