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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold weather survival.

I know I keep harping on it but its winter time.Here in Indy,global warming has blessed us with several 10 degree days,several minutes outside at this temp is actually quite painfull.

Survival is survival.It means surviving where you are, with what you have,not just SHTF or end of world scenarios. I personally have not seen gas stop flowing however I have seen electric stop flowing on numerous occasions.too many reasons to list,but obviouslly in winter it can affect your survival.

You know your gas furnace runs off electricity,right?? If power will be restored quickly,those of you with gas ranges can use it to heat your kitchen,everyone huddles in there.If you have rolls of plastic,or blankets,tarps,etc to seal off kitchen.If range has electric ignition light manually,try it before hand to make sure it works. Those of you with elec ranges are SOL.

With that said everyone needs auxillary heat source,propane,kerosene,woodstove or fireplace.But please remember if burns with a flame of any type you need ventilation,crack a couple windows slightly.

Be safe I hope this gets you thinking about your winter survival.


  1. Lots of ways to survive,figure out what will work for you now not when crisis hits ya know.Good day! chigger




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