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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow shelters.

While moving snow for eight and a half hours today,it hit me how many people freeze outdoors with snow on the ground.Snow is actually a very good insulator.As kids we built a lot of igloos,typing in igloos I kept coming up with the ones made from blocks,of course if you had plenty of time or man power that would work. We are thinking along the lines of an emergency,you are cold and in a hurry.Most of you have seen where you make wilderness shelters by tying long limbs to an upright tree or lay braches across a ditch or gully. Three types come to mind quickly.1 Igloo you make from piling up snow and hollowing it out,if you can find something tree branch etc,this may work perhaps to labor intensive.2 find several long branches you can secure in a fork or in a large branch lay other braches acroos these or if pines in area pine branches in kind of a shingle fashion,then rake at least a foot of snow over it,shelter.3 possibly easiest,small ditch if dry,tiny gully,or just an indention in ground,lay branches across slightly longer than your body,again pine boughs over long branches would be great,once you have covered keeping one end open,save several boughs,kick or rake snow over your shelter,one to two foot deep,you have shelter,main thing now,line the bottom with boughs or leaves,anything you can find to keep you off the snow,great insulator but if your bodyheat melts it your cold and wet,not good.Once you've lined bottom crawl in pull last couple boughs over opening to block wind.


  1. Now that's some good stuff. I remember making igloos when I was a kid. They were warm and shielded against the wind.

  2. In crisis it might work!probally better than standing there freezing.




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