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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Emergency water sources.

I am lucky enough to have a spring fed lake no more than 100 yards from my apt.Does that mean the water is good,no.dead fish,ducks,muskrats,feces,certain harmful algea blooms.However after filtering and boiling or treating with bleach then letting it sit for a while for the bleach to disapate,i would feel safe to drink it.

If you are not so fortuante,where can you get water?One point to bring up here in Indiana there are no moving streams that are not polluted in one way or another.So no cowboying it up by dropping down on your knees and slurpin up a mouthfull.

Even when the water is shut off toilets unless flushed,will have 1.5 to 3 gals of water in tank.not bowl where waste go's but tank on top.this is basicly clean fresh water.If you feel a little grossed out filter and treat it.

Water heaters will have between 30 to 50 gals of water left standing in them.Most water heaters depending on hardness and amount of minerals will have lime and calcium build up from half inch to one foot deep.one older heaters I have routinely removed bottom elements that are totally ingulfed.And often drain valves wont drain because they are plugged or mechanically seiezed.

Moral of that is flush out water heater once or twice a year and if drain doesnt move freely and flow well,replace it.If yours works you can hook a garden hose up to it and drain off standing water.

In most all links I have left out electric filtration -purifiers etc,blacklight etc due to the fact we may not have electric power or batterys.

It looks like rain and treating lake or creek water are our best options and from what I see so far this one if parts aren't assembled you should already have collected and ready.

For those with the money,something along the lines of berefield or berkey would be great.If you dont than like me we will be putting together filter buckets than treating it,more to come this is a huge fiels to cover.If any specific questions I will do my best to figure out.If any of you have done any Diy filtration-purification please share your knowledge.


  1. I have, as I had posted before, a rain catch set up consisting of :
    *Downspout diverters
    *2-main raincatch barrels(100 gal each)
    *6- secondary barrels (55 gal each)
    *several hose pieces to connect the barrels and collect the over flow from main catch barrels.

    For my main water filtration I will be using the KATADYN GRAVIDYN TRK which will filter 39,000 gallons of water per 3 filter cartridge.

    I bought my filtration set up at www.beprepared.com . You can search the site and enter the above named filter . The cost was $199.00 when I bought them but, now they are $219.95 for the set up with 1 filter set .

    I will also be using *POLAR PURE* to add an additional step for drinking water(It has almost no taste) .My main barrels have debris screens on them where the water enters to filter out large to medium scum that might enter .

    It's not cheap but, well worth the investment when your life depends on it . In event of collapse or many other scenarios , water should be a primary source of concern .

    Barrels can be found at many locations but I recommend www.woodlanddirect.com and www.beprepared.com.



  2. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q99AN79ZNjs
    (part 1 of 2)

    This guy shows how to make an improvised water filter while in the bush. There is a bunch of info out there , GOOGLE is an amazing tool while we have the luxury of internet access. Youtube has so much info about damn near anything , check it out in depth, massive amount of information to be had .

    I hope this helps someone in need.


  3. Good Article , I enjoyed it. I have been thinking on this , I have 2 wells , but what if I they ran dry at some point ? TY

  4. Thanks to all.Yeah theres so much inf I trying to filter thru some of it.I will follow when I get through some more of it.

  5. I too have been looking through a multitude of info on this subject . In 98% of the cases I have researched , they recommend boiling the water even after it has been through a sand/charcoal filtration.

    1 article I read was on making a crude water filter from 5 gallon buckets, sand and charcoal from your fireplace or a fire pit. They punched holes in the bottom of the bucket(several so that it was as a shower head)then placed medium crushed charcoal approximately 3 to 4 inches thick. Then add the same depth of sand , charcoal again and sand once again.

    This would leave approx. 9-12 inches of the bucket empty to pour water through. After the first several gallons of untreated water , there will be more room in the bucket as the sand settles.

    It was advised to have other clean buckets to run the filtered water into (of course) and this improvised water filter should last a couple of days to a couple weeks , depending on the amount of water you put through it .

    It was said that if any sediment got into the clean water from the filter , a single layer of a cotton T-shirt could be used to filter out sediment.
    Once that was all done , BOIL THE FILTERED WATER for a few minutes to kill off bacteria etc.

    Seems like a lot of work but, if it meant your survival , it's worth every second of time spent doing it, don't ya think ?

    Anyways , I am also looking into solar and wind power for a homestead or a family settlement situation so I have to get to reading. I hope this helps , it may help me someday as well .

    Thanks for getting this rolling, China, I have a renewed sense of purpose now !


  6. I almost included charcoal in my bucket idea but most filters use activated charcoal,which from my research so far sez you get it from burn char material in abesence of oxygen.I say my bucket I actually got the idea from my 3rd grade science teacher.Chigger pointed out I was a little vague on some discriptions.We will attempt to do small pic series when I get it all together.Thanks for all the input everyone!

  7. I agree , most manufactured filters use activated charcoal. In case of emergency , normal charcoal still has an effect on the filtration system.

    Things like Metals and minerals actually grab and bond to charcoal during the filtration process so, although not a perfect filter , this improvised filter would get more harmful items out of the water with charcoal then without it .

    I actually had to read up on that last night as I was unaware of the activated charcoal until you stated that fact haha . You can learn something everyday !


  8. Thanks man.Store bought would probally be best but some of us cant afford.And we could be in a postion where there is no store bought.So all of this could be very good to know.




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