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- T. Jefferson
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quick post.

Getting ready to head in to work,while waiting on our buddy 3% to finish the sad tale of preps being stolen,I was thinkin of two things.Dakin at Bison surv blog has what he calls better than nothing plan.That means its ok to dream about insert( item) Super grain grinder 2000 price tag $500 yes its a bad machine,but your budget only allows for amazon budget model $ 29.99 Buy the $29.99 now,if and when funds allow then get super 2000,at that point you can sell off budget models,trade em,or keep for back ups or make refugees use em to help pay their way.Chinas new world order will not be a welfare state they dont work I dont feed.Period.Anyway this appllys to all areas something is better than nothing upgrade as finances allow ,good advice I think.

Second Item.

Many of you know it some wont.

Its called.Three is two.Two is one.One is none.If you start out with three of anything break one lose another,your down to one.Have back ups.On everything including plans,never forget Murphy hes there waiting to screw up your plan.


  1. Yeah, agreed. For years I've been called McGiver for valid reasons. What I didn't have or didn't know in skills, I made up for in creative genius (or creative makeshift/bullshit) to make things work where it was broken or wasn't working. Maybe it didn't look "perfect", maybe it wasn't fixed according to a perfectionists standards, but it "got 'er done." And that was what was needed.

    In survival mode, I might want the bigtime item, and not have the $$ to shell out for it, but the make shift item that solves the problem for now is all that is really necessary.

    Don't tell me you can't use a coat hanger to wire up a falling muffler... that a butter knife and a pair of high heeled (hard heeled) shoes won't work for tools as well as weapons... LOL!!! I know better. (haha)

    When you don't have what you WANT, you use what you have available to do what you NEED to do. Right?


    Absolutely right Chigger !!! I agree 100%.

    In the Corps we have a saying "IMPROVISE, ADAPT and OVERCOME". That sums it up in a nutshell.

  3. Right on!I learned that saying from a military man years ago.all of my employees no it by heart. So there you have it if you can afford the best get it,if not make do.But never do nothing.Your most valuable tool is your Brain.Example wanna dehdryate food an cant afford a machine,try oven on low setting.You have a brain and if your reading this access to a computer,the internet is an amazing tool.

  4. That's for sure China... the internet is FULL of info and all can be accessed by the tapping of a few keys...




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