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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keeping your stuff yours!

In our last scenario we see hows things can go bad quick.I.E. natural diasaters,two legged skunks with torches.Cordless power tools are a repairman and thiefs best friends.

So lets examine some ways to keep our stuff ours.I have seen several post's on burying buckets or small vaults of survival gear lets include gun burial tubes in this as well.

Pros no matter what with several of these some of your stuff will make it through.I can see a small amount of food,changes of clothes,hand guns,ammo stashes,water,fire making equip,etc.

Cons, small amount of stuff,diggingwould suck,it takes a large hole to drop five gallon bucket in.For food,here in midwest and other locations where you have hard freezes,you would have to bury below frost line for any kind of long term plan.Digging up in winter would be almost impossible.

Detached garage or barn,shed etc.Could work of course one more to provide security and possibly climate control for.of course in a quake chances are probally good if it brought your house down more than likely out buildings are down too.

Rented storage units may be good Idea however quake could drop these,could be looted by zombies.cost of storage.

I think underground would be best cases if you have a place you can pull it off and equipment or man power.Backhoe and materials a couple of guys could pull this off in one or two hard weekends depending on size. possibly for those with money,dig out a hole bury conex container reinforcing if needed.Perhaps excavating hole lay giant piece of steel culvert kinda like an underground quonset hut.

For those with hills and hollers.What I have in mind when I finally get to flee the city and build The China Compound sounds cool Huh,ok so its probally two acres with 1960s trailer.Is kind of a camoflauged root cellar dug in the sides of several hills.

Dig deep enough and insulate as needed most food should stay safe,and then if the zombies hit the cabin or trailer they didnt get it all! As always lets hear em!


  1. I have used mortar tubes which are nylon plastic and very durable with watertight rubber seals for rifle burials. I also bought several of these:

    They work very well. So some bearing grease or something like that on all the parts, broken down of course and fit them into a rifle bag, secure and stick em in these types of tubes with desiccant packs. Seal the tubes however you like and viola , ready to bury .

    I use GPS and have several layovers for maps , because I don't really trust technology with my life . All of the locations of stashes marked on both . Food , I use food grade Mylar bags and for the grains I use diatomatious earth and a couple oxygen absorbers . I seal the mylar with a hot clothes iron and a masons level after pushing the air out, the oxy absorbers will take care of the rest. Mylar bags in the bucket, finish sealing and lid it up . Ready to bury.

    Clothing, I use space bags to get the air out and make them small, and I have some rolled up in mortar tubes , still in space bags with desiccant packs in them . Ready to bury .

    Oxygen absorbers are ferrous so DO NOT USE THEM WITH YOUR WEAPONS OR CLOTHES, they will cause massive rusting of all metal parts. You will have metal buttons and zippers rusted beyond any chance of help, not to mention what they will do to your rifles, oh my god ........

    Last but, not least, weapon cleaning gear and ammo . Since I lube the crap out of my weapons before cold storage , I need some way to clean them when they go back into operation. I use Military rifle oil, it cleans anything and is good for parts anyways . I also have a bore snake for each weapon, they are easy to fold up and pack and clean the bore just fine .

    I add a small amount of ammo in each tube , appropriate caliber and mags for each weapon.



  2. Oh , by the way , R3v is down for awhile....... We were practicing some H2H and I accidentally scrambled his baby batter with an unfortunate knee to the groin area . He is on his couch with a bag of frozen peas , well you know where .

    I am bringing him some liquid pain killer and coca cola, he will hopefully be able to walk soon ..........



  3. I am trying not to laugh here... but the description was just too.... I don't know whether to use the word clear or funny!! I'm sorry R3v... just can't help it. Hopefully you will find it funny after the pain stops.

    Lot of info in this blog... am trying to take it all in.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/user/SurvivalReport#p/u/29/5t5LmLu2UCE

    For anyone out there who may have questions about anything to do with gardening , canning , food storage and much more in a TSHTF scenario, this dude has a video to cover it . He is down to earth, one of us and is very thorough .

    I cannot recommend this guys videos enough . If you are serious and need to learn some things , follow this link and watch and learn . It has been some of the best, real life lessons I have learned in the last year or so .



  5. Oh dude tell REV I am laughing at the way you described it not at him.Yeah those unfornatunate groin shot's aint no laughin matter.Better make it doubles on pain liquid.As always thanks for info.

  6. By the way that was enlightening on oxy absorvers vs dessicants,i wasn't totaly sure on that Thanks.

  7. ((sighs)) Ya , the jarhead got me with a good one . I used to talk smack about the so called "Super Grunts" from Force Recon but, now I know why they got the nickname of SuperGrunt . Both Force Recon and RANGERS receive a lot of H2H training but , I take it the gyrenes get just a bit more then we did .......

    I did everything I knew of to stop 3% and he just refused to be had . New respect for him has been born.............. If we go at it again , I know what part to keep covered from now on ........... Glad I already had kids and I'll leave it at that .

    It's ok to laugh , I laugh at other peoples misfortune all the time. I would laugh now but , it hurts too much at the moment.


  8. Um ok , I am not falling for your buttering up so ya can whoop me like the rest of the times .

    This is the wrong place for this conversation R3v. We can talk about this at home, c'mon over lol

    Sry this was brought here China .

  9. You dudes me laugh an thats a good thing not much does these days! I'm glad you boys are on our side.




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