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Friday, January 22, 2010

Whats in your bag?

Most bloggers have a recommened list of items to have in your bugout bag,some list are very good some make you wonder if they have ever tried putting all of this in one bag,and if you could who could possibly pack it any kind of distance.So I am wondering whats in yours?


  1. Canteen, fold up skillet, pup tent, rain poncho, medical needs, cord, and some other items I can't think of since I'm not looking at it...

  2. Camp Trails backpack loaded with:
    250 rounds of .357; 500 rounds .22; -30 sleeping bag; one person tent; 1 quart cook pot; 1 cup; 1 nesting spoon/fork/knife; one pot holder; 1-2qt canteen, 2-1qt canteens, Berky-type H2O filtration unit; 24 MREs (for two meals daily); change pants, shirt, 2 pair sox; 1 pr tennies; two bandanas; 50' of 1/2" rope; 2 'bieners; EMT kit (sparse with: toenail clippers; bandaids; compress; B-P cuff/steth.; pain meds & RX meds; needle & thread-floss; forceps; ankle wrap/flex bandage; a few other incidentals such as space blanket); fixed blade knife; compass; maps of AO; flint & steel; Bible on top pocket; two contractor plastic bags; rainsuit (cammo); jackets dependant on season.
    Carried on waist: .357; four speed-loaders; fixed blade hunting knife; field dressing EMT kit; flint and steel; multi-tool; 1qt canteen; 3x3' square clear plastic for solar still. Carried on shoulder/in hand: .357 rifle.
    Carried in pockets: compass; map of AO; matches/lighter; .22 (actually IWB); 2 skeleton knives (one each pocket).
    Total weight of pack: 65 pounds. Waist is another six. Give or take a few pounds- H2O dependant.
    I think that's about it.
    Shy III

  3. .45 - 2 clips , baby sling , tarp , nappies , coffe pot , candy , knife

  4. From you three Chigger,Shy Wolf.PrepperMom, I would say Bug out equipment is diverse as people using it.My pack,Lg Alice contents are similar to shy's but with a lot of food making items,premade snares,2 trot lines.Shy I like 2guns 1 caliber concept have been kicking that one around for a while,still haven't settled on solution.

  5. OOPs: yes, I didn't put the snare wire and fishing tackle in, but they're there, inside the med kit- since they're 'emergency' use. I've considered carrying the snare and fishing stuff on my person- not much room for lots of security- but I'm already loaded 24/7 with 'tools' hanging off my pants.
    My Get Home Bag (GHB) is a lot lighter and smaller than the BOB, too. Lots of redundancy, as you say- but "one IS none" is so true when your life is at stake.
    The 2-gun-1 caliber solution came my way totally unexpectedly though I've always liked the idea. A blog reader had the rifle for sale, so I got it at a fair price and turned it into my MBR and bug out weapon.
    A friend of mine has the Thompson Contender in .223 and carries a 9mm as sidearm and AR15 as MBR, so he's pretty one-caliber oriented. I prefer the Police Six to the TC, though- lots lighter and more rounds.
    I like the ALICE pack- lotsa pockets and roomy- but I've had the backpack forever and since it's what I'm used to after all these years, stuck with it. For someone just starting out, I'd suggest the ALICE pack, Medium, unless they're considering a combat scenario and survival situation. A small ALICE is an excellent choice, IMO, for EDC/GHB, though a little 'none gray man' for my taste. And being 'gray' is what we definitely want to be till it's time to get offensive.
    Shy III

  6. Probally very true not looking militant could possibly save your life.So gray man could be good.My get home is actually I guess you would call it a book bag one of kids were done with it. And yes lg packs are easy to overload.if its too heavy to carry not gonna do ya much good.Good advice Bro thanks for droppin by.




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