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Saturday, January 16, 2010


The recent earthquake in Haiti has me looking at my life.In the aftermath,no food,water,medical supplies,etc Has me taking a long hard look see.

By the grace of God we have a higher style of life than they do,we are fortunate for the most part to have food,decent housing,etc.A lot of those folks are barely surviving day to day anyway.

We wake wonder what we are going to pull out of the fridge for breakfast,they wonder will they be able to find food at all today.

The quake has on one hand brung out the worst in behavior,I am starving,so I take my machete and I will take your food,I must survive!

Now for us with our high style of living,what happens when something of this magnitude hits U.S. Many of us have never lived such bare exsistance lifestyle.We often dont eat something because it doesnt sound good I'm not in the mood for that.

Whats it gonna be like when your kids are starving and you must get any kind of food.When your next door neighbors Will be willing to Hack you to bloody shreds fof some pintos and jar of salsa,maybe the last pack of hamburger in fridge,far fetched?

Is it only because those people with machetes are criminals anyway?Yes its possible. Criminal elements would be first to take advantage of this kind of situation.Without help coming,who would be next?I think probally a man with children,seeing your children starve,no good man is gonna watch that.

Most folks are not gonna be thinkin about fishing, trapping,hunting,they will be wondering what their neighbors have.They will start with grocery stores,wally worlds but after these are picked clean,where are they going?

Have I seen the road warrior too many times,and my thinkin is corrupted?

Well I suppose that could be.However when my children were little,if they if I was faced that,like they are now,yes I would have hacked anyone of you to shreds.Oh thats disgusting you are animal,no right minded person would think like that right.

Personally I think its very easy to sit back in our nice homes read this on computer with T.V playing in the bacground ,drinking a pop,or coffee kids running around like crazy,and thinkin to your self this chinasyndrome dude is crazy! Am I?

If your house or apt was now a pile of rubble,all your hopes and dreams just went up in dust and smoke,you just pulled the the rubble off of your children luckily Timmy lived but your beautifull sally gone.Fema there aint no fema they are buried in there homes and offices,no one is coming,its just you,your grief and anger.Now will you survive??


  1. NO, You are not looking at this in a far fetched view . Humans, as a species, are only 1 genome away from being barbaric animals. Or in this case 1 meal away from being barbaric animals.

    Humankind are capable of the most horrible atrocities ever imagined . When we are about to be or are starving , I believe that we are capable of anything, even hacking your friend in order to feed your kids.

    This was a very good point to bring up china, most people have never seen , with their own eyes, what a human being is capable of doing to his fellow man . This is the part of survival preparedness that rarely comes up as it is too harsh for most people to even think of .

    Once you have your preps, you then must KEEP those preps which might mean taking another human life in defense of said preps. Say for instance, the currency takes it's final plunge into the abyss , no more welfare checks , no more soc. sec. or foodstamps. Hyperinflation reigns supreme and Americans are virtually going to starve to death . What do you envision happening in that scenario ?

    I see chaos extreme ! There will be food riots and any source of water will be guarded by small polities that would manifest out of sheer necessity to secure them. If you are cooking some of your food stores and some of these impoverished , hungry people smell the meal being cooked , they are going to come for that food you are cooking .

    Man, this is why preppers MUST buy ammo, rifles/handguns and MUST learn how to use them or they will not be able to defend themselves when it counts.

    This is a very, very good point to bring up brother ! Keep up the good work China , excellent article !!!


  2. Thanks man.Yeah Sad but true.In the end boils down to us or them.

  3. HAHA .........3% ....... Take a valium bro, you are too eager for TSHTF.

    China, I agree with some of his comment, humans are animals and under duress are capable of horrendous acts of savagery. Those Americans who refuse to prepare, even for a 72 hour ordeal, are screwed in the event of a natural disaster or the like .

    Not only will they become prey to criminals but, by refusing to prepare , have sealed the fate of their family as well . WHY , WHY on gods green earth would any "MAN" not prepare for the safe future of his family ?

    This is the most perplexing issue in my mind , especially these days . I mean if recent events played out by our government don't give a man enough push to prepare , they're doomed in event of earthquake , flood , power outage for extended time periods , severe ice storms etc etc etc .

    You are right , we are pretty spoiled here in America . We have had it soooo good that nobody thinks anything bad can happen here . Look at Hurricane Katrina and the manner with which FEMA handled that , they literally imprisoned the residents who were helpless and disarmed them so they couldn't help themselves any longer .

    That is just 1 example. You are on your own when bad things happen on a large scale . If you doubt that folks, I pity you and your families, for you will all suffer.

    I agree , this was a VERY IMPORTANT issue to bring into the light. I am very anxious to read your article on water in a crisis situation , that too is a big deal that you rarely see addressed .

    Great article China, very important scenario for us to think about . GOOD JOB and THANKS !

  4. You know I did keep saying a man,at this point real men should be training their women wifes,girlfriends,daughters,,etc to survive.we would like to be big rambo stud that saves em but in reality,we could be the ones they are pulling out of the rubble.comments are much appreciated fellas,researching water now.

  5. Yet another great point that even I have looked past. Training your wife or significant other for crisis ............ Wow , if only I could get her on board completely .........

    There is a LOT more going on in your mind then I thought China . Getting the women to wake up completely is a whole other story . I have become so fixated on the theory that I am the only one who can do all of this , that thought has completely escaped me .

    Thanks again ...........


  6. I was just thinking... what happens if a crisis happens in the winter, freezing supplies & canned/bottled food supplies? Does that render them useless?

  7. Wow good point some items beans,grains, I would think are ok,esp if in buckets with mylar liners sealed wih oxy absorbers can and jar food,Will require looking into further.

  8. PS chigger,I dont think our can and jar goods are as climate controled as we think they are.once in the store yes but trailers (trucks) get very hot and cold.Docks again hot and cold granted not saying froze soild.Will check into it.




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