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- T. Jefferson
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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Your door has hinges on one side and deadbolt or knoblock or both on other side. On hinge side one at a time remove screws in hinge going into jamb,look at it, if it's 3/4 to 1 inch long it's way to short.Replace with 3'' drywall or other high strength screw.Most jamb's the part of frame that surrounds door is 3/4 '' of an inch thick this is nailed to a stud on each side. The screws that come on door sets only go in jamb,not into stud behind it,which is where the strenght is.So replace all screws with loong ones. On striker side. I would replace little flat strike plates with better aftermarket hardware,one of the srongest is one that has flat plate with deep pocket,using a drill and spade bit drill strike hole deep enough to let strike lay flat on jamb,there are several holes on flat part and two in pocket,again shoot 3'' drywall or other strong screws in it and your door will be much stronger.If your door only has locking knob,get a deadbolt ASAP.Knoblocks are way to easy to open,I wont give away any tricks but trust me I can open most in under 30 seconds.If you can afford it I would recommend a good security storm door,some folks feel like it's a prison door but one more detterant for bad guys. OK won't post this again but I hope someone is listening.Just think if police didn't get there quick enough this story could of had Tragic ending.

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