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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Starving to death!!!!!!!!!!

Everday with growing numbers of reports of food shoratages all across the world.It's not just some survival whack job saying it,it is in main stream media now.If you had listened to what I told you a year ago,look how far you would be ahead in food storage,but you didnt.IT is still not to late to get started.For the $20 bucks you would spend at McD's you get could get several jars of peanut butter and some flour,or 8 cans of spam,or 20 cans of tuna,get the point.People seem to be get mad at me,I didnt create shortage just reporting it.If the day comes when wally world and krogers have nothing on shelves,then what? OK maybe they will have on shelf,but milk is 20 dollars a gal,cereal $10 a box,Then what?? Your Dad,your friend,your neighbor is begging you please prepare.


  1. Unfortunately you can tell people what's likely to happen and they will just laugh at you or ignore you. I have two years supply of food ( a years worth for two people ). I am still adding more. I have non hybrid seed, know how to hunt, fish and forage.

    I walk through the woods and see a feast were others will starve. No I am not bragging, I grew up as an outdoors man and learned these things from old timers, all long dead by now.

    Food storage isn't a sexy topic, it's down right boring, but it could be vital. The world wide crops have been bad and the US has sold of most of the reserves. America used to have silos full of grain, now not so much. So any food bought now will be cheaper than in the future. If gasoline prices shoot up, food will get a lot more expense. Gasoline prices are trending up.

    I have pails of grain and legumes. Rice, barley, mac & cheese. A growing base of #10 cans. I spend a lot more for the #10 cans, but I don't have to worry about if they will be good in 7 years. I don't buy meals in #10 cans, I buy components to make meals with. I try and keep things I have to rotate down to a minimum. If I run out of something, I go to my private store. My wife is always asking if I have such and such, which I normally do. So I save gas not having to run out and get stuff.

    There are many advantages to having a food stockpile, as long as you fully understand long term storage methodology, you can't go wrong. Unfortunately too many people have better things to do than assure their future survival. It's their tough luck as I see it.

  2. I amfraid you are right.All I can do is keep pointing it out.And hopefully a couple more will get it.It's all common sense stuff as you just laid out.Thanks for comments,man.

  3. I've had a couple of blogs, Down in the Hills and No BS survival, to name a few. I got tired of writing, I started to feel I was wasting my time. The trolls are a real pain.

    In general I've become bored with most survival blogs, same ol sam ol. You have a pretty good blog, I read Mayberry, you and a few others daily. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Sun ya thats Ironic Down in the Hills one of first when I started to get more serious,its still in my favorites so is scoutinlife.Blogs are gone.But I like to remember stuff.

  5. China: Yea, I used to go by hilljack33, changed my handle to Sunfighter in tribute to my favorite album of all time. Scoutinlife is another SE Ohio guy, good guy. Love SE Ohio, hate the rest of the miserable excuse for a state.

    I bought land in the Ozarks, so maybe I'll start another blog called Down in the Ozarks ;-)

    Just kidding on that, I am planning on a trip to the Ozarks next week and hoping to put a Travel Trailer on it, if the deal goes through. I want to get out in the sticks before things get much worse...

  6. Right on,yeah I'm lookin at sw here in indy.same plan.goodluck bro stay in touch.

  7. This is a retailer that I use for grains, legumes, bean and rice in bulk. They also have a decent assortment of #10 cans in a lot of varieties. Below is the info for this months deals.


    *10% off entire order 1/14/2010 thru 1/19/2010*

    **enter FOODNET at check out** (10% off does not apply to shipping charge which is only $4.49 for any size order)




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