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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guerrila gardening.

I put on a link last night to guerrila gardening website,I think they are more about making spaces pretty.I am am thinking more along the lines of do you have small stip of land close to you with trees and weeds and bushes that probally belongs to state or someone else that you can slide over and work up a small piece and drop seeds in?I'm not talkin an entire garden altough that may be possible,I was thinking more like one thing for one are,hide a tomatoe plant here,little carrot patch there,you have enough little patches you will have food.Make sure your little patch wont be getting sprayed for dandelions an weeds.Food for thought anyway,Prep on!


  1. I have a small area portioned off for my garden every year. My garden area consists of one area 12ft.x 40ft, so it is difficult to grow everything I want to .

    What I had done in 2009 was along the same lines as a mass planting. I had everything crammed in close proximity to each other and guess what, I had most everything I wanted in that garden .

    The biggest issue was trying to harvest. I had to step lightly in order to harvest everything, not a big deal really and I was amazed at the amount of food I could grow in a small space.

    One section was dedicated to fast growing items such as radish, spinach, turnips and lettuce and after I got two separate harvests, I was able to put in some fall bearing items in the same area. I got quite a nice harvest last year for the small amount of space I had so, it can be done .

    I am going to attempt to get pictures this year as things progress and make a kind of photo journal of the garden so others can actually see how it works

    This of course depends on the weather as growing a garden is often a crap shoot .



  2. In a case of true guerrilla gardening , it is best to plant food items that do not resemble the normal garden items. Some of these would be sunchoke, which looks like a tall flowering weed but, has tubers that are not only edible but, are very tasty . Other items such as potatoes really don't look like much when they leave and flower, unless you know , you'd never suspect them as being and edible plant(the tubers of course, the leaves of the tater plant are poisonous to humans).

    Some other items like herbs and some salad type garden greens, mustard, pac choy,chard ,etc can be planted , grown and they mostly look like weeds to the untrained eye. Many weeds are edible as well and , as anyone who has a garden knows, they grow no matter what you do . Just some ideas here , I am not an expert by any standard but have had a garden for several years.

    BTW, I was referred here by 3%4Freedom,he was right, you do have a nice set up going here. Keep up the great work !!

  3. Thanks for the advice we can use all the help we can get.drop by any time,Rev.

    3% yeah in my area some things grow like gang busters others wont,or they start off great then die off,little skill an lot of luck or visca versa.Thanks for help.

  4. A bit off topic: Has anyone done any research into water retrieval or rain water use ? I have a set up for my home and thought I'd bring attention to it since I rarely see any posts about water in a crisis .

    You cannot live without water. I bought a few items to divert water from downspouts and collect it into rain barrels . The initial set up is relatively inexpensive . It consists of DOWNSPOUT DIVERTERS and 55 gallon rain catch barrels which can be set up to use an overflow spigot to run excess water to another barrel when the initial barrel becomes full.

    You would then want to have some type of filtration system for the water you would be drinking and just a light debris filter for washing etc.

    www.woodlanddirect.com - go to OUTDOOR LIVING then RAIN BARRELS and also PARTS and ACCESSORIES from the rain barrel page.

    You can also find a lot of this type of item at AMAZON.COM , I'd post links but, I can't seem to paste links on this site for some reason.

    Anyways, something to think about if you haven't already .


  5. Yeah have been researching on it,will post before long a friend an I very concerned about water.

  6. when I was young houseless i did the guerrilla gardening with herbs and food plants a lot , No one ever seemed to notice edibles here or there it really helped me a lot with making sure I had fresh veggies. Not exactly something the houseless have a lot of.




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