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Monday, January 18, 2010

Responding to chigger an Rev

Chigger asked what happens to stored canned food if gets frozen during crisis power outage etc.I contacted Hormel makers of Spam,and asked specifically if spam and chili were froze (described scenario) and they said as long as cans were still perfect no bulges cracks etc food was still good.

In response to Rev's statement if she was fully on board.For any of you preppers that your mate is not fully on board.Perhaps this is perfect time to reapproach the subject while Haiti is still fresh on everyones mind probally still on news,between work and researching stuff I haven't seen news.

For those that think like I do sooner or later there will be a revolt,or they will come at us, us being you regular people,and us preppers/patriots.Perhaps revoultionary angle is not the one to persue.Maybe go at it strictly from survival angle,tell them you love em and want them to survive no matter what happens.

Most folks think it cant happen here,I bet 1 hr before the quake folks in haiti did too!Just to many things that could happen here,earthquakes,tornadoes,hurricanes,nukes.I just read Iran wants to get even with U.S. and Israel for bombing death of one of their scientist.

I mean they dont have to go at it hard core learn to make fire,improvise a shelter,set a trap,etc.If willing to learn one thing a week even,could go a long way.The person doing instructing should make it as fun as possible.They dont have to know their very exsistance may depend on it.

Perhaps thats where I have failed I am all or nothing kind of guy, maybe I come at people to hard and scare em ?? Anyway good luck to all of you!!


  1. Thanks for the feedback on the frozen items. Nice to know that they would survive as long as it doesn't destroy the can. I wondered about that.

    Yes, you are right, being prepared is something that a lot of people just take for granted. Most think that a store is readily available, and granted, they are as long as trucks can roll and can obtain merchandise, as long as finances provide funds to purchase and the electrical systems & heating systems are functioning... take out one of those equations and everything falls apart. No electricity, no purchases anymore. Nothing is sold on paper these days, it's all electronic. No trucks rolling due to interstate shutdowns, no product reaches the markets. No funds due to business shut downs, no product sold.

    More and more of the grocery chains that I work for are shutting down. Just this past month yet another of our grocery stores shut down and a few people from it was transferred to our store. Each time that happens, our hours get cut to make room for the new employees. Times are getting scary. Not only because of the economy, but because of the state of the union and the slow and very discreet but persuasive directional change of herding our country away from democracy by our government.

    One world order? Should Caesar rule again? Sure looks like it's headed in that direction again.

  2. Chigger, I must say that that was brilliantly said . What you posted, in my opinion, was absolutely correct. Many people do not fully understand how the system works. It's like a machine and if one single part fails , the whole of the machine stops working .

    Impressive post !



  3. Thanks,sad part is the day is coming maybe tomorrow morning maybe few more years out,but all we have feared will come to pass.I hope people will continue to listen to all of us,and get ready!




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