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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I would like my readers to share their cheapest sources for heirloom seeds!

In researching heirloom seeds.Non geneticialy modified frankenseeds.I have come to find,a lot of prepacaged deals are not zone specific.I cant grow the same things you folks far south can.I dont want to waste time and money on seeds I cant use! And it appears if you find resonable price on seeds the shipping is a scam.One examle sweet corn seeds $1.89 @ pack not bad,shipping $8.00. No I dont think so.I can see that seed growing is very hard work,but come on.So anyway I have very sharp readers,who I am asking for your input. I know the day is coming when we have to grow our own!come on fellas an ladys lets hear it. And A Big THANKS to THREE PERCENT on honeyville link their prices are right shipping charges are Great! By the way they are all ready predicting seed shortages, is this growers trying to profit or really happening,Well I dont know but just like with gun scare,better to have than have not!!!


  1. I have been shopping with www.territorialseed.com for several years . They are from Oregon , I believe but their seeds are spot on 99% of the time. Shipping - that is a big issue these days. Territorial has $7.50 standard shipping with option to add UPS standard or 3 day select for additional cash .

    THIS SUCKS , I know . I usually purchase large quantities of different seed in order to make the shipping charges go away in my mind and seem not so harsh . Amazon.com has some garden seed from "Hirts Garden" but, you are going to be hit with at least equal to or more shipping than the seed cost .

    Hirts garden seed are 100% reliable and you will always grow what the seed says it is , unlike some other sources. You can research the net over but, shipping is a new reality of the peak oil/arabs jacking up the price of oil/government overpricing for personal gain syndrome. Good Luck everyone !


  2. Yeah so it seems,Thats precisely what I did I held off untill I can make larger purchase.Thanks man.

  3. I go with Baker Creek (rareseeds.com) year after year because their prices are reasonable, their shipping is cheap and they're easy to deal with. Plus they always send freebies :)

  4. I did abceeds.com
    They have a heirloom master gardener pack with *most* everything you could need , including flowers to attract pollinators. I only had to sub nasturtiums and few lesse known herbs and veggies.

    It was not so cheap it cost 99$ , but it did have the largest variety in one set. I wanted this to be the last time I had to buy anything.

  5. Thanks PM. I just checked out www.rare seeds.com Andrea right on that one shipping $3 bucks on my little order.I want lg (survival) pack but also some for my bucket garden on porch.Again thanks to all!

  6. Thanks Andrea and PrepperMom ! I just placed an order for different needs from both sites . Awesome of you to hook us up with the info, I appreciate it !
    This is one of the big attractants to these blogs is the amount of unknown info one can get from multiple people posting . Great Thread !






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