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- T. Jefferson
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OH MY GOD the Collapse is Now!

Not really just trying to get your Attenion.But if it was,it's now one minute to late to get anything thing else.what you have now is all you're gonna have for a long time.Knowing this what are your weak areas?redouble your efforts to fill in weak areas.I am so afraid a LOT of good people are gonna find out ONE MINUTE TOO LATE!


  1. Good mental exercise! One thing a lot of folk don't have that they need are SEEDS. At the end of the gardening season, I always go to the Dollar store and buy up seeds. Now, some may only have 30 to 60% germination after setting on the shelf a year or so, but I have used them in my garden with no problem. I just use a few more! They usually sell for 5 or 10 cent per package, so *over-seeding* a bit isn't a huge thing.

  2. Good point.seeds are very Important.I think if the bottom fell out right now or one minute ago it would be food preps and seeds.I have seen it coming for a long yet still put things off.Food water and a way to get more food and water.Thanks Lamb.

  3. Just gotta love those civil defense sirens going off in your ear... (grin)
    Sometimes it works, other times- the one you're trying to wake up goes into a blind stationary panic and you can't budge them with a duece-and a half.
    Saw the headline and just chuckled, pretty good: now I can go back to sleep. LOL, thanx for the chuckles.
    Shy III

  4. Hey Shy,figured somebody would see it.I think at this point,they see it but are hoping bad stuff will go away on its own. Not gonna happen.Glad ya gotta kick out of it.




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