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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Food preps.

If you dont know where to start with food preps,think about what you and your family eat, no not tgi fridays and chi chi's. What you eat at home when you have time.

Kids, like ravioli,spagetti-os,several of the hamurger helper type mixes home made pizza can be cheap, and a good change.Gotta keep the kiddies happy.

OK, basics are pinto beans,and any other dry beans you like,flour,cornmeal,salt pepper other seasonings,powdered milk,grease,oil,lard ,shortening,any canned fruit and vegetables your family eats,canned meats,spam,canned ham,vienna sausages,beanie weinees,corned beef,chicen,tuna,salmon,mackeral,canned or jars of cheese,I have seen where others are using box cheese like velvetta coating it with wax to seal it.

Water,you need a lot of water,checkout online stores,everybody sells storage systems,if you cant afford it,use cleaned out 2litre botlles,they work.do not use milk jugs they are brittle and will leak.Other basics,Toilet paper,toothpaste,shampoo,shaving cream,feminine hygene products, medicines,first aid supllies.

A way to cook,grills,propane or charcoal have fuel for grill,camp stoves coleman and others make dual fuel stoves coleman fuel or unleade gas,kerosene stoves, there are many alteratives start looking for yours.

A way to heat your shelter,be it home or survival tent. Again lots of choices,wood,coal,propane,kerosine, get something.

Ok just a quick primer to get you started.I know there are so many options it can be mind boggling,just start with basics,and go from there.just get started,a little extra food this week,ok?


  1. The easiest way to get started is to just head down the the Aldi's or Save-A-Lot (or any other discount grocery store) and get to it. I am amazed at how far $50 can go at one of those type of places. I am also equally amazed at how fast we go through things such as canned fruits and vegitables.

    You should eat what you store and store what you eat, but with this comes the fact that you have to keep at it. This isn't something you do once a year and then forget about it, this MUST be a way of life.

    I am fortunate to have a nice "pantry" right off of my kitchen. If you don't have a traditional "pantry" then you should find a good spot in your home to designate as such. Perhaps a closet or a cabinet. Keep it organized and full. Keep the older items at the front so they will be next in line to be used.

    In my pantry right now there is probably 3 months worth of food for a family of four. I intend to put more food away, but because we have changed our way of life to include keeping more of the foods we eat on hand, it hasn't really cost us that much money. We would have eventually bought the food anyway, now we just buy it in advance and store it at home

  2. Hi Jon,good advice anyone can follow.Its really not hard once you get started,like everything its just getting started.Thanks for coming buy.

  3. If you have never reviewed your diet, I suggest writing down everything you eat for a month...

    We all talk about nutrition in storage, but if the SHTF many preppers will be eating better and MUCH HEALTHIER than their typical crap diets now...

  4. Good points Radio,yeah lots of junk in our diets.Much better food in our storage.Seems it usually boils down to time and convenience.Thanks for comments Bro.




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