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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Link to diy cheap filter (water)

Miles calls it a filter, it is,it does,but I would call it a prefilter. Our commerical swimming pools use sand filters.If you've seen pool room equipment its the great big ol round thing with pipes running to it.I think miles has off to a great start we take his bucket with spigot at bottom.


Now commerical pool filters use sand or diatomesous earth,ground up dinosaur fossils I believe.Ok we take miles bucket place a layer of of washed stones,cheesecloth or clean flannel,(old shirt maybe) then a layer of pool sand.I think any fine white sand will work,brown play ground sand is very dirty sediment would be terrible.Sand is cheap Diat earth not sure will check on it and follow up.I think three or for layers, would be sufficent.Probally could use clean sheet,pillow case,muslin.

For rain water this maybe enough,if doubtfull,treat with chlorinre. Gotta run lake and creek water will be seperate post.

Hopefully this will just be start to get us all thinking.As always comment are not only welcome but needed.Never feel your comment is stupid or wortless,even if you didn't have solution,you may have got someone else thinkin that has the solution.


  1. Interesting post. For someone (me) who just got horribly sick when they added some new chemical to the city water supply... something else is definitely needed. I'll be watching this post. Thanks!

  2. Hi.
    I think that the way is after the cloth layer, a layer of sand then a layer of activated carbon. These can be particles scraped off of a burnt log. One sits down and burns and scrapes. Then another layer of sand, and then another of cloth.

    I saw this done with a plastic 2 liter soda bottle, the bottom removed, and some small holes punched in the cap with an awl. Running the dirty water through this patiently several times made it pretty clean - all sediment and crap removed from creek water. Eventually, all the carbon gets exhausted and needs replacing, but it lasts for a good many uses. After filtering, disinfect it with a teaspoon of bleach and let it sit a half hour.




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