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- T. Jefferson
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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I started my two little blogs a couple weeks before christmas.I really figured no one would read them.I started with this one,contanined survival and political,rant type stuff,rougher men out in the garage language.I moved the other stuff to the other site,men do need a place to blow off!

I have noticed over the last several years the really good blogs that I like its not so much the writers but the readers,dont get me wrong creekmore and dudes like that are smart but we just kinda get the ball rolling its you guys who make blogs great,and I dont know why any of you stopped by or have stuck around but I would like to say thank you!

I started this really for new prepper-survivalist whichever you prefer.And all ready with your help I think new people could scan back posts and pick up a lot of good info,in hindsite I guess we are all new in one way or another always something comin up we have to figure out.

Anyway just wanted to say THANKS to all of YOU!!!


  1. No, China , THANK YOU !

    What attracts me to this blog is the fact that
    (1)You actively participate in the discussions
    (2)You are down to earth and truly believe in what you post
    (3)You have made a place where we can get back to practicing a lost art, Helping other people.

    In today's world , everyone is out for themselves. Here, we can give and receive information about things that may help us stay alive in a bad situation .

    Not one of your readers is out for themselves . Each person who posts replies, seems genuinely interested in giving information to others that may HELP them.

    This world is full of humans, most of whom I have learned to despise. Since being a part of this , I have changed my mind. I have regained my faith in humanity and I have you, China and some of your readers to thank for that .

    God bless you folks . THANK YOU !



  2. Thanks man I really dig you and Rev and everyone who comes by.In survival there is often more than one right answer,and the more info we have, the better able we are to chose the answer for us.The ladies have been kickin out really good info here lately.Thanks All!

  3. We dig you too brother !

    Thanks for all the time and energy you have put into this !!! Thanks to PrepperMom and Andrea for the seed store hook up !





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