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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Preppin when your broke.

If you are like me you see whats coming.And a multitude of potential disasters that could happen.However if like me you don't have a lot of money to spend on preps.There is still so much I need to buy or make.If you're like me you are not patient there's so much cool stuff ya can get to help survive bad times.

But once you pay bills yeah,your check check is pretty much gone.

Ok,thats when it's time to get creative,dont give up.This is your life,your family,and closet friend's lives we are trying to save here.Never give up.

One place you may or may not be aware of is the dollar tree type places,where all items are one dollar.Yes theres a lot of crap in them,however some pretty good items too.Aluminum foil $1 many uses,cleaning supplies $1,band aids $1,personal hygeine $1,Many more items you can use to prepare,some of them inventory changes keep an eye open.one cavet,they do sell food in some,Check the dates if still before date its probally good,I was in one a month ago they had name brand canned fruit,however it was 4 years past sell by date.

It's the start of growing season if you cant afford to order Heirloom seeds,I was Home depot the other day and they carry both GMO seeds and organic,At $1.49 most folk's can pick up a couple packs.If you can buy two ,plant one save one.Even if you dont have room for a garden 3 or 4 5 gal buckets and you can have tomatoes,lettuce,green onions,or radishes.As one reader pointed out you can pick up seeds at dollar store cheap at end of season.

My booty thinks its special and likes premium toilet paper,cant skimp on quality there,so one place I have seen lately with real good deals is Menards a home improvement store in my area,they often have great sales on items like toilet paper,laundry detergent,etc.

Something many have done is picked up corn,and wheat from feed stores for there long term storage, I have to admit not having tried this yet.If thats not for you places like Honeyville grains have very good prices and cheap shipping.Always check shipping ,this can make a great deal bad.

Use your imaganation to make your dollar go further,that camp stove for $60 dollars can be bought for a lot less on craigs list or local sellers paper,we have local on line sale paper.

Some items like water filter can be made at home for about $100 dollars.Make your own candles cheap and easy many online sources for supplies.If really broke order wicks on one or two checks,wax on next.

Same thing with food preservation,order oxygen absorvers,one time,next time mylar,if you can't order bulk food's,and don't have access to warehouse stores Wally world and others have beans and rice in 8lb bags,8lbs at at time better than none.

Not mention even if its one of those paydays where every single dime is gone,if you have access to a computer,then you have power,there is much info available my reccomendation would be every time you find something,print it out,and start a survival hanbook.

Ok point of this is, Friends don't get discouraged and quit even with little money it can be done.Good luck to all.

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